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One of the most important organs of the face in both men and women is the lips. When the lips are damaged or have any defects, they should be treated without leaving any damage. The first condition for this is an experienced and well-equipped doctor. Lip aesthetics occupies a very important place even for those who want to have botox applied to their lips for visual purposes only. Before undergoing aesthetic surgery, it is beneficial to thoroughly research the doctor who will perform the lip aesthetics. Because before the aesthetic procedure, it should be noted that there is no problem with the mouth and teeth. If there is a problem in the mouth or teeth, this problem should be resolved first. Similarly, dental fillings should not be done simultaneously with lip aesthetics. If there is a disease related to the mouth or teeth, it should be done in a process that will not affect the aesthetics. This process should be planned before or after lip aesthetics.

What is Rabbit Lip Aesthetics?

Hare lipped is often a congenital problem in men and women. Nasal curvature in rabbit lip, also known as cleft lip, often accompanies the picture. There are many surgical methods and techniques in rabbit lip aesthetics. Millard’s repair technique is one of the most used techniques. Three stages are followed in this technique. First, intraoral skin repair, secondly, muscle repair, and thirdly, skin repair Cleft lip surgery takes approximately 2 hours. Generally, the hospital stay is 1 day. Recovery time can vary as 9 or 10 days. Even if Tavsan lip aesthetics is performed, scars may remain. The person who has lip aesthetics should pay attention to oral and dental health. Before the bunny lip or any lip aesthetic operation, the area should be epilated. This is to avoid difficulties in growing a mustache after surgery. Even if this is not necessary for surgery, it is important for women’s sensitivity. It is necessary to pay attention to cleaning for lip aesthetics or any surgery.

Things to Consider Before Getting It

The most important point to be considered before having lip aesthetics is the choice of doctor. Healthier and better results will be obtained in the hands of an expert doctor who has a good command of the subject. For this, it is useful to analyze the doctor and the hospital thoroughly. It should be questioned whether it is done by the expert or by his assistant and a decision should be made in this way. Otherwise, permanent lip damage may occur. In addition, reliable people who have undergone lip aesthetic surgery before can be consulted. A doctor’s advice should also be sought for lip care. The person who will have lip aesthetics should stay away from blood thinners.

It is necessary to be careful not to take drugs without the doctor’s advice. Heavy exercises should be avoided for approximately 24 hours on the day of aesthetic surgery. Skin care should not be done on the same day. You should not enter the pool for a minimum of 1 week after the operation. It is more appropriate not to have dental filling and lip aesthetics at the same time. If medication is given after lip aesthetics, it should be used in dose. An overdose will not help so that it heals quickly. In addition, in line with the doctor’s advice, it will be healthier and more beneficial to overcome this process in an informed way. For example, solid foods should be avoided for a week. Liquid food should be fed mainly.

Price range may vary in private hospitals. But when you look at the average price range, it is enough to not strain the patient’s budget. Aesthetic prices made by experts may be more expensive. Depending on the type of lip aesthetics to be made, the price ranges may vary. A discount may be applied to the price, but this may differ between institutions. Information on price and hygiene can be obtained by making an appointment with the institutions.

Within the scope of SSI, general congenital cleft lip / palate surgeries are covered, but aesthetic surgeries are covered by the patient. Regardless of the institution, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene. Even if it is done for free, the quality of the doctor should be checked. The doctor can be consulted by making an appointment. Price range and free or fee rate can be consulted. In which cases SSI covers free lip surgery can be investigated.

There is a variety of lip fillers. There are varieties such as classical lip aesthetics, Rubina lip aesthetics, Eve style filling aesthetics, Pierlique aesthetics, Cupiq lip aesthetics, angel wing filling aesthetics. It is preferred according to the face type or according to the patient’s preference. In general, classical aesthetics is more preferred. For lip aesthetics, attention should be paid to the face type. Temporary lip or permanent lip fillers are also available. Do not be fooled by the variety of lip fillers. Attention should be paid to the type of face.

It is a very sensitive operation that needs attention and does not accept mistakes. One’s grace must not be compromised. Lips that are not compatible with the face can cause an erroneous and bad image. The unnatural appearance of artificial and swollen lips should also be considered a mistake. However, these results may also be the fault of the patient. For example, if the patient has herpes on the lips, herpes treatment should be done first. In addition, if the dental filling is done at the same time as the aesthetics, the mouth may become infected. Dental operations should be performed in a way that does not affect aesthetics. One of the mistakes in lip aesthetics is not to follow the doctor’s advice. Doctor’s advice is extremely important. It is as important as little nose correction surgery for women.

Although not as much as women, men can also do it. Rabbit lip is a common disease in men. Also, men may want to change the thinness or thickness of the lips. For this, he can have lip aesthetics. Elegance is an issue that men also care about. It can use lip injections, lip operations and lip thinning methods. Men can have temporary or permanent lip augmentation. Even men should pay attention to their face type. Artificial fillers should be avoided in men. Artificial fillings can sometimes cause negative results. In addition, if the mustaches are cut, lip aesthetics will be more advantageous.

Babies may have congenital rabbit lipped. The course of treatment can be done after 3 months. In other words, it can be done after waiting for at least 3 months after the birth, taking into account the health status of the baby, after the doctor’s permission and the necessary conditions are met. Cleft lip is treated with muscle repair. The skin is repaired and the cleft is closed. After the operation, the baby is restless due to pain. There may be feeding difficulties. Therefore, the necessary reinforcement is made by giving fluids through the vein. After the surgery, the doctor’s recommendations should be very careful. Since babies are sensitive, it is important that the surgery is performed by a good physician. It is generally used to remove cleft lip in babies. Otherwise, there is no such thing as filling. You can get information about the necessary services from our company.

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