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What to Do After Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift is an aesthetic procedure that makes the breasts appear raised, known as mastopexy in the medical language. As time progresses or as a result of certain events, changes occur in the shape of our body. The breast may become singular over time, and may have an aesthetically bad appearance after giving birth or in case of excessive weight gain or frequent weight gain.

With today’s advancing technology, there is a huge increase in the patient population for breast lift. Breast lift operation, which is very popular, continues to perform very successful surgeries in our country.

Why Do Breasts Sagging?

Factors such as sagging, softening or deformation, shrinkage are among the issues that women seek solutions the most and can be caused by many reasons. Since there is no muscle in the breast tissue, it may soften over time. This tissue contains oil and milk glands. As time passes, it begins to lose its old appearance due to reasons such as gravity, old age, frequent weight gain, postpartum, breastfeeding or using the wrong bra.

As a result of these factors, the fresh appearance disappears over time, it becomes hollow or the skin becomes tight and sagging occurs as a result. Breasts also change with the effect of gravity and age. Especially for women with large breasts, the sagging process occurs at an early age. The skin loses its elasticity and as a result, breast lift operation is felt as a necessity.

How is Breast Lift Operation Decided?

Patients who decide to have a breast lift operation are first examined outpatient. By observing the breast tissue, the position of the nipple and the amount of the mammary glands are checked and measured. Expectations from the patient as a result of this surgery are evaluated by listening. If the amount of sagging is low and the mammary glands are sufficient, the silicone breast prosthesis placed under the mammary gland can achieve an upright and fuller position.

If the amount of sagging is high and the mammary glands are sufficient, recovery is achieved by the methods used in breast reduction techniques. If the amount of sagging is high and there is insufficiency in the mammary glands, recovery is performed under the breast tissue, as in both silicone breast prosthesis and breast reduction techniques. It would be a more logical approach to decide on the size of the silicone breast prosthesis placed under the breast tissue by seeing the tissue at the time of surgery.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

If the nipple coincides with the upper part of the fold line of the breast, there is no aesthetic problem. However, if the breast remains at the same level as this line, it indicates that the sign of sagging has started. If the breast is below this line and the nipples are completely turned downwards, surgery is recommended.

All types of breast lift surgery are performed under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation, on the other hand, varies between 2 and 5 hours, although it takes an uneventful course and varies according to the technique. If the signs of sagging are mild, surgery is performed using a silicone prosthesis under the breast. If a high amount of sagging is evident and at the same time, the amount of mammary gland is sufficient, the breast reduction technique is used. In breast reduction technique, it is aimed to provide an upright and fuller appearance by removing the excess skin. However, if the mammary gland is insufficient and the sagging is excessively pronounced, these two methods are used together. best-breast-surgery

Does Breast Lift Surgery Leave Scars?

Breast lift operation is among the procedures that can give very good results compared to most surgeries. Reshaping the breast, removing sagging or enlarging or reducing the breast provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but are also very beneficial in terms of health. There may also be traces left behind by these processes.

Regardless of the techniques used, it leaves a scar around the way the nipple meets the skin and towards the lower part of the breast. These scars may extend towards the under-breast fold line. The greater the sagging of the breast, the greater the prominence of the scar. Thanks to the developing new techniques, some traces remain.

How Is The Recovery Process After Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift operation performed under general anesthesia takes between 2 and 5 hours. Depending on the patient’s constitution, hospitalization is usually between 1 and 3 days. Afterwards, the patient is discharged to be checked out. As in every operation, pain complaints in the form of minor aches appear in this operation.

Apart from these complaints, a problem-free process is usually experienced. If a drain was applied as a result of the operation, the drains can be removed every 24 or 48 hours. The sutures made as a result of the surgery are removed between 7 and 12 days. Tension and edema may occur within 2-3 weeks after the operation. Depending on the sensitivity of the patient, temporary bruising may occur. As in all surgeries, some risks and complications may occur in this operation.

What Should Be Considered Before Breast Lift Surgery?

Before the operation, it is necessary to consult with the chosen plastic surgeon and perform a chest examination. Metabolism control or full-capacity evaluation of the breast with breast USG and mammography for women over 40 is a necessary element for performing the operation. If there is smoking before the operation, it is considered appropriate to quit. Smoking cessation reduces the risk of complications and lays the groundwork for an uneventful recovery.

Some drugs need to be stopped before surgery. These include medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatories, herbal remedies or herbal supplements. Existing co-morbidities, allergies, and currently used medications should be reported to the doctor as missing.

What are the Risks and Complications that May Occur After Breast Lift Surgery?

As with any surgery, bleeding and infection are the most common complications that can be encountered after this surgery. Serious bleeding is usually not expected in surgeries such as this type of breast lift operation. If this bleeding occurs, it is seen as a hematoma on the edge of the nipple in the form of blood accumulation. An extra intervention is required to clear this hematoma. As a result of this intervention, the blood pool is cleaned and the bleeding is stopped. Swelling on the 5th day after the operation may be a sign of infection.

Antibiotic treatment is started as a solution to this infection. Skin loss, another complication, is among the rare complications. Skin loss is more common in patients who smoke. The skin becomes hard by turning black and needs constant dressing. Asymmetry appearance, one of the aesthetic problems that can be seen after the surgery, creates a problem. In severe and significant asymmetries, a new surgery is required for re-correction.

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Breastfeeding After Breast Lifting Surgery

Breast lift is one of the most applied aesthetic operations by women. One of the most important parts of looking healthy, feminine and beautiful for women is full and upturned breasts. Therefore, breast lift surgery for sagging breasts for various reasons is one of the surgical operations that many women apply every year. The number of women applying for this operation is increasing day by day. There are many confusing problems with surgery. You can find answers to some of them in this article. Breastfeeding is one of the most curious subjects, especially after breast lift.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery varies according to the degree of sagging of the breasts. Whether the breasts are sagging or not is determined by where the nipples are on the lower line where the breasts end. You have a first-degree sagging problem when it’s above and slightly below this line, a second-degree sag if below it, and a tertiary sagging problem far below it.

A small half-moon-shaped piece is taken around the nipple in first-degree sagging and a larger piece is taken in case of second-degree sagging, so that the breasts appear more lifted. In third-degree sagging that is very sagging, the incision is made larger in the form of a keyhole and then a light T-shaped scar is left.

Are Breast Lift Surgery Effective?

Breast lift is the only solution for women with sagging breasts. Women who do not have sagging yet can protect the form of their breasts by doing sports and some cosmetic products. But if sagging has started, the shape of the breasts does not change with sports or cosmetics and surgery is absolutely necessary. Breast lift surgery is an operation that gives effective results. Post-operative wounds heal in a longer or shorter time depending on the degree of sagging in the breasts and the size of the incision.

It is normal for the patient to have pain for a while after a breast lift. Your doctor will allow you to alleviate this process with painkillers. For a while, a bra is worn that does not tighten the breasts too much, but will help them recover. After a few weeks of recovery, the breasts gain a firmer and more upturned shape. How long the breasts will stay in this way is related to how the patient looks at his body. If she does not gain or lose a lot of weight and repeats some exercises regularly, the breasts can stay upright and shapely for a longer time.

Postoperative Breastfeeding

We may have heard some things that some people who have prostheses or silicone implants due to the uncertain breasts may have breastfeeding problems in the future. But this depends on how the surgery is done. There is no need to make any incisions in the mammary glands of the breasts during breast lift surgery. Thanks to advances in medicine, these surgeries are now performed more risk-free and easier. Therefore, there is no problem in breastfeeding after breast lift.

Some problems can be seen very rarely after the surgery. These are the necrosis problem of the nipple tissue or different problems related to the adipose tissue. There is a solution to these problems, which can be healed in a short time and are not a problem. It also rarely appears to have an effect on breastfeeding. It is also possible for the patient to plan the surgery after completing the pregnancy and breastfeeding periods.

Who Can Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast lift is a surgery that can be performed at almost any age. Some patients may encounter this problem at an earlier age due to breast form and genetic problems. Any patient who can remove the anesthesia can undergo this surgery.

Breast lift surgeries are operations performed under general anesthesia and the duration varies according to the degree of sagging of the breasts. If performed by experienced and professional doctors in a reliable health institution, they are not very risky and give successful results. In general, the sutures are completely removed within two weeks after the surgery.

A pink mark remains from the stitches and gradually becomes indistinct. However, patients who complain about the scar and think that it is obvious can have a different operation for it. It should not be forgotten that there will be a scar, albeit slight. After three or five days of dressing, the patient helps her to gain the form of her breasts by wearing a non-wired bra that will completely cover her breasts. It is normal to have edema in the breasts for a while. It takes up to ten weeks for these edemas to completely end and the breasts to take their full shape.

What Is Recommended Before Surgery?

If you apply to a health institution that meets the necessary conditions for surgery, your doctor will do some tests for you. In patients over the age of 40, sometimes the decision is made after mammography and ultrasonography are performed. It is recommended that you quit smoking and if you are using a blood thinner, about a month before the surgery. If you do not smoke for at least two or three weeks, the success of the surgery will increase. The patient should share all his/her health history and the medications and herbal supplements he/she uses with his/her doctor. It should be released before the operation, which the doctor deems appropriate.

Health Institution and Doctor Selection for Surgery

The success of surgical and aesthetic operations depends on the experience and expertise of the doctor. Therefore, a reliable institution should be chosen for such surgeries. No one should risk their health. Your doctor will advise you before surgery. After the surgery, you will see your doctor for dressing and treatment for a while. The choice of doctor and health institution is very important in order to be satisfied with the results and to minimize the risks.

Are Breast Lift and Augmentation Done Together?

Sagging breasts, which are mostly made up of fat, are sometimes accompanied by the problem of uncertainty. Women with small breasts may experience both indistinct and sagging breasts, especially after pregnancy. These problems can be solved together and in a single operation. You can also have a preliminary meeting with your doctor to get information about this operation. If there is a problem of smallness and uncertainty, a prosthesis or filling material can be added to the breasts during surgery.

Five Misconceptions About Breasts

There are five misconceptions that everyone has heard about breasts and breast lift surgery. The first of these is the rumor that you can lift your breasts by doing sports. However, it is not possible to bring the shapeless breasts to the desired shape with only sports. This also applies to cosmetic products. Breasts cannot be re-lifted with cosmetic products. It is also wrong that breasts have nothing to do with weight gain and loss and do not change shape.

Breasts change with pregnancy and weight gain. It is also wrong that women who move a lot will have more sagging. Because, depending on genetic characteristics and over the years, everyone’s chest changes whether they move or not. Finally, the information that the breast implant does not require lifting surgery is also incorrect. Even if you have implants, your breasts will need surgery. Breast lift surgeries are also among the surgeries that give successful results and are performed by many women.

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What Are the Points to Be Considered After the Operation?

Breast lift operations are an extremely important operation that improves people’s quality of life and makes them feel much better in appearance. However, what should be considered after the breast lift operation is extremely important for the person to recover in a short time and return to his normal life. In general, before the operation, people should find the answer to all the question marks in their minds. Only in this way will he be able to undergo a good surgical process.

What is Breast Lift Operation?

Breast lift operation is one of the operations that people prefer to have straighter and better-looking breasts. Thanks to this operation, the drooping chest problem is completely eliminated. Therefore, this operation is preferred by many people. There are important points that those who want to have this operation should know about the procedure. Things to be considered after the operation, for example, are a subject that must be emphasized.

Why is Breast Lift Operation Important?

This operation is important because thanks to this operation, many health problems are prevented and the psychology of people who have a better appearance visually improves. The drooping chest problem is an important problem that causes many people to be very uncomfortable and unhappy. That is why many people desire this operation. This operation is one of the easy and risk-free methods. Therefore, we can say that it is actually important and necessary.

The issue of what should be considered after the operation is also extremely important. Because the healing process of people is completely related to how this process will be passed. The more carefully you go through this process, the more comfortable you will be afterwards. This operation is an important and necessary operation for you both to look better and to be physically comfortable. For this reason, having this operation will provide significant benefits for you.

Who is the operation performed for?

It is a procedure that can be performed by almost anyone who requests breast lift operations. Only some people cannot benefit from the operation. If we give information about who these people are. Namely;

Those under the age of 18
Pregnant and lactating mothers
Those whose health is not suitable for this operation
Except for the people mentioned above, everyone can easily undergo this operation. Of course, what should be considered after breast lift operation is extremely important for everyone. In order for everyone to feel comfortable during the healing process, this process must be passed successfully.

Is Breast Lift Operation Dangerous?

Rather than what should be considered after a breast lift operation, the issue that people are most curious about is whether this operation is dangerous or not. First of all, since the procedure is a surgical procedure, there is an inevitable risk factor. Of course, the risk factor will be reduced to the minimum level when consulted with a specialist doctor in this field. Otherwise, the operation will be extremely risky and dangerous. In particular, we would like to say that this operation must be performed in a fully equipped operating environment.

How is Breast Lift Operation Performed?

Breast lift operation is performed under general anesthesia and takes an average of 2-3 hours. During the operation, the procedure is performed according to the size of the sagging and chest in the chest. In simple and little sagging, the erection process is performed with silicone support. For more extensive sagging, a much more detailed process is applied. Some patients have a large chest problem with sagging. In these operations, there is a solution for the big chest problem. In short, breast lift operations performed by expert hands are completed very easily and in a short time.

A much more comfortable process begins for you with the things to be considered after the breast lift operation. Therefore, no matter how successful the operation is, you must be very careful afterwards. Thus, you can get the maximum benefit from the operation. When you are careful about the necessary issues, you can return to your normal life in a short time and regain your health.

After the Breast Lifting Operation

For those who are considering breast lift operation, we would like to talk about what should be considered after breast lift operation. As it is known, after surgical interventions, patients should be careful and take care to ensure that there is no negative situation that will affect the operation. If you are wondering what should be considered after this operation, we would like to inform you. Namely;

First of all, you should be very careful in the process after the operation and stay away from things that will tire you out.
You should rest and give your body time to heal as your doctor advises you.
You should not smoke or use alcohol for a while after the operation. This will negatively affect the healing process.
In this process, you should also stop using drugs that have blood thinning effects.
You have to wear a sports bra for about a month.

Where is the operation performed?

The issue of where breast lift operations are performed is extremely important. Because this operation must be done in the right place. Otherwise, the operation will be much more risky and dangerous. This issue is at least as important as what should be considered after the breast lift operation. The operation must be performed in a fully equipped hospital or private clinic. As a result, there is a need for an operating environment and a specialist doctor in this field.

You should never choose a different area for the operation. Because otherwise, the efficiency to be taken from the operation will decrease and besides this, important vital risks will arise for you. In order not to encounter this situation, what needs to be done is to find a good clinic in this field.

Specialist Doctor for Breast Lift

The most important factor affecting the success of the lifting operations is the doctor. The better and more successful the doctor is in this field, the more the efficiency of the operation will increase. At the same time, the success of the operation will increase as a result and it will be much better for you. If you want to have a much more successful operation, you should talk to a doctor who is an expert in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

When you find a good specialist and get support from these people for the operation, you will be assisted in detail on what to consider after the operation. In this way, you will be more knowledgeable and more conscious about the operation. If you want to take advantage of all these opportunities, the first thing you need to do is to consult a good doctor and have him examined.

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How is Breast Lifting Performed?

One of the most important parts of women’s body is their breasts. Having full and prominent breasts is not a simple matter for women. Sometimes the problem may be the size of the breast or excessive sagging or even size. No matter what, most women who want to be satisfied with their breasts apply to breast lift operations every year.

Before the operation, the patients are informed about the risks, breastfeeding status and anesthesia. In such operations, health centers with reliable and experienced doctors should definitely be consulted. Patients should not take any risks in this regard. The name given to these surgeries in general is mastopexy. This means making the breast more upright and shaped without reducing the breast volume.

Breast Lift Methods

Various methods are used in breast lift surgeries. One of them is selected according to the needs of the patient and the structure of the breasts. If the patient wishes, reduction or enlargement and lifting can be done with changes to be made in the volume of the breast. It can be preferred in operations such as lollipop lifting, partial mastopexy, Benelli lifting around the breast.

If breast volume is desired, this can sometimes be done with the fat taken from the patient and sometimes with prosthesis. In some operations, a scar is left under the breast. There are also operations and methods that are performed with an inverted T or just a straight line under the breast. The patient can decide which of them to choose together with the advice of the doctor.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

In cases such as sagging and size, first of all, the patient’s excess fat is removed and a recovery process is performed. In this type of surgery, the location of the nipple may also change. What kind of scar will remain after the surgery may vary according to the size of the sagging breast. However, there is usually a scar that is hidden in the bikini area and is not very obvious.

Over time, this scar turns pink and its effect decreases. It is not possible to lift a sagging breast with sports or cosmetic products. However, breast lift is possible with methods such as prosthesis or fat injection applied during breast lift surgery.

Who Can Have Breast Lift Surgery?

Anyone with sagging breasts can have breast lift surgery. But for the size of the sagging, it is necessary to consult with the doctor before the operation. If there is a small degree of sagging, it is decided according to the doctor’s advice. In case of moderate sagging, it should be taken into account that there will be no more scars. However, if the sagging is excessive, the patient should accept that a certain scar will remain.

After the surgery, the breasts get a much more fit and fuller appearance and the problem of sagging disappears. If the patient is planning to become pregnant, she can consult her doctor about the location of the milk glands. But now, such surgeries can be performed without damaging the mammary glands. However, it is better to do it after the pregnancy and lactation periods are completed. Because in some cases, even if the nipple is shifted, there may be a problem of not being able to breastfeed again.

Things to Do Before Breast Surgery

Patients should first find a hospital or health center where a specialist and experienced doctor in this field undergoes surgeries. Before the operation, a private meeting with the doctor should be made. If the patient is over forty years old, tests such as mammography and ultrasonography may also be required. If the patient smokes, it is necessary to quit for a certain period of time before the operation.

In addition, a detailed inquiry should be made about the drugs he is using and his medical history. The operations are performed between two or four hours and under general anesthesia. The doctor decides before the operation whether fat injection or prosthesis will be attached to the patient and these details are also discussed with the patient.

Postoperative Recovery

After breast lift surgery, the patient immediately begins to treat their breasts with ice compresses. She may also be asked to wear something similar to a sports bra for a period of time. There are thin bands on the sutures and these need to be removed according to the doctor’s advice.

The drains placed in the chest against the possibility of leakage and bleeding remain in the patient for approximately two days. It is also normal for the patient to have swelling and pain in the breasts for a while. He should also avoid doing any heavy sports for a period of time.

After eight or ten weeks, the breasts begin to take their original shape. Pushing anything, lifting weights and sexual intercourse are among the things that should be avoided for a while right after the surgery.

Post-Surgery Side Effects

Although it is not very common after breast lift surgery, infection may occur in patients. Doctor checks should be done regularly for infections that may occur in the chest. In some patients, an effect such as hematoma, which means the accumulation of blood in the chest, is also seen.

Such problems can be solved by doctor control and careful examinations. If the patient is careful and follows the advice given, such problems are not seen much and after eight weeks, he can return to his normal life with his new breasts.

What to Do After the Surgery

If breast lift surgery is performed on a small scale, the patient does not need to rest for a long time. However, anyone who has had this operation should spend the first week completely resting. If possible, this process can be extended to two weeks. Moving the arms and lifting weights are inconvenient for a while after the surgery. Driving a car is also not recommended. Care should be taken when moving the arms again and should be done slowly. The patient’s breasts may feel heavy at first, but this feeling will decrease over time.

The initial pain will also decrease over time. Nipples become completely insensitive in some patients, while in others they may be much more sensitive. All kinds of heavy exercises and sports should be avoided until the doctor removes the bandages. The doctor will determine when to remove the bandages and how often to wear the sports bra. Following the doctor’s advice on these issues ensures that the results of the surgery are more successful.

Recommendations for Breast Lift Surgery

Anyone who wants to have a breast lift operation should first consult with a specialist and experienced physician. The sagging condition of the breasts is decided together with the specialist. In addition, the patient decides on the type of surgery and the applications to be made together with the doctor.

No decision can be made with a physician who is not an expert in this field or has little experience and no procedure should be performed. The patient should strictly follow the advice given by the doctor both before and after the operation. As long as these are taken care of, the surgery is very successful and gives successful results.

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Breast Lifting Mastopexy

Breasts are one of the most important organs for a feminine and beautiful appearance. All women are sensitive about how their breasts look. Having full and fit-looking breasts is one of the most important key points of looking beautiful for a woman. However, there are no muscles in our breasts, and the breasts, which are mostly composed of sebaceous and milk glands, tend to lose their form over time due to different reasons and tend to sag downwards. Due to diseases such as excessive weight gain, loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding and breast cancer, the breasts may soften, lose their form and sag. In such cases, breast lift surgery is one of the best solutions.

Can Breasts Be Lifted With Exercise?

Some exercises can be recommended to make the breasts look more upright and fuller. However, these exercises make the breasts that have not sagged yet or very little sagging always look full and fit. If there is too much sagging and lubrication in the breasts, excessive weight gain or loss, or if there is a deterioration in the shape of the breasts as a result of several pregnancies, such exercises cannot solve the problem. In fact, the only effective treatment method that can be done in this case is breast lift surgeries.

Who Apply for Breast Lift?

If someone who complains about sagging and not full breasts wants to apply breast lift methods, they should first apply to a health center where experienced and professional doctors attend the surgery. Doctors examine the patient by conducting a preliminary interview. Whether the breasts are saggy or not is evaluated by looking at where the nipple is in the fold of the breast, that is, in the area where it ends. If the nipples are far below this area, the breasts are sagging. Apart from this, women with very deflated and indistinct breasts can also benefit from this surgery. Sometimes women experience breast loss due to illness and surgical operations. This is an important problem that affects a woman’s life and can be solved by surgical operations.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Decided?

In order to make a sound decision about surgery, a preliminary interview with a reliable doctor in a reliable institution is very important. It is not possible to raise a sagging breast with creams or exercises. However, the possible results of the surgery and the patient’s problems should be determined correctly and the doctor’s recommendations should be taken into account. If there is a very low level of sagging and the mammary glands are sufficient, the problem can be solved with a prosthesis placed just below these glands. If the sagging is more and the mammary gland is sufficient, both prosthesis insertion and reduction methods can be applied. In case of more saggy breasts and insufficient mammary glands, several different techniques can be used together to recover the breasts.

How to Prepare for Breast Lift Surgery?

Almost every woman can have breast lift surgery if she does not have a serious health problem. It is important to stay away from smoking and alcohol for a while before the surgery and to maintain a healthy life as much as possible for a more successful operation. A preliminary consultation with the doctor is important before the surgery, but the methods to be used in the surgery are mostly decided during the surgery. Since the experience of the doctor plays a huge role in the success of the surgery, finding a reliable health center and a reliable doctor is the first thing to do.

How is Breast Lift Performed?

No matter which method is used for breast lift, the patient should be under general anesthesia. These surgeries can take up to two or four hours. When deciding on the technique, whether the mammary gland is sufficient or not is taken into account. If the mammary gland is sufficient, the reduction method is generally not used. Women with very large breasts will have a burden on their shoulders, so their quality of life decreases. In such cases, breast reduction can be done. Generally, the mammary gland is not removed during surgery. If the mammary gland is insufficient, reduction techniques are used. Methods such as injecting fat into the breasts, placing prostheses and adding filling material can be used.

What Is Done After Breast Lift?

After a breast lift, ice compresses are recommended for a while to prevent swelling and pain, and some kind of sports bra should be worn for about two weeks. Thin bands are used as dressing only on the breasts. If the drain is placed, it is removed within two days after the surgery. In order to take a shower, it is expected that the drains should be removed and at least two days pass. It should take about two weeks for the stitches to be removed. Sometimes it may be necessary to wear a sports bra for up to two weeks, both to reduce pain and to make the patient feel better. It takes a month for the breasts to take their original shape and gain fullness.

Lactation and Pregnancy

With the developing surgical techniques, women are not expected to have any problems with breastfeeding or pregnancy after the surgery. In other words, after the operation, the patient can become pregnant and breastfeed the baby. However, if the doctor is interviewed, surgery is generally recommended after the pregnancy periods are completed, that is, if the patient does not plan to have a child again. In case of pregnancy and breastfeeding, sagging may occur again. In this case, the operation should be repeated again.

Post-Surgery Scars

Depending on the methods performed in breast lift surgery, scars may remain. Surgery is performed so that all scars remain in the bikini area. In addition, after one year after this surgery, the scars are considerably reduced, and it is seen that the scars become more obscure as time passes. Generally I-shaped, vertical descending line from the nipple to the end is the line that heals the fastest. Even if there is an L or T-shaped scar, these scars become largely obscure after a while.

Success of the Surgery

A successful surgery with good results depends on the experience of the doctor. If the doctor is professional and successful, the risks that will arise in the surgery are also reduced. Problems such as infection and bleeding are among the problems that can be encountered, although they are not very common. In order to experience such problems less, the patient should quit smoking and have a healthy diet. Problems such as the disappearance of the nipple during the surgery can also be resolved by opening a new nipple with different methods. In order to encounter such problems less and to give more successful results, better health centers and more experienced doctors should be selected for surgeries.

Do Breasts Sagging Again or Lose Their Form Later?

The human body is a living organism that is in constant change. Unless it is well fed and well cared for, it can lose its form. That’s why it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are essential in order to preserve the results of such surgeries and to have a more proportional body.

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Who Is Suitable For Breast Lifting Surgery?

Breast lift is a problem that women generally face at a late age. But sometimes it can be seen at an earlier age due to genetic reasons. It is also very common after pregnancy and excessive weight gain. Aging causes sagging in the breasts as well as in other parts of our body.

Whatever the reason, this problem cannot be solved with sports or cosmetic products in general. Breasts are not organs that can be recovered after sagging due to their structure. Breast lift surgery is the only solution for this problem. Every woman who has this problem and is uncomfortable with the appearance of her breasts is a candidate for surgery.

Who Can Have Breast Lift?

Any adult, that is, over the age of eighteen, can undergo breast lift surgery. There is no obstacle for a woman who is healthy enough to remove the anesthesia not to have this surgery. However, sometimes for women who are over 40 years old and have any health problems, the doctor decides after mammography and ultrasonography.

It is important to apply to a health institution that provides the appropriate conditions in order to perform the necessary examinations, get detailed information about the surgery and minimize the risks. Because, as in every aesthetic and surgical operation, the experience and professionalism of the doctor affect the success of the surgery in breast lift surgery. Since taking risks in this regard means risking your health, it is essential to be careful in choosing a health institution and doctor.

Do People Who Do Sports Have Sagging Breasts?

Every woman who wants to have breast surgery has heard and wondered about it. For example, one of the curious subjects is the question of whether the breasts of women who move a lot will sag more. It is a completely wrong opinion that the breasts will sag more when you move a lot. Breasts are organs that change quite a lot with age and weight changes. It changes whether you move or not. This situation also depends on genetic characteristics.

Some women may have naturally fuller breasts. But every woman encounters this problem sooner or later. It is not possible to recover sagging breasts by doing a lot of sports and doing push-ups. You can protect your body with sports, but it is not possible to restore your sagging breasts. Sometimes and usually the only solution is breast lift surgery.

Supplements and Cosmetics Don’t Change Breasts That Much

There may be cosmetic creams or supplements recommended for you to make your breasts look more upright and shaped. But it should be noted that it is not possible for breasts that have lost their form to regain their shape in this way. If sagging has started and has reached a certain level, unfortunately, there is no solution other than breast lift surgery.

No cream will allow you to have erect and shaped breasts all the time. You should avoid spending money unnecessarily and risking your health. The best and only solution is breast lift surgery, which will be performed by a professional surgeon in a certified institution that meets the necessary conditions. You can make a plan about this and go to a budget arrangement after talking to your doctor. You should not listen to other solutions and unrealistic evaluations.

Why Do Breasts Sagging?

Sometimes, you may hear that the breasts do not change much, and even if you gain or lose weight, they will not change their form. However, this is a complete mistake. Breasts are mostly made up of fat and are very low in muscle. Therefore, as they gain or lose weight, their shape changes and they tend to sag.

As we age, our breasts change and cause them to sag, as does all our other organs. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also conditions that can cause sagging breasts. If you are experiencing sagging breasts due to all these, you should see a specialist doctor.

What should be done for firmer breasts?

If a woman thinks that her breasts are not alive and is looking for a solution, the best solution is breast lift surgery. This is the most used method for this problem. In general, breast lift operations are performed either in the area of the aerola, which is around the nipple, or under and between the breasts.

The sagging of the breasts is divided into three. For mild to moderate sagging, an incision is made in the area of the aerola, and in general, the patient does not have any scars after these. However, if the sagging problem is advanced, a sweat T-shaped incision is made between the breasts and the lower line, and after the operation, a scar remains even though it becomes more and more obscure. Which type of surgery is suitable for you can be decided together with a professional surgeon.

How Long Does Breast Surgery Take?

The best solution for sagging breasts, which is an important problem for almost every woman, is a surgical operation. These operations take between two and four hours while the patient is under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation also varies according to the sagging of the chest.

If the sagging is very slight, a prosthesis can be placed under the breast. But if this is not the case, an operation is performed with incisions either around the aerola or a line between the chest and under it. After breast surgeries, which give very successful results, patients can have upward-looking and fresh breasts again.

Recovery After Surgery

The most common condition after breast lift surgery is mild pain and swelling. You may need to use painkillers recommended by your doctor for a while. You can also apply ice compresses to your breasts after surgery to reduce swelling and edema. Your breasts will take their true shape only after the swelling has subsided.

These swellings can sometimes last up to ten weeks. You can also make your breasts easier to shape by wearing sports bras recommended by the doctor for a while. You should not take risks such as sauna or being in the water for a long time. It will also be good not to do any heavy exercise for a while after the surgery.

You Can Get Application For Surgery Without Thinking More

Surgical operations such as breast lift are generally considered for a long time and delayed. But it should not be forgotten that these problems increase as they delay. If the sagging of your breasts bothers you a lot, you should remember that it is a problem that can be solved in a very short time. You can talk to your doctor and get a date for surgery without being indecisive for too long. You should also remember that you are not alone in this matter and that almost every woman is considering having this surgery. Breast lift is one of the operations that women most frequently apply and benefit from.

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In Which Situations Breast Lifting Is Performed?

The problem of sagging breasts is a very annoying problem experienced by many women. The most important parts of a woman’s body are her breasts and butt. These two parts are decisive in order to have feminine and rounded lines. That’s why sagging breasts or not looking fit and full and the fact that the butt is not straight and upturned make women very uncomfortable. All women want these two organs to look fit and beautiful. But after weight loss or pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts may lose their form and sag. In this case, the most effective solution is surgical and aesthetic operations.

What can be done to understand that your breasts are sagging?

The most effective test method for detecting sagging breasts is the nipple test. Let’s say there’s an underline right where your boobs end. If your nipples are lower than this line, that is, if your breasts have drooped down to a level that will go below this bottom line when you let go, you need a breast lift operation. This degree of descent and how far the nipples are below the line determines the sagging of the breast.

If the nipples are slightly above the under-breast line, the sagging is mild, although the difference with the under-breast line is clear, it means that there is no sagging in the breasts yet. A woman can make such a determination to see if her breasts are sagging. In addition, if you apply to a doctor for such an operation, your doctor will make a decision by making a similar rating.

Breast Sagging Problem

Sagging breasts bothers every woman. Because our breasts are organs with a low muscle ratio and mostly composed of fat. This causes them to be very affected by changes such as weight gain and loss. Breasts, which experience constant changes, lose their elasticity and vitality over time and begin to sag. This problem, which bothers almost every woman, is unfortunately not a problem that can be solved by doing sports or using cosmetic products. Although a degree of firmness of the breasts is achieved in this way, breast lift surgery is the only thing that can be done for the breasts that are actually sagging, that is, the breasts that look further below the underbust line. Cosmetic products or sports are effective for maintaining the vitality of breasts that have not sagged yet.

Before Breast Lift Surgery

Every woman who has such a problem should first apply to a reliable and professional health institution. The expertise and experience of the doctors in this establishment is important. Because although such surgeries now give much more successful results with the developing techniques, the experienced doctors reduce the risks of the surgery and increase the chance of success even more. Therefore, in order to get healthier and more successful results, first of all, a good research and a good choice should be made about the doctor and health institution. In such an institution, your doctor will make a preliminary interview with you and give you information about the details of the surgery and your situation. The doctor and the patient should decide together on the degree of sagging of the breasts and the procedures to be done.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

After the surgery is decided, the patient should follow the doctor’s recommendations. First of all, it is necessary to stay away from smoking and some drugs before the surgery. If the patient wants to lose weight and the losing situation continues, it would be good to complete this process as well. These surgeries are now performed in a way that does not harm the milk glands and ducts. Patients can continue to breastfeed for a while after the operation. However, if surgery is decided and there is already a pregnancy situation, it should be waited and the pregnancy and breastfeeding period should be completed as much as possible.

How the surgery will be performed is decided according to the degree of sagging in the breast. If the sagging is not too much, a piece of the breast ring skin is taken. This piece is in the shape of a half moon and in this way, the nipple can be raised a little higher.

If the degree of sagging is higher, the extracted piece is larger. But for the maximum degree of sagging, an incision called a keyhole is made and an inverted t-shaped scar remains after the surgery. But this trace also turns pink over time and can almost disappear. In addition, the incision scar is completed in the bikini area.

Things to Consider After Breast Surgery

Thanks to the breast lift surgery, the breasts can look straighter and fuller. In a very short time, the patient can achieve re-formed and shaped breasts. With the surgery, the breasts are made to look slightly forward and upward when the patient stands up. The pain may last for a few days after the surgery, and this situation is tried to be alleviated with painkillers.

Fifteen days are expected for the stitches to be removed. The patient continues to see his doctor for dressing and control. It is recommended to wear a non-wired, wire-free and cotton bra to cover her breasts. She should protect her breasts for a month and not come into contact with water for a long time. His doctor tells him what to do in case of any problem or hematoma. These are among the rare side effects, although not too many. Mild bleeding and hematoma are problems that can be treated in a short time.

A Non-Sagging and Proportioned Body

Breasts are of great importance for the female body to look full, healthy and proportionate. Breasts have a special place for women as they are the symbol of femininity and feminine appearance. The problems with them are genetic or acquired problems. For example, women with a very short distance between the congenital nipple and the under-breast line can also apply for this surgery.

Breasts tend to sag in cases such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, obesity, diabetes and heavy smoking. Every man or woman should take care of their health and not neglect their exercises in order to protect their own body. But if the problems in the breasts get bigger, they can no longer be solved with exercise. The only way to do this is breast lift surgery. Breast lift, which is one of the most frequently applied surgeries by women, is one of the options that more and more women apply.

How to Maintain the Form of the Breasts?

Breasts that regain their shape after breast lift surgery can maintain their shape by eating healthy and doing sports. Namely, the human body inevitably tends to sag and lose its shape over the years. The breasts also adapt to this as a part of the body. However, some breast lift exercises help to maintain the shape of already shaped breasts. Doing these regularly and cosmetic products are effective in maintaining this state of the breasts, which already maintain their form and vitality.

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At What Age Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

Breast lift surgery, which is preferred for sagging breast problems, is an important operation that everyone wants to be. Naturally, it is important for people who are faced with this problem, who can have this surgery. At what age breast lift surgery is performed and whether there is an age limit, is an important issue that many people wonder and focus on. We would like to provide detailed information for those who want to learn about this subject.

Why is Breast Lift Surgery Necessary?

Breast lift surgery is an important operation that people of all ages may need. Although it is generally thought that there is sagging in the chest with increasing age, many people at a young age may face this problem. Therefore, we cannot say that there is a certain age limit for people who need this operation. At what age breast lift surgery is performed is only important. Because although people of all ages need it, unfortunately the operation is not suitable for everyone.

First of all, we would like to tell you why this operation is needed. Thanks to this operation, women have much steeper and much more beautiful breasts. In addition to visual appearance, when sagging breasts occur, more burden begins to be placed on the shoulders and especially the back area. This causes hunchback and spinal problems in the patient. In other words, this operation is important not only for visual beauty, but also for spinal health.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

We would like to talk about how breast lift operations are performed and what awaits patients during this operation. Namely;

The patient is first examined by the doctor and a decision is made on how to proceed in the surgery.
After the decision about the operation is made, the patient is prepared on the day of the operation and this operation is performed under general anesthesia.
If the sagging situation in the patient is not too much, the sagging is removed by supporting it with silicone.
In more extensive and excessive sagging, the chest is lifted up with a suitable method and excess skin is saved.
After the operation, sutures are made with the appropriate suture technique and the process is completed.
This operation lasts for 2-3 hours and the patient returns to his normal life after a good rest period. It is extremely important in this process in matters such as at what age breast lift surgery is performed.

Who Is Breast Lift Surgery For?

At what age is breast lift surgery performed and who is suitable for this operation are the most important issues that people who are considering the operation wonder about. First of all, we would like to give information about who may be involved in this operation. Although everyone is generally suitable for this operation, some people cannot be treated. If we give information about who these people are. Namely;

Those whose health condition is not suitable for surgery

  • those under 18 years old
  • pregnant or nursing mothers

How is it decided to have surgery?

Breast lift operation is an operation that will improve your quality of life in general and make you more comfortable. You can decide and have this operation done at any time. Of course, in this process, you should pay attention to the age at which breast lift surgery is performed. Because you must have reached the age limit for the operation. Apart from this, you can have these operations before it is too late, especially if sagging has started to cause back and low back pain in you.

What Happens If Breast Lift Surgery Is Not Performed?

If this operation is not performed, you will start to experience back, shoulder and low back pain as we mentioned before, apart from looking bad visually. This causes hernia, humpback and many other important physical problems in the future. In order to avoid these situations, this operation should be performed without losing time. By learning at what age breast lift surgery is performed, you can have this operation without wasting time. This operation is extremely beneficial and necessary for you.

At What Age Is Breast Lift Surgery Performed and Is There an Age Limit?

We would like to touch on the question of what age Breast lift surgery is performed and is there any age limit? First of all, there is no upper age limit for this operation, but at least 18 years of age must be completed. If people do not have any health problems that will prevent the operation, they can have this operation at any age. In fact, this operation becomes much more necessary in later ages. In advancing ages, women begin to experience some health problems because of this problem. Therefore, in fact, there is much more need in later ages.

Of course, when the patient starts to experience this situation at a much younger age, he should have an operation without wasting time. Because the more time is lost on this issue, the more physical problems will be experienced. In addition, since this situation looks bad visually, people’s psychological states and social lives are negatively affected.

What Should Those Who Want to Have a Breast Lift Consider?

After breast lift operations, there are important conditions that must be considered in order to have a comfortable process. The better the patients protect themselves during this process, the more comfortable the process will be. Especially after the operation, cold compress is applied to the patient immediately. The patient also needs to wear a sports bra for 4 weeks after the operation. The patient should not force himself too much and should not tire himself. By paying attention to these, a very comfortable process can be passed.


How Long Does a French Lift Last?

One of the aesthetic operations that have started to be heard a lot lately is the French lift. This procedure, which does not carry any incision or risk, is an effective process for the recovery of sagging on your face. As a non-surgical face lift technique, this practice, which has recently become widespread among celebrities, has a large number of followers.

Although another name is dynamic lift, it is now called by this name because it was started to be applied in France and developed there. Especially the lower part of the face, the lateral parts of the chin and the sagging of the neck can be removed with this method. The results look both successful and natural. Therefore, one of the most popular aesthetic process of the last period is the French lift.

The Ropes Used in Suspend

As the name suggests, this method is made to the face with some threads. These threads, which are made without the need for any incision, are produced from a special material that will not harm the skin. In general, they are coated with polyester inside and silicone outside. There are more flexible varieties as well as slightly thicker varieties.

Thanks to these threads, the sagging on the face is pulled upwards and the face is given a more fit and fuller appearance with the suspension method. Over the years, one of the most important signs of aging on our face is the downward sagging of our face. Many people are frightened by this situation and become extremely uncomfortable. The French sling is an aesthetic but non-surgical process developed especially against this problem.

Who is Suitable for the French Lift ?

The French lift, which can be done for all women and men, is an effective method for anyone who has sagging on their face and is constantly disturbed by it. Since there is no need for surgery, it has become one of the methods used by more and more people in recent years. French sling is becoming more and more popular day by day, as it removes the sagging problem, which is one of the most important signs of aging, in a short time and without surgery.

Can the French Lift Be Used for anouther Process Out of Sagging ?

The most preferred reason for the French lift is to remove the sagging on the face. But apart from that, the area where it is used the most is patients with facial paralysis. Patients with facial paralysis can be treated effectively in this way. The ropes used in the prodecure are flexible. These threads can adapt to facial mimic movements. Adaptation to mimics is also one of the reasons why the method is more preferred. Because in this way, sagging is removed and facial paralysis can be treated without requiring surgery and without a dull expression on the face. One of the most feared aspects of aesthetic process is the dull expression on the face, but such a thing does not occur as a result of the French lift.

How Durable Are The Ropes?

French lift ropes, which are fully compatible with our face and body, are approximately five times more durable than other ropes. The substances and silicone in it make the threads last for a long time. In addition, these threads have a very high tensile strength and are very effective in preventing the saggy appearance of the face, as they have a serrated structure. There is no risk of breaking the threads in any way and it has no negative effects on facial expressions.

Is the French Lift as Effective as Plastic Surgery?

Loss of facial volume and a downward tendency happens to everyone over the years. No one wants to face such a problem. Deterioration in the quality of the skin, loosening and sagging create problems for both women and men. However, surgical operations on facelift scare some people. Not everyone wants to have this done because it is both costly and the healing process is long. Other simpler methods will not be effective for a long time. These two factors were taken into account when developing the French lift
. It was developed as a facelift method that is both less risky and quick to heal and long-lasting. Therefore, it can meet the needs of many people.

How Long Does a French Lift Last?

In the French lift, the doctor first examines the patient and determines which areas should be treated. Then, local anesthesia is made to the patient. After anesthesia, this process is completed within 45 minutes or an hour. The regions where the ropes will be placed and the suspension process will be made must be determined in advance. The ropes are placed in the determined places by pulling them under the skin, that is, by hanging them.

Since one end of the threads will be placed on the area of our head just above the ear, there is no need for incisions and stitches. The effect of this process and the duration of the lift differ according to the skin structure and age of the person. French sling, which has an effect for at least one or two years, can be effective on facial sagging for up to three years if it is supported with facial yoga and various massages. But this period varies from person to person and sometimes it can be shortened.

Post French Strap

As after all surgical operations and processes, a medication list is given to the patient to avoid infection after the French sling. One day is enough for the patient to return to his normal life. Post-suspension pain, mild swelling and bruises are common problems. Using painkillers and making ice compresses is sufficient for these problems.

In the first week, the patient should not move his mouth a lot and avoid excessive mimics. Lying face down and rubbing the face hard for about a month can lead to negative consequences. Although the effects begin to be seen slightly in the first days, it takes two or three months to see the full effect of this procedure. But your close circle may notice this change in a very short time.

French Lift and Aging

Aging is an unstoppable process that is the inevitable end of everyone. It is natural for the face and different parts of the body to sag over time with the effect of gravity. This process can be slowed down but definitely not stopped. Those who need a much more precise and effective solution to slow it down may also opt for a surgical operation. But one of the second-degree, most effective and harmless methods that can be an alternative to this is the French lift.

With some simple movements and face yoga exercises rather than cosmetic products, sagging on the neck and face can be reduced to some extent. But since it is not possible to stop them, we have to get used to the change of our body. We can only do our best not to accelerate the aging process. French lift is one of the things we can do. However, regular exercise, avoidance of smoking, alcohol, sugar, and a healthy diet are other options for slowing down aging.

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How to Make a French Lift?

French sling is an aesthetic prodecure for those who complain about sagging, who want to lift their face but are afraid of surgery. Over the years, facial sagging becomes a problem that everyone complains about. The cheeks are stacked on the chin, and the forehead hangs over the eyes. This causes the eyes to appear more obscure, and the face to appear paler and older. Until now, this situation could generally be resolved with surgery. Non-surgical methods offered more temporary solutions. However, the French sling is a very popular method these days, as it is an effective, longer-lasting and non-surgical method.

Is It Possible to Stop Aging?

Aging is a natural process for all living things and cannot be prevented. It is impossible to completely get rid of the effects of the years. But the acceleration of this process can be prevented. One of the methods in which sagging on the face is greatly reduced without the need for surgery is the French lift. Moreover, its effects are not short-lived. The French lift method, which takes a short time and is much more advantageous compared to surgical stretching operations, is one of the aesthetic operations that celebrities apply most these days.

How is the French Lift Made?

The French lift is a method of stretching the face with ropes that do not harm the body, polyester inside and silicone coating on the outside. This is the biggest advantage of this process, which does not require any stitches and large cuts. Only very small incisions are made to place the threads under the skin. The ropes placed on the cheeks, forehead and neck area from below, lift the face by pulling it upwards with a method called suspension. In this way, the sagging areas are recovered upwards. The threads do not need to be removed again and it adapts to the skin over time. It makes the face look more tense and collected for a long time. The durability of medical threads lasts up to two years. This process can be done again if desired.

Advantages of French Lift

The most important advantage of the French lift is that it does not require any incisions, stitches or surgery, as we said above. Although it is a short-term process, it is another advantage that it lasts for at least two years. This period can be extended for a while with face yoga and various massages. Another advantage is that it has no effect on facial expressions. The French lift does not affect the expression and facial expressions. Therefore, it does not cause a dull and ambiguous expression like in other aesthetic process, which is a very important advantage.

Details of the French Lift Method

The ropes used in the French lift method are grizzled and clinging to the face. These threads, which are more like fishing line, do not cause any discomfort to the face. The prodecure of the method, that is, the suspension process, takes about half an hour. Since there are lycra and flexible threads, it adapts to the face even if the person who has it has gained weight. The patient and doctor decide together the stretch rate and how high the face should be hung. Since flexible and adaptable threads are used, there is no strain on the face and no effect on facial expressions. With this method, the face recovers in a very short time and suddenly the face of the person becomes younger for at least a few years.

How Does It Go After Prodecure?

After the French lift is done, the patient can return to his normal life and work within a day. It is quite normal to have slight bruising and swelling on the face immediately after the procedure. Pain relievers are recommended for pain and ice compresses are recommended for swelling. The most important thing to note is that in the first week, excessive gestures such as opening the mouth too much should be avoided. It can be dangerous to lie on our face and rub the face vigorously for at least three weeks. In fact, the change in the face can be felt immediately after the procedure, but it may not be understood due to swelling. It takes two or three months for the main effect to settle on the face. It has an effect on both sagging and wrinkles.

What Should Be Considered Before Having a French Lift?

If you are looking for a tired, sagging and collapsed expression on your face and you want a seamless method, the French lift is the method for you. To have the process done, you should contact a reliable health care provider and a specialist doctor. Although it is a non-surgical operation, you should not risk your health. Your doctor may recommend a mild sedative just before the process.

The day before the operation, you should rest well and go to the health center with a good sleep. It is important not to drink coffee and alcohol a few days before and on the day of the process, and not to smoke for a few days. Nothing else should be used on the face for a couple of days. If blood thinners are used, these should also be postponed for a few days. If possible, take a break for a few weeks.

What Effects Are Seen After the French Lift?

After the French lift is done, the facial oval is recovered in a short time. The appearance of cheekbones and the reduction of wrinkles are also its immediate effects. Collagen production is facilitated in the area around the threads. As it is known, collagen is very effective in the appearance of youth and vitality of the skin. Therefore, the process is also a beneficial for the skin.

Direct contact with the sun should not be avoided for a few days after the procedure, and especially on the day of the process. Pain and swelling can be relieved with ice compresses and cold pads. Movements such as laughing and yawning by opening the mouth can also damage the face. Lying on the stomach for at least two weeks should be avoided. Peeling and hard facial massages should also be avoided for a while. For the first few days, it’s also good to be fed with liquids or small bites.

Is the French Lift Risky?

The French lift is a low risk operation. However, before all aesthetic processes, the patient’s examinations are done as it should be done. Other measures can be taken, especially for skin prone to swelling and bruising. For conditions such as redness and blood collection, blood thinners should be suspended for a while. However, such side effects are not uncommon.

It is very rare for the skin to have an allergic reaction to the threads used in the process. Insufficient tension of the ropes or incorrect suspension, pitting and asymmetrical pressures may occur. But in order to prevent this, the institution and the doctor where the precesses will be made should be chosen carefully. In general, the French lift is an effective and harmless process with very little risk.