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There are many processes that are effective on skin surface problems. Mesotherapy operations can be grouped as face, body and hair processes. Mesotherapy is mostly used to give moisture, vitality and shine to the skin. Antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are given directly to the skin so that the skin looks healthy. These substances are allowed to reach the middle layer of the skin.

What are the Benefits of Mesotherapy Application?

Mesotherapy is a treatment method that gives many different benefits depending on the place where the process is made. In the regions where it is applied; wrinkle, sun spot, skin spot, skin problems, regional lubrication, cellulite. It is also a method used in the treatment of hair problems such as alopecia, and people with baldness problems. It provides hair growth in the bald area. It is also effective in the treatment of acute or chronic pain in any part of the body. In addition to these, it can also benefit some vascular problems and sports injuries.

How is Face and Skin Mesotherapy Performed?

A deep cleaning is done in the face area and the skin is cleaned of make-up residues and made ready for mesotherapy . Then, hyaluronic acid is applied directly to the middle and first layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid protects the elastic tissue of the skin. This substance is present in every skin, but as age progresses, its amount in the skin decreases. The hyaluronic acid lost with mesotherapy is replaced. The drug mixture prepared with the micro needles used during the procedure is injected into the skin at regular intervals. Depending on the needs of the skin, the application can be made deeper.

Mesotherapy treatment can be made to anyone over the age of 18, depending on the area where the procedure will be performed and the person’s health condition. After the health examinations, the suitability of the person is determined. These examinations should be carried out by professionals who will make the operations. Especially people who have serious disorders in the history of skin problems should first get approval from a doctor. There is no gender difference in eligible persons.

There are some side effects in every medical processes. Side effects seen after mesotherapy are generally seen as short-term. In addition, the occurrence of side effects differs from person to person and is not seen at the same rate in everyone. In some patients, no side effects are observed. Some drugs used during the process may cause allergic reactions in people. In order to prevent this, a small portion of the drug should be poured on the skin surface and skin reactions to the drug should be monitored one day before the mesotherapy process.

Some of the side effects that can be seen after the procedure are:

skin swelling,
skin sensitivity,
Itching and burning sensation on the skin,
redness on the skin surface,
bruising on the skin surface,

People with very sensitive skin may develop reactions such as skin rashes and rash.

As with every skin process, there are some points to be considered after mesotherapy.

A person who will have mesotherapy application should definitely not use any drugs with blood thinning effects such as aspirin before and after the session.
During the first day after mesotherapy application, the application area should not be touched with water.
Since they can affect blood circulation, it is necessary to stay away from tight jeans, tights, corsets, etc., after the application.
Forced movements should not be done within forty-eight hours after the operation.
Make-up should not be used on the skin in the first 10-15 hours after mesotherapy applied to the face.
Before and after the procedure, healthy foods should be preferred. Alcohol, caffeine, smoking and high protein foods should be avoided.
In order to avoid swelling, bruising and redness in the application area, cold compresses should be applied to and around the area.
The area where mesotherapy is applied should not be itchy and pressure should not be applied on it. Hand contact should be avoided as much as possible so that the area does not become infected.
All the advice given by the doctor should be heeded and made.

In general, pain or pain is not felt in the mesotherapy process. However, according to the sensitivity of the person who is going to have the process , precautions can be taken before the application. This can be done by using numbing creams. The person who decides to apply anesthetic cream should be a doctor or a specialist in this field. After the expert’s decision, the anesthetic cream is applied to the area about an hour before the application of mesotherapy. After mesotherapy application, the recovery time on the skin surface is short. After the procedure, some patients return to their daily lives completely. In some patients, short-term problems such as redness, swelling, bruising may be observed.

Baldness and hair loss are common skin problems. There are alternative treatments as well as surgical interventions such as hair transplant. Especially when it is desired to prefer a procedure that provides hair regeneration without the use of surgical methods, we come across mesotherapy for hair. It is an effective method in eliminating the problems that occur in the scalp such as hair breaker disease, excessive hair loss, baldness. It also accelerates hair growth and reduces dandruff. The reason for hair loss is generally nutritional deficiencies. In addition, hormone deficiency around the hair follicles and low blood circulation on the scalp are also effective in baldness. Mesotherapy is effective in eliminating these problems. It is a method that both women and men can benefit from and has no age limit. Supplements such as nutrients, vitamins and minerals are injected into the scalp. In this way, the metabolism of the hair cell is accelerated and the blood circulation in the scalp increases.

Superficial injections are made to the scalp. Thanks to these infections, the hairs stimulate the processes of self-renewal and reproduction in natural ways. The solution is placed in the middle layer of the scalp. The hair stimulated by the solution begins to grow back and proliferate. The application of mesotherapy for hair loss differs from person to person. The application takes about ten minutes to half an hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated.

It reduces hair loss.
It stimulates the process of hair growth and increase in quantity.
It prevents breakage especially in long hair.
It accelerates the formation of new hair follicles on the scalp.
It provides repair of damaged parts on the scalp.
It reduces the problem of dandruff in the scalp.
It accelerates the blood circulation of the scalp and provides nourishment to the hair follicles.

Health is one of the most important things in life. Skin health is especially important. A problem that may occur on the skin causes negative psychological consequences over time. Early intervention is very important to prevent the problem from growing. These interventions include mesotherapy treatment. However, this treatment should be done by specialists in appropriate centers. For this reason, it is necessary not to accept treatments offered to low budgets in unhygienic environments unconsciously. Even the smallest mistake can cause irreversible problems. You can review our site for other treatments such as tummy tuck.

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