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Fat Injection

Fat injection means adding fat to some parts of your body. The aim here is to make the areas that do not appear saggy or plump look fuller and fitter. Everyone has parts of their body that are uncomfortable because they look sunken or too flat. These include the breasts and hips, cheeks, cheek and lip line, chin, forehead and legs. The collapse or uncertainty in these areas can distort the proportion of our body. Here is one of the methods applied in such cases.

Why is Fat Injection Performed?

In order to have a more proportional and elegant body, everyone wants to get rid of the excesses in their body and make the parts they want to look fuller more specific. For example, fat in the abdomen, waist and hips bothers everyone. But especially for women, sunken cheeks, an indistinct chest and an indistinct hip are also uncomfortable. Every woman dreams of more feminine and specific body lines. It is the definitive solution for this. But of course, the places where fat has been added and plump for a lifetime do not stay the same. Sometimes you may need to repeat this process.

Liposuction and Fat Injection

Liposuction is one of the most used methods in aesthetic surgery. This method, which can be briefly defined as the removal of excess fat from the body, is a very successful procedure and has been used in the field of aesthetic surgery for a long time. Most men and women want to get rid of fat in the abdomen, waist and hips. Because the accumulation of fat in these areas causes a disproportionate and bad-looking body. The oils taken from these areas can be used during fat injection.

The fat added to give fullness to the body during the procedure belongs to the person himself. Therefore, this process does not cause any harm to the body. With liposuction injectors, the fat taken from the abdomen and waist area is injected into the desired places. Likewise, oils taken from arms and legs and even from under-eye bags can be used in this process. Since the fats belonging to the patient are added to the body, this process does not carry any risk if it is done in a certified and safe place.

Before the fat injection, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. This is necessary for the patient to feel comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. It can be done alone or sometimes as a part of another surgical operation. For example, some women may prefer a surgical operation to lift and stretch their face. During this stretching process, fat taken from other areas can be added to the cheeks. It is not possible to inject fat immediately after liposuction. It must first be processed. This process is the washing and centrifugation process. Then they are transferred to the desired places with the help of injectors. There is no need to make any incisions during all these procedures.

After the procedure, some oils may live longer in their new place. The more fat cells settle here, the more successful the procedure will be. This depends on how the patient’s body will react. However, with the advancement of technology, it has become possible to place the fats taken from the body in other places without any contact with the air. In this way, there is very little tissue loss and the possibility of the fats to settle in their new places increases.

Fat injection is definitely different from other filling processes. It is a better method that can yield much more successful results. Because although filling materials are specially prepared, it cannot be as successful as the fat taken from the person’s own body. However, it should not be forgotten that being successful in fat injection depends on some conditions. For example, the surgical materials used, the procedures during the removal and delivery of the fat, and the processes by which the fat will be transferred affect the survival of the fats in their new places. The more vitality is provided, the more successful the process will be.

After the procedure, almost half of the oils transferred to that area remain in that area for up to six months. Therefore, the process may need to be repeated at certain intervals. Although the oil injection is repeated regularly, it does not cause any harm to the body. The less the place to be added moves, the more it is possible for the oils to stay alive there. Since our legs and hips are very mobile, the fats here live for less time, but their permanence can be increased if they are added to the cheek.

There are many people who want to change the appearance of their face. That’s why it is mostly applied to the face. Fat injection is applied to fill the wrinkles in the mouth and face area that have formed over the years, to have fuller and more prominent lips, and to make the ambiguous cheekbones and chin more specific. It gives generally successful results in these regions. Sometimes various accidents can cause collapse in our body. A depression may also develop after the previous liposuction procedure. Oil injection can also be applied in such collapse formations.

One of the places where fat injection is applied the most is the breasts. Prominent and full breasts are every woman’s dream for a feminine and sexy look. But in general, this procedure is preferred for women who do not want very large breasts and have enough fat in their abdomen and waist. Fat injection in the breasts gives very positive and natural results. But the process needs to be repeated within a year.

In general, the operation takes about half an hour or an hour. It is recommended to be done in a clinic or health center that is absolutely reliable and has the necessary certificates. With local anesthesia and sedative drugs, the patient can be made to feel more comfortable. It is important to choose an experienced and equipped health center in order to ensure that the environment is completely sterile and fully hygienic.

Before the fat injection operation, you can talk to your doctor privately and get information about the details of the procedure. Breast lift is shorter than the operation time. Our clinic has been providing a successful service in surgical operations for a very long time. All of our surgical operations are performed by specialist physicians in hygienic sterile environments with hepafilters. To get the best service in this field, you can apply to our clinic and get information about all surgical operations. We are just a phone call or even a click away from you. You can contact us immediately and make an appointment. Do not forget that successful results are only possible in experienced and expert hands. Our hospital is the right choice for this application.

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