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Excess fat and skin in the arms and legs is a problem complained by many people. This problem be caused by many factors. For example, sometimes the arms or legs are thick due to the topical fat volume and it makes the person uncomfortable. Sometimes, the arms and legs may shrink due to various diseases or accidents. Excess skin and fat on the arms and legs of people who are very overweight and manage to lose them are not easily eliminated by doing sports. Even if they do sports, people who cannot get rid of them may prefer arm and leg lift operation.

Fat Removal and Fat injection

Arm and leg stretching operations include different methods. The most common of these is fat removal, which is known as liposuction and is one of the most common aesthetic surgery applications. This application should be done in a certified and reliable clinic or health center with special injectors and devices. Although it does not involve many risks, if it is not performed under appropriate conditions, it can result in negative results like any surgical operation and put your health at risk. From which area to take the fat and how to do the procedure also requires expertise. Therefore, you should have your operation performed by a specialist doctor.

Fat injection and tightening Process

Arm and leg tightening operations are extensive operations. They are not limited to just degreasing. Sometimes it may be necessary to inject fat. This is a solution for the people who has the problem of shrinking their arms and legs for any reason. Both liposuction and fat injection are now very comfortable procedures without any incisions. For these, only a specialist physician and a specialist surgeon are sufficient. And of course, a place that is well equipped. Apart from this, it will be much more successful and well looking if you are treated by an experienced surgeon on how to remove fat from which areas and how to perform lifting procedures.

Anyone who wants to look elegant and slim wants their belly and hip fat to go first. However, fat and loose skin in the arms and legs can also directly affect our appearance and mental health. It comes to our mind every morning when we look in the mirror or every time we get dressed, and it makes us uneasy. Especially after losing a lot of weight or some accidents, loose skin and fat and even depressions do not easily go away with a method other than aesthetic and surgical operation. That’s why many people apply for arm and leg lift every year. development in medicine and aesthetic surgery have now made this operation much less risky and accessible to everyone. Even in recent years, it is possible to reach the desired form with controlled heat energy and laser without making any incisions.

The most applied procedures on the arm and legs are liposuction and laser. The sagging in the arm is mostly caused by weight loss, aging and sometimes being affected by the sun. No hospitalization or incision is required for these procedures. But if there is a problem in a very large and wide area, sometimes an incision can be made. Generally, three days, and in larger operations up to a week it may be necessary to wear a special clothing to help the skin goes back to normal shape. In addition, patients who have this procedure should rest for a while by hanging their arms. Depending on the size of the operation, sometimes regional and sometimes general anesthesia can be applied. It may take a few days for patients to return to their work and social life in small operations and up to a week in larger ones. If there are stitches, they are usually will be removed within two weeks. The surgical scar disappears as time passes by taking the natural colors of the skin.

In leg lifting operations, an incision is generally required. An incision is made from the leg area to the back, and all excess fat and skin will be removed. In this process, small tubes called drains will be used and the purpose of this is to prevent excess blood and fluid accumulation in the body. It takes about two weeks to remove the stitches, as in the arms. Although the patient returns to his normal life after a week, he should not be active for at least two weeks. Since there are moist areas between the legs in general, bandages should get changed every day in order not to delay the healing.

There can be difficult times in everyone’s life. If weight is lost after a period of intense weight gain, it is not possible for the enlarged skin to recover immediately. Regional fat is also a problem that does not go away for some people. Imperfections in areas like our arm, which are always in sight, bother us. It is very difficult to wear t-shirt or other clothes, especially in summer. Loving our body is important for maintaining a healthy life. Therefore, arm and leg stretching operations are so important and useful.

Aesthetic operations are generally known as last solutions. But sometimes it can become an urgent need for everyone. Arm and leg stretching operations are generally short-term and do not have a long recovery period. However, if there is a large-scale fat or excess skin, the process may take longer. The professionalism and experience of the hospital chosen for this process is very important. In addition, the doctor who will perform the operation must also be experienced. Such surgeries are no longer risky. However, it is imperative that the doctor and the hospital have a professional approach that follows the latest technology.

Our health center has been serving in the field of aesthetic surgery for years with its expert and experienced staff. We are one of the most reliable and experienced places in this field. Do not delay any surgical operation any longer for your mental health and to make you feel better. You should definitely choose a professional health center, especially for operations on larger parts of the body, such as arm and leg lifting. Our doctors are experts and experienced in their field. In our health center, all surgeons in any operation and any field, have significantly high success rates.

Arm and leg lifting operations are procedures which its size is determined according to the needs of the patient. You can have a private meeting with your doctor before the operation and he will inform you about the details of the operation and enlightens you, in this way you won’t have any problem before and after the operation when you apply to us. If your arms and legs are bothering you, you can count on us. All you need to do is to contact us and make a plan. Do not delay this good gift that you can give to yourself and contact us as soon as possible. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. We are one of the best hospitals for esthetic surgery.

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