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French Lift

With aging, the fat under the skin melts and this causes the skin to flow down. These sagging can be quite annoying. French lift is an effective method where you can correct these sagging without surgery. With a special technique, sagging on the skin is eliminated and a tauter skin appearance is obtained. This process has very important advantages. We would like to talk about what they are and what kind of treatment they are in general.

What Is French Lift?

Easy non-surgical solutions are performed for sagging and wrinkles that occur on the skin over time. One of these non-surgical methods is the French lift procedure. Stretching is achievable very simply by stretching the skin with special threads. This process has many important advantages and is therefore highly preferred. You can find all the details you need to know about the French lift in our article. We would like to tell you all the details of the process.

Why Is French Lift Is Getting Applied?

You may be wondering why the French lift process is getting applied and on which issye it is effective enough. First of all, we can say that the effect area of the process is wrinkles and sagging. With this method, you can easily get rid of the wrinkles without the need for surgery. With the French lift, people can easily achieve a tauter skin as they want without the risk of surgery. Therefore, this process is extremely important and necessary. The results are also extremely effective. Although it seems to be a method that can only be applied with aesthetic concerns, this procedure is also an effective method on patients who have had facial paralysis before.

One of the most important questions regarding the procedure is who can have this procedure done. We would like to give you detailed information on this subject as well. First of all, anyone who has wrinkles on their skin and is uncomfortable with it can easily have this procedure done. This procedure is suitable for everyone, whether male or female. It is a procedure that is especially suitable for anyone who wants a tauter skin but does not want to have surgery. Anyone who wants to do this procedure can easily have this procedure done by contacting a good specialist. The only thing to know about the procedure is that there is an age limit. The procedure can be applied to anyone over the age of 35, but not over the age of 70, regardless of male or female.

We have said before that the method is an extremely advantageous process. The procedure is not only very effective, but also has important advantages. if we give you information about what these advantages are:

Since the threads used during the procedure are extremely flexible, the facial expressions of the people are not affected. This makes the process much more natural.
Anyone within the age limit can benefited from this procedure.
After the procedure, there are no scars on the face.
Since there is no surgery, it is reversible when people are not satisfied with the result.
After a while, the process can be applied again.
Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, there is no feeling of pain.
Recovery time after the procedure is very short.
We can easily say that the French lift method has many more important advantages. You can easily take advantage of this procedure.

One of the most important questions about the process is how the process is done. We would like to give information on how to apply the French lift.

First of all, the area where the ropes will be placed are predetermined and marked.
Then, regional anesthesia is applied and waited.
The ropes are passed to the determined points with special methods. Then the process is terminated.
French lift process takes 45-60 minutes on average. This is actually an extremely short time for a skin lift procedure. Therefore, this is a situation that we can count as one of the advantages of the process.

The issue of which areas the process will be applied to is also important. We would like to inform you about this as well:

oval parts of the face
double chin
French lift is an extremely effective procedure that can be applied to many important areas of the face. Therefore, it is highly preferred. You can easily apply this method for the wrinkles and sagging problems you experience in these areas.

It is questioned if the French lift is a process that stops aging. First of all, this process is not a process that stops aging as well as other procedures. In fact, nothing stops aging. It is a process that only possible to slow it down. Apart from that, this process is about sagging that has already occurred. Since it is already non-surgical, people’s skin will return to its former look over time. Then the process should be repeated. The threads used in the process melt on their own over time or lose their former tension. Therefore, the process needs to be repeated.

Another question that those who want to have a French lift ask is whether the procedure has any side effect. The threads used during the process are in a structure that does not adversely affect the health of the people. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a side effect. The only side effect that may occur with the French lift procedure is that people are allergic to the yarn used. This is a very low probability. Other than that, you shouldn’t have any concerns about the process. In addition, this procedure is not like surgery, and if the result is not satisfied, it can be easily corrected again.

French lift process is applied in clinics or beauty centers where dermatologists work. In addition, this procedure can be easily performed in many hospitals. It is as important as where the operation is done and by whom. This procedure should be done by specialist doctors in this field. Only in this way it will be possible to obtain good result from the process. French lift will be a very effective and successful process when it is done by the right people.

French lift prices are a very common questions for people who want to have this procedure. People thinks if the procedure will be effective as the money they spend on it. Although such procedure is preferred by many people because they are very effective, the fee to be paid for the transaction is also a matter of curiosity. we can easily say that the fees to be paid for the procedure are not as high as it is thought. On the contrary, it is quite cheap compared to other skin stretching procedures getting used. At least we can say that it is a much more effective method. It is painless like hair transplant treatment. Therefore, you can easily apply the French lift process. It would be much better for you to be examined first then get information about price. Thus, you can get much more detailed information.

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