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Beard & Mustache Transplantation

For beard and mustache transplantation, the donor area is generally preferred from the area where the hair roots are located in the neck and cheekbones. However, in some cases, hair is taken from the nape of the neck. In general, the hairs on the nape root are preferred for beard transplantation. The hair on the nape generally has a finer structure than the hair on the beard area. You can also choose this procedure to eliminate the problem of hair loss or absence of hair in the upper lip area of men. Hair follicles located on the nape of the upper lip are used.

How is Beard and Mustache Transplantation Performed?

For beard and mustache transplantation, hair is taken from the nape, body or nape root. These hair follicles are planted without waiting for a long time. Generally, two different techniques are tried for this process. One of the most commonly known old planting methods is the fut method, people first get information about this issue. This procedure is also known as hair root surgery, this method has many disadvantages.

In this process, the problem of leaving scars may occur in the places of the hair follicles taken in general. During the procedure, hair follicles are planted in the beard or mustache section at the same level. Afterwards, beards and mustaches start to appear regularly in certain groups. After this procedure, people may experience numbness, pain or tension in the nape area. Another preferred planting technique is the Fue planting technique.

This technique is the most preferred beard and mustache transplantation technique in recent years. In this technique, hair roots are generally taken from the nape area. At the same time, hair follicles can be taken from the cheek or neck region. Hair is removed painlessly without any treatment on the skin, and there is no scar on the skin after this procedure. After this process, the beard and mustache grow one by one.

What Should Be Considered After Application?

Before beard and mustache transplantation, people must wear comfortable clothes.

However, on the first day after the procedure, people should not rub their face anywhere and sleep on their back. Other factors to be considered after beard and mustache transplantation are as follows;

  1. After the procedure, the face part is bandaged and after some procedures, the hairs may stick to the bandage and come out.
  2. Face should not be washed for an average of 72 hours.
  3. In order to avoid infection in any way, people should regularly clean the treated areas.
  4. In the first periods, no pressure should be applied to the face during the cleaning process.
  5. The first shaving process will be more appropriate two weeks later.
  6. The first shave must be done with a razor blade.

Beard and mustache transplantation is done in different ways, beard transplantation is generally applied by taking hair follicles from the back part of the hair. Local anesthesia is applied to people in the beard transplant process. Beard transplantation can be done by taking hair follicles from suitable parts of the body. It is more appropriate to have beard and mustache procedures done by experts. For this, it will be healthier to work with reliable specialist physicians or competent people.

Before mustache transplantation, a detailed examination is definitely performed. Afterwards, attention is paid to whether the findings in the examination are suitable for the procedure. First, the hair root needed for the area to be transplanted is determined, and then the procedure is explained to the person by deciding on the place to be taken. During the operation, the mustache area is anesthetized and inclined according to the growth area of the mustache area. Beard and mustache transplantation consists of two parts, it is taken before and then planted.

Beard and mustache transplantation is done in the same way as hair transplantation. During this application, certain steps are followed, and in general, beard transplantation is done as follows;

Before the beard transplantation, a detailed examination of the people is made.
How many roots are needed and the number of grafts are calculated for the beard transplant.
Before the beard transplantation, certain tests are performed on the patient, and a blood test is also performed.
Local anesthesia is used to avoid pain during the procedure.
The area to be donor is determined and then the hair follicles are kept in a special solution.
The collected hair follicles are applied to the person with the hair transplant technique.
Beard transplantation is not different from hair transplantation in any way. Especially the hair follicles taken during beard transplantation should be of high quality. However, the good storage of these hair follicles ensures the success of the procedure. However, beard transplantation is also done in the same way as mustache transplantation.

Beard and mustache transplantation is an aesthetic procedure, however, this procedure has positive aspects. People can have beard or mustache transplantation in the style they want, however, you can choose the most suitable beard and mustache style for your own face. Whatever type of beard you want, a drawing is made on your face. Together with a specialist, you can decide what kind of beard you want.

For a remarkable and better image, you can choose beard or mustache transplantation. The beard and mustache, which are the make-up of men, have a special structure that completely corrects the facial aesthetics. However, it has been determined in worldwide surveys that bearded men are more attractive. Men who want to have a more self-confident or more aesthetic appearance may prefer this procedure. This procedure, which is quite painless, can be performed by a qualified doctor. However, this process is done with gold-tipped needles.

With this method, which does not harm the facial tissue, you can achieve the image you want with a painless procedure. After this process, which provides a rapid recovery, you can get your beard and mustache faster by applying gold cream. This cream helps tissues heal quickly. After beard and mustache transplantation, you can continue with your classic shaving methods. You can decide your shaving period after the first planting, with the help of your doctor.

There are certain negative methods of beard transplantation, in order to have this procedure, you need to have hair removed from other places. However, the area taken after this procedure does not look very different from the old one. The newly planted beards fall out in an average of three weeks, the doctor already gives you information about this issue from the very beginning. But after this shedding, your beard grows more lushly.

For beard and mustache transplantation, you must first have a professional team and clinic. The features of the center you should choose should be as follows;

You should choose a clinic with trained and expert doctors.
Especially in this job, you need to choose an experienced team.
Please note that the clinic you will choose definitely applies DHI and FUE methods.
Prefer a clinic with authorization documents.
Work with experts who give you detailed information about the technique used.
Get to know the team that you will definitely have a beard and mustache transplant.
Prefer corporate companies.

Definitely choose a clinic that will show you the change before and after.

After beard and mustache transplantation, the treated area returns to its normal appearance in an average of one week. Full recovery is seen in an average of fifteen days. The duration of the hair transplant operation is the same. The area taken should be protected for a while and treated sensitively. Afterwards, you can apply the cleaning and shaving processes according to the beard and mustache transplantation details given by the doctor. The expected image is formed after an average of six months, and the final result is evident within twelve months.

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