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The nose is one of the most important organs that make up the character of the face. For this reason, the main subject of the most performed aesthetic procedures all over the world is probably the nose. Today, easy procedures such as nasal filling are also performed for some simple deformities in the noses. Thanks to this procedure, most deformities of the nose can be corrected without the need for surgery. Therefore, this procedure is much more preferred than surgery. For those who are curious, we would like to give much more detailed information about nose filling.

What is Nose Filling?

Nasal filling is an extremely important procedure for those who want to get rid of the deformity in their nose but are also afraid of surgery. Thanks to this process, known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, people can easily get rid of some problems in their noses. Filling procedures are an important treatment that has been applied for many years. In recent years, it has started to be preferred frequently in these transactions. If we talk about what exactly the process is, various filling materials are injected into the area that causes the deformity in your nose, and a general proportion is achieved. This is naturally effective in correcting deformities.

For What Purpose Is Nose Filling Performed?

Nasal filling procedures are generally applied to people who complain about deformities in their nose but are afraid of surgery. Of course, the problem complained about for the filling process must be suitable for the procedure. This procedure may not be suitable for all kinds of aesthetic interventions. Filling can only be done to fix some problems. For those who are curious, we would like to provide information on this subject as well.

We would like to inform you about which aesthetic problems it is applied for. Thus, you can find out whether you can have this procedure done or not. Afterwards, if you want, you can easily have this nose filling process, which is extremely easy without surgery. The aesthetic problems that can be solved with the nose filling process are as follows;

Arched noses are the most applied and preferred method of this process. This procedure can be easily applied to correct the appearance of the arched nose.
Lifting or correction procedures to the tip of the nose are also frequently preferred.
Nasal filling is also applied for curvatures in the nasal bone.
As can be seen, this procedure is easily used to eliminate serious nasal problems. In other words, if you are facing the problems mentioned above, you can easily use these methods.

Since this procedure is generally a risk-free method, it can be easily applied to many people. It is not right to apply it only to some people. That’s why we want to talk to you more about who is not suitable for nose filling. Namely;

It can be easily applied to anyone who is over the age of 18 and has completed their physical development.
This procedure is not applied to pregnant and lactating people. Although this procedure does not have any side effects, as it is generally known, even the simplest aesthetic interventions are prohibited for people who are breastfeeding and pregnant.
This procedure is not applied to people whose nose problem cannot be solved with filler injection. Instead, surgery is recommended.

Nasal filling has many important advantages. Therefore, this process is preferred by many people. If we give information about what these advantages are. Namely;
This procedure is a very relaxing option for people who are afraid of surgery or do not want to have surgery.
Retouching is much easier with this process.
It is possible to return easily after the operation. Otherwise, when this procedure is performed with surgery, it is very difficult to return.
The procedure takes a very short time and the recovery period is also short after that.
In addition to these, the nose filling process has many more advantages. Therefore, if you are complaining about deformities in your nose, you can have this procedure applied.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of the nose filling process is that it is not a permanent procedure. As it is known, filling are processes that have a temporary effect. Therefore, these processes need to be repeated continuously. Likewise, nasal filling is a process that needs to be constantly renewed. However, when such procedures are applied regularly, there is an increase in permanence.

Unfortunately, the nasal filling process returns to its former state in a short time due to the spontaneous melting of the injected substance over time. Although it varies from person to person, this filler stays for a few months in people. Afterwards, the nose automatically returns to its original state. However, since nasal filling is a very easy procedure, it can be easily repeated at routine intervals.

One of the most curious cases regarding the subject is naturally how the process is applied. If you are wondering how to apply nose filling, we would like to give you detailed information. Namely;

First of all, local anesthesia is applied to the nose and it is waited for its effect.
The doctor injects the filler to the problem area.
Then the process is completed.
This whole process takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes. In other words, it only takes such a short time to get a brand new and smooth nose. Nose filling is preferred so much because it is an extremely important procedure in a short time.

There are some important points that you should pay attention to when you have a nose filling. Although the process is an easy and fast process, it is still useful to pay attention to some points. Things to consider after the procedure are as follows;
Physical contact should not be made with the nose for the first 24 hours after the procedure.
People should not take hot showers for the first 3 days and should stay away from hot areas such as sauna and hammam. This may cause the material to melt.
As a standard procedure, people should stay away from products that have blood thinning effects for the first 3 days. Smoking and alcohol consumption are also strictly prohibited.
After the procedure, intense sports activities should be avoided for the first 3 days.
Although nasal filling is a simple procedure, it is ultimately an aesthetic intervention. That’s why people have to be careful.

Nose filler prices are another important issue. As it is known, rhinoplasty operations are very costly procedures. However, the same is not the case for filling. This process is much more affordable. Therefore, it is actually quite advantageous.

The hospital and doctor you choose for nasal filling are important factors. The fact that these people are not good enough will also negatively affect the success of the process. Therefore, it is necessary to get support from experienced people. Of course, first of all, it is necessary to get support from experts. Places called under the stairs should be avoided. We are waiting for you at our center where we also perform painless tummy tuck surgeries.

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