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Post Bariatric Surgery

When overweight people get rid of this excess weight, some deformations may occur in their bodies. Skin sagging is a prominent problem among these deformations. Post Bariatric Surgery is a clinical entity that covers all the procedures applied for these deformations experienced after the weight loss process, and with these procedures, sagging in all parts of the body is corrected. If you have recently lost weight and your body has sagging, you can find all the details on this subject in our article.

What is Post Bariatric Surgery?

Post Bariatric Surgery is a body shaping procedure aimed at eliminating skin sagging, especially after bariatric surgery. Post Bariatric Surgery is a general expression that covers the correction of sagging in all parts of the body and is used for all treatment methods applied for sagging treatment. Post Bariatric Surgery is not just a “removal of excess” procedure. This process, which is extremely effective and beneficial, is an essential requirement.

Before Post Bariatric Surgery

There are some situations that people should pay attention to before Post Bariatric Surgery operations. First of all, they are subjected to a full examination and examined whether they are suitable for the operation. Apart from this, before the operation, it is determined how much treatment will be applied in which region and markings are made. It explains in detail how the operation will be performed on which region. Since it is a surgical procedure, it will be necessary to give additional information about what to pay attention to before the operation.

Unfortunately, the process of gaining and losing weight leaves some traces on our bodies. Perhaps the only factor that overshadows the dozens of positive effects of weight loss on metabolism, especially in overweight people, is the sagging of the skin after losing these weights. This bad image is a situation that disturbs the person. People who get rid of their excess weight have problems due to this excess skin and even have difficulty in finding suitable clothes due to skin folds. For these people, it can become very difficult to lead a quality life. Post Bariatric Surgery is an extremely important surgical method that saves people from all these burdens. Thanks to this process, it is possible to get rid of sagging after the weight loss process.

Post Bariatric Surgery is a procedure that overweight people benefit from after the weight loss process. In other words, individuals who lose weight while having a disease such as obesity can benefit from these operations and get rid of the saggy skin appearance. For the Post Bariatric Surgery procedure, first of all, the person’s weight loss process must be finished and the process of maintaining this weight must be entered. In other words, this operation is not applied to people who are still in the process of losing weight or who need to lose weight.
Before the Post Bariatric Surgery procedures, the general health status of the people is also checked and it is checked whether they are suitable for the surgery. If the patient has a condition that prevents surgery, first of all, procedures are performed to treat them. To get detailed information on this issue, it would be much more accurate to talk to your doctor and be examined.

Whether the procedure will be performed in a single session or in more than one session should be decided according to the patient’s condition. Due to the less weight lost in some patients, the size of the sagging is relatively small, and a single session is sufficient. In some patients, it may be necessary to intervene more than once, even in the same area. Since Post Bariatric Surgery procedures basically aim to give people the best body possible, the process continues until the result is perfect. The general health status of the patient also affects the operation process. If the patient’s health condition requires several sessions for the procedure, a planning should be made by considering the patient’s health completely. The interval of the sessions should likewise be planned by your doctor.

After the Post Bariatric Surgery procedure, people should be extremely careful. As a result, a serious operation is undergoing and a careful process is required. After the procedure, the patient should stay in the hospital for 2 days. This is also necessary for dressing and general control. It is extremely important that patients are under the control of a doctor during this process. After the operation, people should also use a corset in the operation areas for a while. This corset accelerates the healing process and makes patients more comfortable. After the operation, the suture marks also fade over time, but unfortunately, these scars do not completely disappear. In order not to disturb the person in places such as arms and legs, internal stitches are applied, but a slight scar may still be left.

If this procedure is not done, the body will have an uncomfortable view due to the sagging skin. Many people prefer the operation rather than the appearance because they do not want to carry this heavy burden and because the excess skin bothers them. Of course, the image is also an important issue. When overweight individuals lose this extra weight, serious sagging occurs.

The recovery process after body shaping operation varies from person to person. While the recovery process is much faster in young people, it may take a little longer in older people. The situation also changes according to the size of the excess skins taken. In other words, there is no clear date that can be given in general. However, no matter how long the recovery lasts, a much more comfortable process awaits people after the operation. In addition, the quality of life of the person increases significantly.

If you are one of those who are curious about the price issue regarding body shaping operations, we would like to give you information. First of all, there is no clear figure for the transaction. As a result, issues such as how many areas of people will be treated and how many sessions will last vary. In addition to these, the size of the sagging skin to be taken from the people also causes a change in the wage. It would be much more accurate to contact the authorities for operation price information and to be examined first. Thus, you will be able to get both detailed information about the operation and price information. This will also clear your doubts.

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