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We often neglect our neck and décolleté area in personal care procedures. We do not show our neck as much as we care for our face. In addition, with the advancement of age, sagging and loosening of the neck skin occur. These skin accumulations in the neck and décolleté area, which have become one of the biggest problems of women, can create a bad image. With the advancement of technology, there have been great developments in the field of plastic surgery. With neck lift surgery, you can get rid of these problems in a short time.

Neck lift surgery also affects the décolleté area. The operation is shaped according to the degree of sagging. Sagging may progress depending on the person’s anatomical structure and genetic factors. The skin sags and neck lift surgery is performed due to reasons such as losing weight quickly, changing the hormone system, losing the elasticity of the skin due to the decrease in collagen production, using skin care products and advancing age.

Who Is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

In women aged 55 and over, signs of aging become visible in the face and neck area. Problems such as the formation of very deep wrinkles on the face and forehead, the clarification of mimic lines on the chin, ringing under the eyes and skin collection in the neck pit occur. The face and neck are in one whole. Therefore, it is intervened at the same time during the operation. Anyone over the age of 55 who does not have any health problems and is bothered by the signs of aging can have neck lift surgery. In recent years, men prefer this operation as much as women. Since men’s skin elasticity is stronger than women’s, skin sagging may occur at later ages.

Preparations Before Neck Lift

Some preparations should be made before neck lift surgery. These preparations applied prevent the development of any problems during and after the operation. You should stop the blood thinners you use regularly, at least one week in advance, in consultation with your doctor. Smoking and alcohol should not be used at least two weeks before the surgery and for the first four weeks after the surgery. Before coming to the hospital for the operation, make-up should not be applied and comfortable clothes should be worn. A minimum of 6 hours of fasting is required to enter the operation. The vital values of people with chronic diseases should be measured regularly. You should be in the hospital at least two hours before the operation time. If you have any questions about the operation, we recommend that you consult your doctor.

Neck lift operation is performed under general anesthesia. After the anesthesia procedure, an incision is made from the front of the ear to the back of the ear. The incision leaves the neck and facial skin free. The soft tissue is pulled up with the help of sutures. After the mimic lines are created, the excess skin is removed. Fat tissues accumulated under the chin are removed by liposuction method. A 3-centimeter incision is made under the chin to recover the skin in the neck area. A corset is created from the inside by sewing the skin under the chin.

Chin clarification can be applied during surgery. Once the skin is free, a prosthesis can be placed on the chin. Thus, small and lagging jaw problems are eliminated. While the chin is given its new shape, the image of the face is also restored. The duration of the operation varies according to the combined treatments applied. Generally speaking, it varies between 5-7 hours. This operation can be completed in a short time with our expert surgeon.

Special suture methods and dressing techniques are used in neck lift operation. The incisions made for the operation are collected behind the ear and in the scalp. In addition, the incision direction is the same as the natural fold direction of the skin. Therefore, scarring after the operation does not disturb the patients. Since the purpose of the operation is to eliminate the signs of aging and to gain an aesthetic appearance, the operation scar is the result of the unsuccessful operation. With our surgeons who are experts in the field, such an operation is out of question.

Since the development of complications such as bleeding and infection after the operation delays wound healing, the scars become evident. In addition, an additional treatment is required to heal these scars. Post-operative care is of great importance. Care should be taken during the neck lift operation recovery process.

There are some points to be considered after neck lift surgery. They must be strictly followed, as they affect the outcome of the operation. These issues are;

A drain is inserted to prevent fluid collection during the operation. These drains must be removed after 1 day.
Ice should be applied at regular intervals to prevent edema and bruising.
Stitches must be removed at the end of the first week. Dressing is done during removal of stitches. Dressing is very important to prevent infection.
At the end of the second day, you can take a shower with warm water. The face and neck area is definitely not cut.

You should not have sexual intercourse for the first week after the surgery. You should also avoid heavy exercises that your doctor does not recommend.
In addition to these issues we have listed, it is necessary to sleep regularly and eat a balanced diet. Heavy housework should not be done in the first week. After the stitches are removed, it is possible to return to work life. Because of the operation, the skin of the face and neck is very sensitive. Therefore, sunscreens should be used regularly for the first six months. It is normal for bruising to occur despite the care applied after the surgery. It goes away on its own after about 3 weeks. During your discharge from the hospital, your doctor prescribes some medications such as pain relievers and antibiotics. While you should only take pain relievers when you have pain, antibiotics should be used completely and on time.

Some complications develop after neck lift surgery. Since the operation time is long, the risk of complications is high. The risk of bleeding is generally experienced during the operation. If such a problem is encountered, emergency drainage and blood transfusion are performed when necessary. Motor strength and sensory nerves may be damaged during the operation. After the operation, movements such as facial expressions and laughing may not be controlled for a while.

Damage to the facial, neck, and ear nerves can cause temporary numbness. Stitches are hidden inside the scalp. In rare cases, hair loss may occur due to excessive pulling of the skin. The short duration of the operation’s effect is also a complication. Reasons such as weight gain, diet and consumption of harmful products such as alcohol may affect the outcome of the operation. We recommend that you consult your doctor if you notice any signs of complications. Especially in the presence of infection, it should be intervened in the early period. Otherwise, life-threatening risks may arise. Today, butt lift and neck operations are performed quite a lot.

When determining neck lift prices, factors such as the duration of the operation, the process of different treatments during the operation, the materials required for the operation, the length of stay in the hospital may affect the prices. The longer you stay in our hospital, the higher the cost of the procedure. Our hospital can add their own criteria when determining price policies. For this reason, it is possible for the same operation to come up with different prices.

Since it is a surgical intervention with high risks such as nerve damage, it should be applied in professional hospitals. The field of plastic surgery is a very broad field. Our surgeon performs the operation in a special operating room for him. For this reason, we recommend you to have neck lift surgery by a surgeon specialized in the field in a hospital environment that you know to be reliable. You can get help from our institution in order to be satisfied with the result and to protect your health.

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