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How the facial structure is and especially how the cheekbones look is a situation that changes the beauty phenomenon of people. Many women and men want to have a good cheek appearance. Bichectomy is an important cheek aesthetic operation preferred for this very purpose. Thanks to this operation, a much better looking cheek appearance can be obtained. For those who are curious, we would like to give much more important details on the subject and specify all the details about the operation.

What Is A Bichectomy?

We would like to give information about bichectomy, also known as cheek surgery. Although everyone wants to have full cheekbones and a thin face structure, this is not always possible. However, all these elements are extremely important for people to look beautiful, regardless of whether they are men or women. With cheek surgery operations, people are provided with a more aesthetic cheek structure and a thinner face structure. After this procedure, people look younger and more beautiful. For this reason, we can say that this process is very important.

Who Is Bichectomy Suitable For?

Although the procedure is generally risk-free and easy, it is not recommended for some people. If we list the conditions under which bichectomy cannot be performed; the person who will have the procedure should have a normal weight and a round face. This procedure is not applied to overweight people. The person must be over 18 years old and not over 45 years old. In general, such procedures are not recommended for pregnant and lactating women. The procedure can be applied to anyone except the people we mentioned above. In addition to all these, it would be much better to consult with a specialist physician to understand whether you are suitable for the procedure.

Paying attention to some issues before the procedure will prevent complications that may occur after the procedure and accelerate recovery. As for the things to consider before bichectomy:

Alcohol and smoking should be stopped one week before the operation.
All blood thinners should be discontinued one week before the procedure.
If there are medications that the patient uses regularly, he should inform his doctor beforehand.
People with chronic diseases should consult their doctor before the operation.

Bichectomy, also known as cheek thinning, is performed under local anesthesia. Before the procedure, the mouth is cleaned first. Cleanliness is extremely important to reduce the risk of infection. In the procedure, a small incision is made inside the cheek and the fat tissue in this area is removed. When this fat is removed, the patient has a much thinner face structure. The procedure takes a total of 35-40 minutes for both cheeks on average. The opened incisions are stitched, bandage is applied and the process is completed. After the procedure, the patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day.

Recovery time after bichectomy usually takes two weeks. Only soft meals and cold drinks are recommended against the risk of bleeding for three days after the procedure. It is also recommended that the patient not be exposed to the sun. Smoking, alcohol and drugs with blood thinning effects should not be used.

The results of the surgery are generally excellent. But of course, the swelling should be waited for to get the full results. While there are facial swellings, the effects of the operation will probably not be visible. Since the procedure is performed on the inside of the cheek, there is no trace or image that indicates the procedure. Thanks to the procedure, the oval face appearance is improved and the patient has a much thinner face structure. This is also an important process that allows the person to have more prominent cheekbones.

Hollywood cheek operation and bichectomy are operations that are confused with each other. However, the two processes and the results obtained are different from each other. Especially the Hollywood cheek operation is a much more comprehensive operation. During this process, much more fat tissue is removed from the person, and also more intervention is made in the chin and cheekbone area. In this procedure, only some fat tissue is removed from the cheek area, resulting in a thinner face appearance. While serious changes occur in the person in the Hollywood cheek operation, there are not such serious changes in this process.

Although the bichectomy procedure may seem easy, in fact, every intervention has risks. After bichectomy, facial swelling, redness and pain at the incision site can be seen. There is a very rare possibility that some serious complications may occur. Therefore, care should be taken, cold compresses should be applied to the area at certain intervals after the procedure and mouthwash should be done against the possibility of infection.

One of the most curious subjects is whether there is any harm in the bichectomy procedure. Although it is generally risk-free and easy, whether the procedure will be harmful or not may vary depending on the doctor performing the procedure and the place where the procedure is performed. Such procedures should be performed by specialists in sterile environments. Otherwise, there is a risk of encountering very serious problems. Therefore, the choice of doctor and clinic is extremely important. With a good doctor and a good clinic, people can achieve excellent results. If you want to have a thinner face, you can have this procedure done with peace of mind.

Cheek surgery operations are extremely important procedures for people to look better. However, people cannot easily learn every detail about these transactions. In the article you read, we tried to give information about all the details about this process. You can get detailed information by examining them. The most curious detail of the transaction is undoubtedly the price. The interventions to be applied to the patient during the procedure are the most important factors that determine the price issue. For this reason, first of all, it should be decided what kind of intervention will be applied to the patient. The first thing you need to do to get bichectomy and price information about this procedure is to talk to a specialist doctor. In this way, a roadmap will be drawn up and detailed information will be given to you.

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