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PRP Skin Rejuvenation

The process of the plasma obtained by taking a certain amount of blood from the person’s own body and passing this blood through special processes to the person by injection method is called PRP. The plasma obtained by the decomposition of blood is very rich in terms of platelet cells. The most important feature of platelet cells is that they have growth factors. Thanks to these features, they play a major role in eliminating health problems.

While PRP process is used in the treatment of diseases, it is also used in hair problems and skin care. As a result of aging, environmental factors and diseases, the growth cells of people may stop after a while. Plasma therapy is of great importance instead of drug use. In addition to skin rejuvenation treatments, it is also preferred for the improvement of orthopedic diseases. As a result of research conducted in recent years, it has been seen that it has great success rates.

Is it Effective in Skin Rejuvenation?

Collagen production stops at the age of 25 in men and women. With the cessation of collagen production, if the body is supported, dryness, cracks, sagging and excesses occur in the skin. Especially the formation of crow’s feet around the eyes, the sharpening of parallel lines on the forehead and the deepening of other mimic lines occur. These situations make you look older, tired and unhappy than you are.

As a result of the studies, it has been proven that the effect of prp helps the regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells. It should be processedied regularly to the face, neck, hands and décolleté areas. Peeling and laser processs can cause permanent damage to the skin surface. It should be processedied especially after these procedures. It provides a definitive solution to pregnancy spots and other skin problems that occur during pregnancy when exposed to sun rays without using a protective cream. As a result of processedying approximately four sessions with two-week intervals, you can achieve the skin you dream of. You start to see the effect of the procedure after the first session.

PRP process is used in many branches of medicine. It is used in the treatment of orthopedic patients, curing muscle and joint pain, coagulation disorders, treatment of diabetes, varicose veins and other vascular diseases, curing dermatological diseases, hair loss and supporting other treatments.
PRP treatment has led to great developments in the field of cosmetic surgery. It is a supportive treatment especially after hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and skin rejuvenation processs. It can be used to heal wounds in a short time after dental implant procedures. Since it is a medical process, it must be done by health personnel. It should be processedied in a hospital environment in order not to get an infection and not to experience an allergic reaction after the procedure.

Hair treatment with PRP gives very successful results. It is recommended to be processedied after hair transplantation. Every individual is faced with at least 150 hair loss on a daily basis. Hair shedding at this rate is considered normal. Spills after this value must be taken seriously. 10 cc of blood from the patient is sufficient for hair. After the blood is collected, it is centrifuged and injected into the scalp by napping method.
The process of PRP to the hair takes approximately 25 minutes. Since tiny injectors such as insulin injectors are used, no pain is felt. There is no trace left after the procedure. After the procedure, the person can return to his daily life.

PRP is processedied by a specialist in a hospital setting. First, a sterile environment is created. Blood is taken under sterile conditions in a special tube selected for the procedure. Blood is placed in a tube containing gel. It is put into a specially developed and new technology centrifuge machine. The number of revolutions of the machine may vary according to the brand. The higher the number of revolutions, the better the result.
After this process, the elements in the blood are separated. The yellow colored plasma liquid we need is the liquid that accumulates in the upper part. It is taken with the help of an injector and made ready for process. The doctor determines the number of sessions in accordance with the purpose of the treatment. As the treatments of the diseases are different from each other, the duration of the treatment is also different. For this reason, expert opinion is definitely taken.

One of the most frequently asked questions in recent years is why the prp process is processedied and what are the advantages it provides. If we list the reasons and advantages of processedying the process;
It supports and greatly increases the skin’s collagen production, gives elasticity and makes it look lively.
It prevents hair loss at every stage, nourishes the hair follicles and makes them stronger.
It heals wrinkles, wounds, cracks and other skin diseases in a short time.
It supports the regeneration of the skin, especially after laser procedures that have been processedied very frequently in recent years.
Pain management has enormous effects on cell regeneration processes.
It significantly reduces pain in the treatment of calcification of the knees, tennis elbow and anterior cruciate ligament injuries.
In order to benefit from these advantages we have listed, it is important to processedy at regular intervals. Your doctor will decide how many sessions should be done according to your condition and the progress of the treatment.

Hair transplantation and treatment with PRP process can take up to six months. It can be processedied at intervals of two weeks according to the condition and needs of the person. Minimum 3 and maximum 6 sessions are processedied. Depending on the response you get from the treatment, your doctor may extend these intervals.
You can have this procedure done for your hair in hair transplant centers and cosmetic surgery departments of private hospitals. You do not need to have had a hair transplant to have the procedure. It can also be preferred for hair loss, lifeless and dull hair. Since the plasma given to the patient is the person’s own blood, there is no risk of allergy. For this reason, you can even choose it as a routine maintenance procedure.

The effect of four sessions of PRP treatment processedied regularly lasts approximately 12 months. It was determined that it was permanent for four months in pain management procedures and three months in orthopedic treatments. You can do some processs to increase the permanence of the treatment. Factors such as regular exercises for pain management after the treatment and the use of the right skin care products help the permanent effect of the prp treatment to last longer.

Very small diameter injectors are used to processedy PRP. Small swellings and bruising occur in the areas where the injectors come into contact. For this reason, you should ensure that these areas are sterile before and after the procedure in order to prevent the development of complications. Side effects of the procedure are very rare. The patient’s use of blood thinners, being pregnant and having serious health problems such as cancer may cause complications.

PRP treatment fees vary according to the hospital and center where the procedure is performed. When determining these prices, the centers consider the number of sessions processedied, the session intervals, the duration of the procedure, the purpose of the treatment and the cost of the materials used for the procedure. The location of the center where the treatment takes place is very important. In provincial centers, this service is generally more costly. In order to protect your health and avoid the risk of infection, we recommend that you receive treatment from reliable centers. Our institution prioritizes the health of its patients since the first day it started to serve. You can choose our institution to get privileged and reliable service.

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