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Temple Filling

As we age, the area where the signs of aging show the most and the fastest is the temple area. wrinkles in this area are the first signs of aging. This makes people look older and tired. With temple filling, this image can be easily corrected. With this process, both age-related wrinkles are removed and facial symmetry is better provided. With this procedure, you can easily get rid of the wrinkled appearance and the effects of aging.

What Is Temple Filling?

Wrinkles that occur in the temple area are the first sign of aging and that disturbs people. Temple filling is an effective filling process applied to remove these wrinkles. Thanks to this filling process, wrinkles and sunken look in the temple area can be easily removed. With the procedure, not only the temple, but also the forehead and eye area are corrected. The temple area, which looks smoother, shows the forehead area better and balances the proportion of the face.

Why Is The Temple Filling Being Done?

Wrinkles, which are the first sign of aging in the temple area, show themselves very easily. In addition, the asymmetrical look on the face of some people also arises when the temples do not have enough fullness. In such cases, temple filling is needed to make the person look more younger. The filling process applied to the temple area provides a full and prominent appearance in this area. When this procedure is done, people can have a much younger and much more proportional face. Therefore, we can say that the process is extremely important.

Filling operations are generally considered harmless because they are risk-free and easy. However, this is achievable only by experienced hands. Serious damages may occur, especially if the filling is done intravenously by people who do not have knowledge. Experienced teams that pay attention to hygiene rules can almost do no harm. For the temple filling process, the necessary information is already given after the doctor’s examination. The filling process should not be applied to pregnant and breast-feeding women and individuals who are allergic to the filling material. Apart from these, the age or health status of the person should also be evaluated by the doctor and the decision should be taken on an individual basis.

Although the filling process applied to the temples is easy, attention should be paid to the area under the procedure. The tissues in this area are much more sensitive than other parts of the face. For this reason, the person performing the operation must be careful and attentive. In any case, it is essential to seek the help of a specialist doctor for such procedures. In general, we would like to talk about how the temple filling process is getting done:

Before the application, an anesthetic cream is getting applied to the area to be treated.
After the area becomes numb, the filling process is carefully being applied to the area with special needles.
The procedure is generally finishes in 20-30 minutes and the patient does not feel pain during this period.
The process is extremely easy, but it is a process that needs to be careful. For this reason, the choice of the doctor who will perform the procedure is very important.

Filling applications are generally risk-free procedures that do not have any side effects. However, there are some important conditions that patients should pay attention to before and after the procedure:

Patients should definitely not use drugs such as aspirin, which have blood thinning effects.
In addition to the medications, foods and beverages that have this effect should also be avoided.
Heavy sports and activities should be avoided for the first 4-5 hours after the procedure.
If there is swelling and redness in the procedure area, contact with very hot and cold materials should be avoided.

The filling process applied to the temples has no known side effects. In fact, this procedure is generally extremely easy and risk-free. It only requires attention because the operation area is sensitive. There may be slight redness and swelling in the procedure area. In addition, a very slight bruise may also be observed. All of these are temporary conditions and cures by themselves in a short time.

The temple filling process can be easily applied together with other procedures when needed. It can be easily done together with other procedures that the person needs. In this way, much more obvious changes can be achieved in the appearance of the person. You can have your temple area filled with different applications you want and get a much better look.

Before the filling process, regional anesthetic cream is applied to the application area. During the procedure, only injections are made under the skin with needles. Therefore, it is not a very painful procedure. Since the skin is anesthetized with the cream applied, people can easily have this application done without experiencing any problems and without the feeling of pain. In summary, temple filling is a painless and extremely comfortable procedure. Therefore, it is preferred with peace of mind. You can have a much younger and smoother skin with such easy and effective filling procedures.

One of the most important details about the temple filling process is how permanent this process is. As it is known, filling procedures have a temporary effect and therefore they must be repeated at regular intervals. Although the permanence of the temple filling process varies according to the person, it generally takes 9-12 months. If this process is repeated over time, the results are more permanent. For this reason, it will be much better to have these types of operations done regularly. By following these rules, you can get good results and look much younger.

If you want to have a filling in your temple area but are afraid of the fee you will pay for the procedure, we would like to inform you about this, First of all, such procedures are much more effective and precise solutions than the cosmetic products used. Moreover, it is made at a much more affordable cost than the fees paid for creams. briefly, we can say that you will get your money’s worth with these procedures. For all these reasons, we recommend that you contact and get support from experienced and expert people in all your aesthetic procedures, especially temple filling. Only in this way, there will be no problem related to the procedure, and excellent results will be obtained.

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