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Breast Reduction

Breast shape and size are of great importance for women. Breast tissue is an erogenous structure. Therefore, it can be considered as a symbol of femininity. Being small or large can cause a lack of self-confidence and suppression of sexual desire. Today, most women prefer surgical operations for such problems related to their breasts. Women with large breasts apply for breast reduction, while those with small breasts apply for breast augmentation. Generally, breast augmentation operations are performed in pre-middle-aged women and breast reduction operations in post-middle-aged women. Large breasts can cause medical problems as well as aesthetic concerns and should be intervened.

Surgical removal of the excess breast tissue, which is large and sagging compared to the body structure, is called “reduction mammaplasty”. It is popularly known as breast reduction. The content of the operation varies according to the patient’s condition. You can choose this operation to increase your quality of life and to be noticed in your environment. You can also get rid of the negative effects of large breasts on the spine and muscles with breast reduction surgery.

Breast Reduction Causes

The reasons for breast reduction operation vary from person to person. The most important reasons for the surgery;

Genetically, breast tissue is proportionally larger than body structure
The formation of scars and scars in the shoulder area of the bra straps due to the weight
Pain development in back, shoulder and other muscles depending on breast size
The occurrence of wounds and infections in the submammary tissue in hot weather
Having trouble wearing casual clothes and having trouble finding suitable clothes
Pain formation every day despite the application of back exercises
In addition to the reasons we have listed, reasons such as sagging of large breast tissues after breastfeeding and the fact that the shape of the breast disturbs the woman also require surgery. Breast reduction surgery is generally preferred for medical reasons.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the size of the breasts, the operation time varies between 2-4 hours. In some operations, simultaneous breast lift is performed while the breast tissue is removed. This operation may take longer. Two different techniques can be applied during the operation. The breast tissue is removed with the “Reverse T” and “Lollipop” methods. The surgeon decides the operation technique according to the breast tissue and the structure of the breast.

In the lollipop breast reduction method, a circular incision is made around the nipple and excess tissue is removed from this incision. Looking at the woman’s body proportion, the location of the nipple can be changed. It is generally taken a little higher than where it is. Particular attention is paid to the milk sacs in young patients and it is ensured that they are not damaged. After the operation, a drain is definitely inserted in order to prevent the accumulation of blood in the breast tissue.

Any woman who has severe sagging breast tissue, who develops breast deformations due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, whose life is negatively affected due to breast tissue size can have this surgery. In addition, those who have difficulty in finding clothes due to excessive weight gain and those who are psychologically disturbed by their breast size can have this operation as long as they want. Breast reduction surgery contributes to the improvement of your living standards.

For the operation to be performed, the woman’s hormonal system must have completed its development. This operation is not recommended for people who are in growing age. It is taken into account that the breast tissue has completed its development.

There is some risk in all surgical operations. Infection and bleeding may occur after breast reduction surgery. These risks are taken under control with the drug treatment applied after the operation. In some cases, the problem of loss of sensation in the nipple may develop. If the milk channels of young patients are not taken into account, they may have problems in giving milk when they give birth in the future.

In order to reduce the risks of breast reduction operation, it should be applied in a sterile manner in equipped hospitals by a specialist surgeon. All surgical interventions are performed under sterile conditions. Otherwise, great risks such as infectious diseases and death may arise.

After the breast reduction operation, it may be possible to leave a scar, even if it is small. The scar of the surgical operation performed using the reverse T method remains under the breast tissue. For this reason, women may not feel uncomfortable because they do not see the trace. The type of operation affects the size and persistence of the trace. With the wound care applied during the healing period, the size of the scars can be reduced. If you use the wound care creams prescribed by your doctor correctly and regularly, the scars of the operation will be reduced.

The possibility of scarring in the treatment applied with the lollipop method is much less. Since the incision is on and around the nipple, the scars here may not be noticed due to the color change. The greater the degree of sagging of the breast, the larger the scar left after the operation. If too much tissue is removed with breast reduction operation, the amount of scar will increase again. If you are worried about scarring after the surgery, you can get information by consulting your doctor.

There are some criteria to be considered after breast reduction surgery. First, the patient should rest at home for 3-7 days. If the stitches are not self-melting and disappearing, they are definitely removed at the end of the seventh day. The drugs prescribed by the surgeon performing the operation are used completely. Medicines that will prevent the formation of pain and infection allow you to spend the recovery period more comfortably. The patient should avoid situations such as heavy lifting, pushing and pulling heavy loads for at least a month. All procedures that force the arm and chest muscles should be avoided. At the end of a month, exercise can be started, provided that it is light. Harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol should never be used before the recovery period is complete. It may take up to a year for the breast shape to be fully formed, for the tissue to settle and take its final shape. At the end of a year, you can have the new breast tissue that has the upright, proportional and aesthetic stance you dream of. Breast shape and size operations, which play a major role in the physical appearance of women, should be performed meticulously and with experience.

Breast reduction surgery prices vary according to the size of the breast tissue to be taken, the method used in the operation, the duration of the operation, the combined treatments to be applied during the operation, and the surgery prices of the surgeon. Surgery prices are generally higher for surgeons who are specialized in their field and have successful results. For this reason, you should consider the success of the surgeon when doing price research.

The reduction operation generally has very low complication rates. However, if the operation is performed in an inadequately equipped hospital setting, the risk of complications increases. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing a hospital. We are at your service for you to have a privileged operation with our successful surgical and medical staff.

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