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Individuals who have developed a negative perception towards their own body view some operations positively in order to change some negativities in their bodies. Breast lift operation is one of them. Some individuals may not be satisfied with their breasts. Breast sagging may occur due to various problems. Many women, who take action for this, resort to a series of operations to make their breasts, which they think have lost their aesthetics, firmer and erect. Not only saggy breasts, but also enlarged nipples contribute negatively to the aesthetic appearance. Before undergoing the operation, it is necessary to learn the details of the operation. Information such as breastfeeding, type of anesthesia, operation risks should be given by the specialist physician. The name of the operation is Mastopexy. Mastopexy is the process of lifting and adjusting the breast volume without reducing it.

Surgery Methods

Surgical methods, Partial Mastopexy, nipple lift (Benelli method), lollipop, breast lift, breast reduction and lift, breast augmentation and lift. As for the methods used, it is very different interventions such as gaining volume by using breast prosthesis, giving volume with the transfer of own fat tissue, giving an erection, breast lift procedure, which is known as reverse T and leaves a scar under the breast in addition to lollipop, and lifting with a line extending only from the nipple under my breast.

How is Breast Lift Surgery Performed?

The surgeries allow the excess skin to be removed by reshaping and recovering the sagging skin tissue. The nipple has been displaced with the disappearance of breast aesthetics. With this surgery, the nipple is brought to where it should be. Depending on the sagging of the breast, scars may remain in different ways. No matter which method is applied, scarring on the nipple is a natural process. The point that many women wonder is whether it can be done without an operation. It is a difficult event that cannot be achieved with sports or exercise. As for the methods used, there are many different interventions such as using a breast prosthesis to gain volume, giving volume with the transfer of own fat, giving an erection, an inverted and additionally leaving a scar under the breast, an erection that is done with a line that extends only from the nipple to the breast.

Mastopexy surgery may not be suitable for everyone. If the patient’s breast sagging is moderate and he thinks that he will not be disturbed by the scars of the operation, it is beneficial to have this surgery. However, if there is a serious sagging, the surgical scar should be accepted. Patients will have an upright and shaped chest after the surgery. Being uncomfortable with the scars after the surgery is a personal problem. The important thing for breastfeeding after mastopexy surgery is that the milk ducts and milk glands have not been interfered with during the operation. In some surgeries, if the nipple is shifted and changed, there may be possibilities such as not being able to breastfeed. It is very beneficial to discuss this situation with the doctor before the procedure.

It is essential to be examined by a specialist doctor before breast lift surgery. In case of risky patients and women over 40 years of age, breast ultrasonography and mammography are fully evaluated and the decision is made accordingly. Patients who will undergo the operation should stop smoking long before the operation and should not use anti-inflammatory drugs. It would be more appropriate to decide the drug issue together with the doctor. General anesthesia is used for surgeries. Patients with advanced breast sagging can undergo procedures similar to breast reduction surgery. If there are small sagging, a silicone prosthesis can be placed under the breast. The duration of the operation varies between two and 4 hours. It is very important that you discuss all the details with your doctor before the surgery.

Ice compress treatment is started immediately after breast lift surgery. There are thin bands on the seams. Against the risk of bleeding and serum accumulation, the drains placed in breast lift surgery are removed two days later. You can take a shower after removing the drains. A sports bra is put on after the surgery to fit the shape of the chest. It is a very normal process to have swelling and edema after the surgery. After 8 or 10 weeks after the surgery, the breast can start to take its final shape. Lifting or pushing anything heavy after surgery will injure the chest. After the surgery, it is necessary to stay away from compelling sports. The type of bra recommended by the specialist should be used regularly. If the nipple milk gland ducts are not touched, the breastfeeding function will not be lost. It is necessary to abstain from sexual intercourse for at least one week after the operation.

The complication rate after performing a breast lift operation is very low. However, infection may still develop within the breast. With careful patient follow-up, this process can be easily overcome. In addition, hematoma, which means blood accumulation in the breast, may develop after surgery. Providing the necessary controls by consulting the specialist physician after the operation helps to prevent complications that may occur. If you follow the recommendations of your doctor and be careful after the surgery, you can have fully healed and well-formed breasts after 8-10 weeks without any adverse events.

Since breast lift surgeries require a personalized planning, the cost of this surgery also varies according to the operation. The materials to be used during the operation and the size of the operation are proportional to the cost. The cost can be clarified according to the size of the operation by discussing with the specialist physician before the operation.

In order to prevent the occurrence of complications after the surgery, expert opinions should be followed. It is necessary to rest for two weeks after the operation. Arm use should be limited in the first week after surgery. Driving a car is also inconvenient. The arms need to be moved slowly. During this period, the breasts will be heavy and painful. Breast tenderness may develop after surgery. A numb or highly sensitive condition may arise. Nipples may become desensitized. Surgical scars, which are evident in the first months, later lose their clarity. Heavy exercises and sports should be avoided until the bandages are in their interests. Normal daily life movements and exercises should be discussed with the doctor before starting. After the surgery, the medications given by the doctor should be used and no extra supplements should be made.

New methods have been added in recent years. In particular, a new surgical technique called Vertical Mammoplasty has been preferred. In this technique, not an inverted T-shaped scar is created, but a vertical scar that goes down from the nipple. Vertical Mammoplasty is not a suitable technique for large and large breasts. Aesthetic anxiety may cause the individual to undergo unnecessary operations. Getting information from experts and performing these procedures in the company of expert surgeons gives guaranteed results. You can contact our institution and request an appointment to obtain detailed information about the operations.

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