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Cosmelan Spot Treatment

Stains on the skin are always extremely annoying and its a thing that people do not like. Skin structure can make the person look older than they are. Therefore, the skin should be purified from these spots. With the Cosmelan Spot treatment, the appearance of spots on the skin is largely corrected. This is an extremely important peeling process that creates a peeling effect on the skin. With this highly effective process, a serious repair process takes place on the skin. We would like to give more detailed information about the transaction.

What is Cosmelan Spot Treatment?

Our skin is extremely sensitive and quickly affected by external factors. For this reason, we can often be affected by external factors and face various stains. Cosmelan is a kind of peeling process that creates a peeling effect on the skin. Thanks to this feature, this process is applied to remove blemishes, acne scars and various problems on the skin. In short, this process creates a peeling effect on the skin, allowing it to reach the healthy layer of the skin again. So it is a kind of skin rejuvenation process.

In Which Areas Is Cosmelan Treatment Applied?

The process is an advantageous method that can be easily used in many regions. It can be easily applied in many areas such as face, neck, hands, feet, belly and legs. Of course, the products used specifically for each region are different. As a result, the sensitivity of each region is different from each other. Cosmelan spot treatment is an important peeling process that is effective in all areas we count. If you are complaining about the stains in these areas, you can easily do this procedure.

We can use Cosmelan’s very effective and useful expressions for stain treatment. Because with the procedure, very important effects occur on the skin. First of all, we would like to give information about the benefits of the process. Namely;

After the procedure, there is no scar on the skin.This procedure can be applied to almost any skin type.Your skin starts to look healthy after an average of 1 month from the procedure. The procedure does not have any side effects.There are no chemicals that harm the skin during the process.
Even deep stains are removed with this process.
The firmness of the skin increases and becomes much brighter.
The skin is deeply regenerated.
The procedure can be applied in all seasons.

We would like to tell you how to apply stain treatment and what you need to know about the application process. First of all, the process is done as a single session. In other words, it is very effective and you can easily get rid of all kinds of stains in one go. If we give information about the Cosmelan spot treatment process steps. Namely;

First of all, the skin of the people is analyzed and the skin type and sensitivity are determined.
Afterwards, a personalized kit is prepared and this product is applied to the skin.
The applied mask stays on the skin for 8-12 hours. The doctor decides this time. The skin type of the person and the shape of the blemish are a distinguishing factor in this regard. The person can wait at home for the time to expire.
After the time is up, the mask is removed by washing at home.
After washing, people should regularly apply the care cream given by the doctor to the area. This process is extremely important.

When it will take effect after the procedure varies from person to person. The darker the skin of the person, the longer it takes for the appearance of the spots to go away. However, after an average of 1 week, changes in general become observable. After 2-3 weeks, a serious difference can be seen. Cosmelan spot treatment is a process that has a significant healing effect on spots. Although the duration of the effect varies from person to person, the result is excellent for everyone.

There are important issues that people should pay attention to in order to avoid problems before the procedure. First of all, Patient should be away from any skin damaging product one week before the procedure.
Men should stop shaving at least two days before the operation. When you pay attention to these before the
There won’t be any problems about Cosmelan treatment in case you follow your doctor’s recommendations.

First of all, the doctor’s recommendations must be strictly followed.
After the procedure, products with a soothing effect on the skin and sun creams should be used. Especially the products which are protect from sun lights are extremely important. Applying them in a thick layer on the skin will provide a soothing effect.

One of the important issues regarding the Cosmelan treatment is to whom the procedure cannot be applied. As a result, everyone wants to benefit from this process, but some situations, unfortunately, prevent the process. Let’s talk about what they are.

Those with chronic skin disease
Those with open wounds on their skin
those who are pregnant
breastfeeding mothers
Those who are allergic to the ingredients in the drug
Those who develop a reaction in a preliminary application area for the process
Cosmelan cannot be applied to the people we have mentioned above.
It can be applied to those with open wounds only after this wound is closed and is no longer a problem. Apart from these, anyone who wants can easily do this process. If you are bothered by the spots on various parts of your body, you can easily get rid of them with this treatment method.

It is important whether people experience any side effects during Cosmelan spot treatment. Many people wonder if the procedure has any side effects. First of all, no side effects were detected in previous studies. Very rarely, there may be people who are allergic and sensitive to the ingredients in the product. Therefore, spot treatment is already applied by specialist physicians. In a possible danger, it can be easily intervened and the problem is eliminated. So you can do this with peace of mind.

So most of the patients icurious about the details of this process. The price of the transaction is one of the curious ones. Everyone does not want to have this procedure due to the disease caused by the disease. It is difficult to give an exact price unless clarify the all processes will be make to patient. The doctor will inform you about fee according to the programs he will apply to you.

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