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Eyelid Aesthetics

Almost every year, thousands of people in Turkey and around the world have eyelid aesthetics. Considering the statistical studies carried out by experts around the world, it is observed that eyelid aesthetics is the most performed aesthetics among other aesthetics.

Why is Eye Aesthetics Performed?

It should not be difficult to know the answer to this question. Because our eyes are the most striking focal area on our face. While we connect with all the people we meet throughout our lives, with the people we will communicate with, we are in contact with our eyes. Eyes are our heart mirror. We show our love and sadness with it. For this reason, it is very important to take care of our eyes. The most striking parts of the eye are its surroundings and eyelids. These areas are the part of our body where the first signs of aging are seen together with the facial features. Many people who plan to have eyelid aesthetics prefer to eliminate signs of aging or to revitalize collapsed eyelids.

Irritating Conditions in the Eyes

Disturbing conditions such as swollen and drooped eyelids, restriction in the visual field due to excess skin tissue on the upper lid of the eye, swelling and wrinkling of the bags under the eyes, bruises and collapses that are clearly visible under the eyes both affect vision and cause the individual to look older than they are. This problem is seen in many people, and a small eyelid aesthetic will allow you to get rid of such problems for a long time. The areas where these operations are performed are the lids above and under the eyes. In addition, wrinkles around the eyes are also removed. The procedures can be done in a single session or in separate sessions if desired.

In summary, the procedure is to remove the excess tissues on the eyelid, to remove the fat formed in the inner chamber, and to correct the damaged muscle tissues. If there is a droopy lid, it is also repaired during the procedure. Similarly, if there is a previous trauma or eyelid problem, it can be corrected in the same session.

If you are over the age of 18 and do not have a physical or mental illness, there is no obstacle for you to have eyelid aesthetics. Among the causes of deterioration of the eyelid structure, genetic factors and factors that occur over time, as well as gravity, also affect. While some people do not see any sagging and deterioration in their eyelids during their long life, some people may experience eyelid deterioration, swelling and bruising at younger ages due to genetic factors.

Before performing eyelid aesthetics, a detailed eye examination must be performed. The eye area should be carefully examined and other possible accompanying problems such as glaucoma or dry eye should be ruled out. The doctor who will carry out this examination and evaluation in the healthiest way is an “oculoplastic surgery” specialist. In addition to these, all medical detailed information such as drugs used for other ailments and traumas experienced in the past should be examined and evaluated.

Thanks to eyelid aesthetics, the appearance around your eyes can be regulated and the appearance of your face can be made to be satisfactory. It is ensured that the hidden eyelids, which create an ugly appearance on the eyes, are eliminated, and the weights and tiredness of the years are eliminated. It is possible to get rid of the swelling in the under-eye lid with this procedure. The healthy and tightness of the eyelids makes it possible to distribute the tear secretion in a healthy way, thus protecting the eye health. It has been observed that these procedures are very beneficial in terms of eye health. However, it is not possible to guarantee the complete removal of under-eye bruises with eyelid aesthetics. The reason for this is that this problem is permanent in some body structures. In this case, it is not possible to correct them with an operation. It will be of great benefit to meet your expectations if you share your expectations after eyelid aesthetics with the “oculoplastic surgeon” who will perform the procedure during a detailed examination before the operation.

Eyelid aesthetics is mostly performed under local anesthesia. The fact that the patient does not sleep completely with local anesthesia provides great benefits both for the comfort of the patient and for the doctor. It is important for the patient to be awake during the surgery in that the doctor asks the patient to move his eyes up and down during the surgery. The eyelids have a movable texture compared to the nose and other limbs. Therefore, during the surgery, doctors may ask the patient to move their eyes in order to ensure symmetry. Eyelid aesthetic operations are generally completed within 2 hours. During the operation, the lower and upper lids can be intervened separately or in the same session. In the operation for the lower lid, it can sometimes be combined with mid-face stretching. If the incisions made on the upper and lower lids during the operation are made by specialist physicians, no incision marks will form on the eye after the operation, thanks to an elegant aesthetic touch. If there is a low probability of incision scars, these incision scars can be easily removed with laser treatment later.

As in other eye surgeries, hospitalization is not performed in eyelid aesthetics. After the surgery, the patients are followed up for a few hours and they are discharged with their eyes completely open. There is no serious pain in the eye or face after the eye aesthetic operation. However, minor pain can often be relieved with simple painkillers. As a matter of fact, since it is an operation, small swellings and a little itching may be felt in the incision areas. After the operation, it is possible to treat the swollen areas by applying ice and using eye drops or ointment. It can be removed after a period of 8-10 days in the postoperative stitches.

In order to know any risk that may occur after nose correction and eye surgery, it is necessary to have full knowledge of eye anatomy. Our eyelids have the most delicate and thin tissue on the body, and they are in an intense connection with the eye. Our eyelids are an invaluable part of the sense of sight. Because it prevents all blows to the eye and prevents the eye from drying out. In order to preserve such an important tissue, the oculoplastic surgeon must be a fully qualified physician. This equipment is absolutely necessary to minimize any post-operative risk. First of all, the most important thing to be protected in the operation is the eyesight of the eye. In addition, the shape and functional functioning of the eyelid should be preserved. If you want your eye health and facial features to be more vibrant and youthful, you can get help from our institution by getting detailed information about this issue.

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