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Facial Light Fill

Our skin naturally produces and contains hyaluronic acid. However, with time and environmental factors, the production of this acid slows down and begins to decrease gradually. This causes the skin to lose its old lively and bright appearance. When faced with this situation, the most ideal procedure to do is face light filling. This is one of the most beneficial treatments for the skin. We can say that this process is done for many different purposes. We would like to tell you all the details of the process.

What is Facial Light Fill?

Over time, the skin loses its fullness and the hyaluronic acid it contains. This causes people to not look as young and bright as before. At such times, people may need aesthetic interventions. It is an extremely important process that provides this bright appearance and filling that people need again. It is extremely important among non-surgical aesthetic interventions. The embroidery is also called Paris sparkle. In this process, there is a kind of filler injection made to certain parts of the face.

For What Purpose Is Facial Light Filling Performed?

Although the general purpose of this procedure seems to be to restore the lost volume of the skin, this is not exactly the case. The skin loses its elasticity, vitality and texture over time. This causes sagging, dullness and wrinkles. Methods such as facial light filling are often preferred for their re-correction. If you are struggling with such problems in your skin and you are uncomfortable with it, you can easily have facial light filling. In short, this process is applied with the aim of restoring the old vitality and youth of the skin.

As it is known, there are many filling processes and filling materials applied to the skin. Facial light filling is a little different from these. In other filling applications, hyaluronic acid is injected in the same way, but unlike this process, they have cross-links. In this process, these cross-links are absent or very few. Instead, the light filler contains amino acids and vitamins in the filler. Therefore, unlike other fillings, it provides shine rather than fullness. That’s why this process is named.

Although its name is facial light filling, this procedure can be easily applied to many important points of the body. It is applied to the chest, neck and hands of people who want it together with the general face. In addition, this procedure can be easily applied to the back, shoulders, knees and elbows. In general, the process can be yielded very effectively. That’s why many people do this procedure often.

This procedure can be easily applied to many people. In particular, people who have started to have tiny wrinkles on their skin over time and who think that their skin has become dull can have the procedure done as they wish. In addition, people who are in their 30s benefit from these procedures and skin problems to be experienced in the future are greatly reduced. In other words, it is effective not only in the treatment of skin problems, but also in the prevention of problems. Such procedures are not only recommended for people who are breastfeeding and pregnant. Although there are no side effects and harms, such procedures should be avoided.

Facial light filling can be applied alone or in combination with different aesthetic procedures. It can be done especially with Salmon DNA application. This ensures that both aesthetic processes support each other. In addition, much more effective results are obtained when applied together with PRP application. In short, this process can be easily applied alone or together with other methods.

Bu işlem tek seferlik bir işlem değildir. Belli aralıklarla, belli dozlarda uygulanmaktadır. İdeal uygulama işlemi 3 seans uygulanır ve her seans arasında 15 gün kadar süre olur. Bu işlem aslında tek bir kür olmaktadır.
İşlem öncesinde uygulama yapılacak lan bölgelere anestezik etkisi olan bir krem uygulanır.
Daha sonra oldukça ince uçlara sahip iğneler ile bölgelere oldukça minik uygulamalar yapılır.
Cilt yapılan bu eklemeleri kısa sürede emecektir.
Son derece kolay bir işlemdir. Herhangi bir yan etkisi vesaire de çok fazla görülmez. Bu yüzden ihtiyaç duyan kişiler gönül rahatlığı ile bu işlemi düzenli aralıklar ile uygulayabilir.

There is no important point that people should pay attention to before the face light filling process. Only because of the needle entry into the skin in all filling procedures, drugs or foods with blood thinning effects should not be taken. Your doctor will already warn you about this. Other than that, there is no need for you to be nervous or stressed. The transaction is completed in a very short time and has a zero risk ratio. Anyone who wants can easily apply this process.

After this application, which makes a serious difference in the skin and makes people look old, young and bright, there is no important situation that needs extra attention. In fact, such aesthetic applications are extremely easy and risk-free procedures. Afterwards, your doctor will warn you about the important points that you should pay attention to in general. In general, these are the standards to be considered after filling processes. These are not the kind of things that will negatively affect your daily life.

Although facial light filling is an easy process, unfortunately not everyone can have this procedure done. As a result, if nothing is injected into your skin, there may be dangers in some other cases. Therefore, such procedures must be performed by experienced plastic surgeons and dermatologists. You should be extremely careful in this regard and apply to the right people.

Since operations such as light filling are simple aesthetic interventions, their fees are not very high. Therefore, people do not need to worry too much about the price.

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