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Many factors such as aging, exposure to the sun’s rays, the transition between seasons, air pollution and working conditions create bad effects on the skin. For a healthier, live and youthful skin appearance, current applications are made with the newest medical technology. Operations with laser beams and radio waves make up a large part of them. The golden needle is also included in these applications. Fractional radio frequency (FRF) wave application, or more commonly known as gold needle, is one of the innovative techniques that have been applied safely on the skin recently.

What is the Purpose of the Golden Needle?

With the golden needle application, it is aimed directly under the skin without affecting the skin surface. After this application the skin becomes more bright, tense and live. This method is simple, although allows the face to be rejuvenated without any incisions or wounds. This application much healthier, at the same time it helps to achieve more beautiful skin in a painless way.

Who Can Prefer the Golden Needle?

Especially people who suffer from skin blemishes, cracks, acne scars, wrinkles and similar problems can have a gold needle application. After this procedure, which is carried out in short-term sessions, a younger, beautiful and lively looking skin is obtained. There is no age limit for this procedure. In the same way, gold needle treatment can be used regardless of whether it is a woman or a man. People with serious skin problems should definitely consult a doctor before the procedure.

It is a skin rejuvenation method that has the ability to treat many skin defects. For this reason, it has a wide range of uses. Some of these can be listed as follows:

Treatment of burns and scars,
Elimination of cracks due to weight gain or pregnancy,
Elimination of signs of aging,
Elimination of fine wrinkles,
Correction of the appearance of the neck, jowl and décolleté areas,
Treatment of acne and scars,
Elimination of bruises around the eyes,
Tightening of pores,
Correction of areas where form loss is seen and sagging is present in the body,
It can be used in areas such as the removal of skin spots.

Gold needle is a technique that can be used easily on both the face and the body. The process of skin rejuvenation, revitalization and elimination of imperfections can be applied to any desired area of the body. In applications involving large working areas, such as the treatment of stretch marks on the legs, several sessions are required. Likewise, if several areas will be treated at once, the session time will be a little longer than normal. The response time of each region to the process is different. In addition, the treatment plan varies according to the target. For such reasons, different appointment dates may be considered appropriate for different regions. In order to get the desired result from the application, the sessions must be done without interruption.

Before the gold needle operation, the application area is cleaned. If the application is to be made on the face area, make-up residues are removed. After deep cleansing of the skin, a cream containing anesthetic effect is applied. The radiofrequency device, which is attached to the tip and produced for this process, is contacted with the skin. There are many microneedles at the tip of this contacting device. The gold needle device scans the skin. Gold needles touch the skin at the depth set by the expert. With this contact, it makes sudden entrances and exits into the skin. In this way, no damage is done to the skin surface, but the production of collagen and elastin in the lower layer of the skin is increased.

Thanks to the conductivity in the structure of gold needles, the highest energy is transmitted to the subcutaneous tissue. If the patient wants to get more interaction with mesotherapy cocktails, specially prepared personalized solutions are absorbed through the opened channels. After the procedure, a slight pinkish redness may occur on the skin. This redness disappears on its own within a few hours. The patient does not stay in the hospital after the application. After the procedure, he can return to his normal life. He can start work the day after the application. Scrub or peeling should not be applied to the treated area after the gold needle procedure. It is necessary to avoid activities that will cause the body to sweat.

There are many methods and devices used for skin rejuvenation procedures in the market. Individuals cannot decide on their own which of these or which ones should be preferred. The appropriate method should be decided in accordance with the recommendations of the physician. However, the application has several advantages. Some of these advantages are:

After the procedure, flaking, crusting or peeling does not occur on the skin.
There is no swelling, bruising or redness. For this reason, the application is not noticeable from the outside.
Long-term effects are obtained, not temporary.
Positive effects begin to be observed from the first session.
It does not require a stay in the hospital.
The person can immediately return to his daily life.
Its effects on skin rejuvenation and removal imperfections have been proven by scientific studies.
It can be applied to any skin type and skin color.
It does not include surgical intervention.
Since it is a very short-term procedure, it prioritizes patient comfort.
How Much Does the Golden Needle Application Cost?
One of the most frequently asked questions about gold needle treatment is gold needle prices and treatment costs. The area to be worked on and the intensity of the deformation are different for each patient. This difference causes price variability. For this reason, after the doctor’s examination, detailed information can be obtained on issues such as price, number of sessions, session intervals.

Treatment applications are carried out with an average of three sessions at two-week intervals. More sessions can be applied depending on the source and cause of the problem. This decision is made by the doctor. Local anesthetic cream is applied during the sessions. Pain is not felt with this cream. Results are noticeable after the first session. The effectiveness will become more evident in the following sessions.

One of the areas where the gold needle radiofrequency method is used most frequently is the treatment of acne scars, especially on the face. Thanks to the diameters of these scars, they become smaller. The depth of acne scars is reduced. Acne scars, whose depth decreases, lighten and disappear after the sessions. You can find information on our website for hair transplant treatments. Large pores are narrowed, so the skin gets a more lively appearance. For this, using fractional CO2 in combination with the laser increases the effects of the treatment. Gold needle treatment removes the scars on the skin.

Infini gold needle method is one of the most frequently used methods to correct wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area. The method is a very effective form of treatment in correcting sagging. It is also used in scar treatment. It is very effective especially since it is applied directly into the scars. It also makes tracks better and more acceptable.

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