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Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a common factor that men and women complain about. Getting rid of these hairs is not always easy. Although there are many methods used for this purpose, laser hair removal stands out among them. The fact that it is both fast and effective makes people prefer this method more. There are many important details to know about this epilation method. We would like to give you detailed information on this subject and talk about all the details of the process.

How Many Sessions Are Required With Laser Hair Removal?

Sessions number varies according to the region and the hair structure of the person. While some individuals get results in a short time, it may take longer for others. However, in general, visible results can be obtained in the range of 4-6 sessions in laser epilation.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

The duration of the procedure also varies according to the area and hair density in the area. It may vary between a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes, depending on the area of application. This time will vary according to the area and hair density. However, we can easily say that you will not have any difficulties as this process is not difficult and it is very comfortable.

Undoubtedly, one of the biggest problems of men and women from past to present is unwanted hair. While it was not possible to remove these hairs painlessly and definitively in the past, there has been a revolution with laser epilation methods. With the light waves sent to the hair roots, it was aimed to weaken and completely destroy the hair roots, and as a result, it was successful. Since this method destroys the hair follicles, it is one of the most effective hair removal methods. Although it can be done by different devices and methods, generally we can say that laser methods are extremely effective.

If you are wondering how laser hair removal is done and how it works, we would like to inform you this process is not a one-time application, but a treatment consisting of several sessions. You can find the answers to the questions of what awaits you in each session and what kind of process will be in the following lines;

First of all, the patient’s area to be treated is determined and prepared before starting the procedure.
No procedure that has any numbing effect on the area is performed. Since the procedure is not a very painful application, it is usually not needed.
The expert in the field begins to send the laser beams to the area carefully and carefully. The pain sensation felt here is like a fly bite.
In general, the application stages of the process are so easy. The same procedure is performed in each session, and as the hairs decrease day by day, at the same time the session’s duration is shortened and the feeling of pain from the procedure decreases.

Although laser application is generally not harmful, this process is not suitable for some people. individuals who are not suitable for this procedure are:

individuals younger than 12 years old
individuals with gray and white hair
individuals with heavy sun exposure and tan
individuals with serious conditions such as cancer
individuals taking drugs that make the body sensitive to light
individuals with any skin disease
individuals with problems such as hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation
Laser epilation can be applied with peace of mind by anyone other than the people mentioned above. It is a safe, fast and effective method and besides all these, it offers you permanent solutions.

The pain that people will feel during the procedure is so much minimal that even any application that has a numbing effect won’t be applied for people. Since it is a fast procedure, the pain is so small and instantly that you may not even feel it. If you want to have laser hair removal but are afraid of pain, we would like to remind you again that it is not a very painful procedure. The procedure is extremely comfortable and has minimal pain. Those who have tried waxing and similar methods before will especially be able to understand how little pain it is. You can also choose this method with peace of mind without pain.

If you are wondering how laser methods can be so effective in removing hairs permanently, we would like to inform you in laser epilation methods very strong laser beams are sent to the area by targeting the hair follicles, therefore this operation is accurate, also this explains why the method is so effective. In fact, In the laser method, the hair follicles are destroyed directly and this provides effective results in the area.

Today, with the developing technology, laser methods have become much more harmless and reliable. This allows the procedure to be easily performed anywhere with a hair follicle. Currently, hair removal with laser technologies is used everywhere except the eye area, eyebrows and eyelashes. There are separate laser methods specially developed for the eyebrow area. However, these applications are not performed because the eye area is very sensitive.

There are some situations that people should pay attention to after laser hair removal. Let’s talk about what they are:

The treated area should not be directly exposed to the sun for the first 2 days after the procedure.
If the person tanned or went to the solarium before the procedure, the session should be postponed.
In the first two days after the procedure, products such as scrub and peeling should be avoided.
The area should not come into contact with water on the day of the procedure. If possible, do not take a shower right away that day.
Laser treatments are methods that increase their effectiveness when applied regularly. For this reason, it will be beneficial to continue laser hair removal procedures regularly.

One of the most common question about laser is the price of the procedure. The fee to be paid for the sessions is different for each part of body. Various pricing is made according to the area, hair structure and the difficulty of the procedure. Usually, these prices have a certain standard and the price is more or less the same in specialist clinics and hospitals. In some places called underground, the prices are very affordable, but the devices and methods used are never healthy. When you decide to have a procedure, you should know that the place you choose is extremely important. The better the clinic and the specialist, the more efficient the result will be.

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