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Breast Asymmetry Correction

Breast asymmetry irregularity, which most women are not aware of, has gotten so much underestimated. 85% of women have breast asymmetry disorder. There are types of this disorder that can be very obvious, or types in which the difference is small. Breast asymmetry correction process is done by measurement and breast differences in women with less irregularity , become obvious after birth and breastfeeding.

In women with extreme differences between the breasts, the condition is usually due to a developmental problem. Usually, One of the two breasts is larger and droops. If the asymmetry disorder between the two breasts is low, the person may not notice this much. It can be determined by the measurement of the attachment level of the breast to the chest wall with the measurement made during the examination. Breast asymmetry correction measurements should be done standing up.

What Causes Breast Asymmetry Disorder?

Breast asymmetry disorder may occur due to reasons such as excessive increase or decrease in weight due to changes in the shape of the breasts after pregnancy, changing breast tissues after hormonal disorders, enlargement of the breasts due to genetic factors, enlargement of the breasts as a result of the side effects of frequently used drugs, and enlargement of the breasts after breastfeeding. In some cases, the breast sags more than usual it’s a type of disorder called breast deformity causes the breast to look like a tube as the breast tissue move towards the nipple. In addition, with aging, the breast may lose its volume and cause an asymmetrical abundance. Breast asymmetry can also occur with surgical interventions as a result of serious diseases. Due to these reasons, the differences between the tissues are tried to be eliminated by operations such as breast implants, breast augmentation or fat injections. A surgical procedure is required for the regulation of breast asymmetry. Individuals who have completed the age of 18 can do the surgery with the examination of doctors.

Who is suitable to Have Breast Asymmetry correction?

The size difference in the breasts causes women to develop negative emotions. Breast asymmetry disorder is an important issue as it causes health problems that can go further than psychological problems. Breast asymmetry correction may be required due to the increase in the difference in the breasts during pregnancy or the visible defect in the breasts with postpartum breastfeeding. In addition, patients can have this procedure done in order to increase the self-confidence before marriage. Surgery may not always be required. With the examinations and running some tests, operations such as lifting and silicone can be done. However, such procedures will only be valid if there will be no further pregnancy or breastfeeding procedures. Breast asymmetry disorder can lead to many problems such as lack of self-confidence, posture disorders and spinal curvature.

There are several techniques for the surgery of individuals who have been decided to do the surgery after a doctor’s examination and measurements. If only one breast of the individuals is small, the other breast will be made equal by injecting fat or placing silicone.

If a breast is too large and sagging too much, the breast will be made upright by adjusting it during the surgery. Breast asymmetry correction surgery can be performed by carrying fat tissue from the abdomen, waist and lateral region and hip region with special techniques in severely deformed patients or in cases where one of the breasts does not develop at all.

As a result of the examination of our doctors who are experts in this fields, if the decision is made to do the operation, the patient will be informed about the operation.

While a “T” shaped scar remains in traditional breast asymmetry corrections operations, it has become less visible with the developing technology and the tools used. In order to decrease the scars of the operation, “l”-shaped incisions are made from the nipple to the bottom, this minimizes the scars in this surgery.

Individuals who have undergone breast asymmetry operation should wear a sports bra or a special corset for a certain period of time after the operation. After the operation, hospitalization lasts for as long as the day the doctor deems necessary.

It is necessary to be under observation in the hospital for at least one night. You can take a shower after at least two days. It may be possible to return to light-paced work about a week after breast asymmetry correction procedures.

It is necessary not to lift heavy weights after the operation. It is recommended to sleep on your back or on your side and not make your body tired too much. Habits such as smoking and alcohol should be stopped. It is necessary to eat healthy in order to avoid loss of muscle tissue and taking vitamins is necessary for recovery.

Poland syndrome is a disorder that cause one side development of chest muscles and in some cases cause lack of development in ribs or cause one side absence of nipple. If there is lack of development in breast, correction can be done by plastic surgery interventions and silicone prosthesis placement.

If the skin tissue is not sufficient for breast asymmetry correction, skin tissue expansion surgery should be performed first. Then, after the tissue expander surgery is finished, a silicone prosthesis will be created. If there is not enough muscle tissue in the area where the breast prosthesis will be placed, an area can be determined from the patient’s back area and the muscle tissue can be added to the breast tissue or the breast can be created with a silicone prosthesis. In severe deformations, it is also possible to create breasts as skin or tissue from the abdomen or waist and side areas.

Different prices may be applied depending on the type and size of the asymmetry disorder in the breast, the material to be used and the method to be used is affecting the price also. factors such as examination sessions of the patient and implants to be applied during the operation change the prices of breast asymmetry correction surgery prices.

At the same time, the price varies according to the reasons for the patient’s surgery. Before personal operations are treated and during the examination process, the type of operation to be performed is decided by examinations.

Breast asymmetry correction procedures are permanent procedures. It is so rare to have changes after the surgery, so it should be better done after pregnancy and breast feeding the baby. There is usually no change after the surgery, but an asymmetry may occur again due to the patient’s pregnancy history, excessive weight gain and loss.

Although breast asymmetry correction operations are performed with the support of an expert team the surgeon plays an important role in this surgery. This operation gives good result only with a qualified team and a good surgeon. You can contact our institution for information about these operations. Our hospital will perform the necessary operation to make you look flawless and beautiful with surgeons who are experts in their field.

Before the breast asymmetry correction procedures, the process that the patient will experience and information about the operation should be shared with the patient. The patient should know in advance what she will experience before, during and after the operation and should prepare herself for this. Reach out to Etiler Aestique center, the center of aesthetics with good service and modern technology.

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