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Breasts are the organs that women pay the most attention to visually. They need breast surgery in order to gain their self-confidence and have a more beautiful appearance. At the same time, breast cancer is one of the diseases that women fear the most. Breast reconstruction is required as a result of breast cancer. Breasts are removed from women with breast cancer as a result of this situation, women may feel depressed both psychologically and physically.

Women with removed breasts because of breast cancer may experience depression, having back the cancer and sexual reluctance. In order to avoid these situations, breast reconstruction must be done. Having natural-looking breasts are the result of the advancement of technology every year.

It is possible to make breasts similar to natural breasts. Thus, since it has an aesthetic appearance, it looks more natural and makes women feel better. This surgery makes the breast structure look much more natural and at the same time breast cancer treatment can be performed. It is so important to pay attention to the recommendations of doctor after surgery. Due to the increase in the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer in recent years, the breast repair procedure has also shown a great increase. Our hospital has good surgical equipment to perform this surgery.

When Is Breast Reconstruction Performed?

Breast reconstruction is a procedure performed by people with breast cancer. Depending on the person’s request, it is done either while the breast is being removed or after the breast removal. In this case, it will be our specialist doctors who will take the best decision. Depending on the difficulty or ease of the procedure when removing the breast, breast repair can be performed during surgery. However, in case of a difficult operation, the procedure is postponed to another date. The operation can be performed approximately 1 month after the breast removal. After the breasts are repaired, a very careful process begins. It is necessary to act very carefully until the breasts fit where they should be and get better.

Simultaneous Breast Repair

Simultaneous breast reconstruction is the procedure performed during the early diagnosis of breast cancer. Compared to other breast repairs, it provides less psychological disorders. It is a very important procedure that is done by repairing the inside of the breast tissues without removing them. It also causes less damage than other types of breast reconstruction. Another feature is that it is one of the easiest procedures among breast reconstruction procedures. People who are diagnosed early in breast cancer mostly qualified to this reconstruction process. This procedure allows the plastic surgeon to reconstruct the breast at the same time as the surgeon clears the breast cancer. However, it is not a preferred method in the diagnosis of advanced breast cancer. Since advanced breast cancer surgery is a more complex operation, it is left to the later stage.

Making new breasts after breast removal as a result of breast cancer can be done in two different ways. One of them is breast prostheses and the other is made with tissue taken from the breast itself. Some criteria are considered to decide which of these two methods to do. In some cases, this preference can be left to the patient’s preference. When the breast tissues are insufficient, it is necessary to apply for reconstruction with prosthesis.

These conditions vary depending on the age and health status of the patient. Patients mostly prefer reconstructions made from their own breast tissue. Since the reconstruction with the prosthesis creates a more artificial appearance, it is preferred to use the person’s own tissue. Reconstruction of breast tissues is a condition that takes place after a certain period of time. Breast canals and veins support the reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction methods include repair with a prosthetic breast. Repair with prosthesis can be done in two different ways. One of them is made in the form of a serum and the other in the form of a gel. The most practical and short-term procedure among breast reconstruction procedures is with prosthesis repair.

During the prosthesis breast reconstruction procedure, a prosthesis is placed on the removed breast. One of the issues that make women who wants to do prosthesis reconstruction anxious about is the deflating and infection of the breast. Breast infection and breast engorgement are rare problems that can be seen. At the same time, another rare problem that occurs during prosthesis repair is the hardening around the breast.

One of the prosthetic breast types is the round prosthesis. However, round prosthesis is mostly among cosmetic operations. Round prosthesis is not preferred for breast reconstruction. Another type of prosthesis that is generally used is the drop shaped prosthesis. Drop shaped prosthesis is mostly preferred in breast repair procedures. The drop shaped prosthesis is filled with serum. The outer part is completely covered with silicone. The process, which is suitable for a healthier appearance, is done with drop shaped silicone.

During the prosthesis reconstruction process, which is one of the most preferred methods during breast reconstruction, there may be a condition that carries various risks because a foreign substance is placed inside the breast. One of the most common risks is infection. Since the body does not accept the foreign substance, infection may occur. Another risk of the surgery is the prosthesis deflating.

Although it is not a very common condition, some errors may occur in the breast prosthesis due to deflating. Another risk is in the hardening around the prosthesis after breast repair. Although these risks are very rare, they are one of the situations that cause great concern for women. At the same time, with the advancement of technology and creating new advanced prosthesis, the probability of experiencing these risks has decreased.

But one of the most important things is that the person should pay attention to recommendations of doctor after the surgery Otherwise, the probability of experiencing these risks will be much higher.

Breast repair procedures include breast reconstruction with the patient’s own breast tissues. A good experienced surgeon should be chosen because the surgery of breast reconstruction with the patient’s own tissue is a more complex procedure than prosthesis repair. big issues can arise with choosing of an inexperienced surgeon. In order not to encounter such big issues, you can get help from our specialist surgeons in our hospital.

This procedure, which is performed with the person’s own breast tissue, is generally preferred lately. Women do not prefer prosthetic breasts in terms of flexibility and appearance. For this reason, breast repairs made with the person’s own tissue are preferred. This surgery is the same as the duration of the breast lift operation. Although it is a more difficult procedure than the prosthesis reconstruction process, a better breast appearance emerges with the breast made from the person’s own tissue. The required tissue is taken from the hip, leg and back tissues. In some cases, prosthetic breast repair is preferred as a last solution when the tissue fails.

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