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Over time, young and smooth skin loses these properties and needs some supplements. Salmon DNA process is a preferred method for exactly this purpose. Thanks to this method, which is applied to restore the elasticity of the skin that it has lost over time, many important skin problems are eliminated. That’s why many people prefer this excellent app lately. Salmon DNA application is an excellent aesthetic procedure that is effective on important skin problems. We would like to give more detailed information about the transaction.

What is Salmon DNA Application?

This is a kind of injection procedure in which the hyaluronic acid needed by the skin and the blood and sperm of salmon are used. The purpose of the procedure is to revitalize the skin and regain its elasticity. Therefore, this method is often used. With salmon DNA application, new cells are formed or renewed in the skin. In particular, the salmon blood and sperm contained in it are expressed as the elixir of youth. Therefore, we can easily say that it is a very beneficial procedure on the skin.

Benefits of the Application

We have said before that it is very useful for salmon DNA application. We would like to talk about the benefits of the procedure in general. It has a regenerative effect on cells. In this way, the skin regains its former brightness and elasticity.
It has a very serious smoothing effect on sagging and wrinkles. After the procedure, there is no trace or any symptom on the skin of the people. In addition, there is no reaction on the skin related to the procedure.

Salmon DNA processing is the preferred method in some cases. This procedure is not necessary for every skin problem. If we talk about the situations that require this process;

Due to external factors, this procedure is needed for skin that is no longer alive and dry as before, and looks dull.
It is effective in removing blackheads and acne scars.
In the appearance of wrinkles that occur with aging
Removing dark circles under the eyes
In the correction of the deteriorated skin structure after menopause
Deteriorated skin structure as a result of drug use, smoking and alcohol use
As a result of the loss of brightness of the skin under intense stress
For the recovery of sagging in areas such as décolleté and neck
Removal of stretch marks on the skin after pregnancy
Salmon DNA application has great benefits over many skin problems mentioned above. You can easily use this application for these problems and more.

We would like to inform you how the application, which is a very useful and easy aesthetic procedure, is done. First of all, the skin should be well prepared for this procedure before the procedure. This preparation takes an average of 15 days and during this time, the skin is moisturized with hyaluronic acid supplementation. Then, on the day of the procedure, the application area is cleaned thoroughly and an anesthetic cream is applied to the area. Afterwards, Salmon DNA is injected into the area with the help of needles. In general, the application ends when the injection process is completed in the entire area.

Salmon DNA application, which is among the easy aesthetic procedures, is not a very long process. Only 15 days of preliminary preparation time of the procedure is a bit too much. Apart from this, the last stage, the injection stage, is quite easy. This period varies according to the size of the area to be treated. In general, the process takes an average of 15-20 minutes.

Salmon DNA application, one of the best practices for your skin, is a simple and generally risk-free procedure. However, there are some important points that people should pay attention to before such procedures. We want to give information about what these are;

Do not use drugs that have blood thinning effects.
Alcohol should not be consumed.
Before the procedure, procedures such as scrubbing or peeling that will increase the sensitivity of the skin should not be performed.
The treated area should not be exposed to the sun too much.
For the application, make-up should not be applied on the day of coming to the clinic.
There is no other situation that people should pay attention to before the salmon DNA application.

After the salmon DNA application, there are some important situations that should be considered. Although it has been clinically proven that the materials used do not have any side effects or harm on people’s health, there are some procedures after such procedures. We would like to give you detailed information on this subject as well;

After the procedure, drugs with blood thinning effects or food and beverages should not be consumed. This situation can cause problems in injection processes using needles in general. There may be bruising, especially in the application area.
After the application, the skin should be protected from sunlight. It is especially important that it does not come into direct contact. If possible, you should go directly to your home after the procedure and choose your own car when you go.
Again, after the application, the procedures that will peel the skin should be avoided.
The skin must be protected from physical contact for the first 24 hours. During this process, even water should not touch your skin.

This application is a procedure that needs to be applied several sessions depending on the problem of the skin of the people. Generally, at least one and at most five sessions are applied. Likewise, the session intervals to be done vary according to the needs of the person. The ideal application period is generally the sessions to be applied at intervals of 1 to 3 weeks. The frequency of application of this procedure is increased in extremely problematic skin. Of course, at the end of each session, very important changes are seen in the skin. Salmon DNA application is already a very effective and successful procedure in general.

Although the salmon DNA aesthetic application is generally harmless, it can cause various problems in some cases. We would like to inform you about what these are;

Pregnant and lactating mothers should not apply.
It is recommended that people with heart and vascular diseases and those who use drugs should not do the same.
Those who have blood clotting problems should not have it done.
There should be no open wounds, cold sores and infections in the area where the application will be made.
It is not applied to people with cancer.
Persons under the age of 18 cannot be treated in the same way.

Another issue that is curious about this important aesthetic procedure is naturally the price issue. Extremely unique products are used from the Salmon DNA application. From the effects it has already shown, how high quality and important the products are is more than seen. You can also visit our hair transplant page. There is no question of reducing the quality of the product here. Therefore, the amount to be paid for the Salmon DNA process is generally standard. Of course, how problematic the skin is will affect the price.

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