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Over time and under the influence of various factors, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles and sagging occur in various parts of the face. This is an important problem that causes unhappiness in both men and women, but is actually a simple problem that can be handled very easily and in a short time with its process. Thanks to the process, people can easily overcome such minor problems by always having a youthful appearance. That’s why this app is extremely important. You can find all the details about Botox process in our article.

What Is Botox?

Although Botox is generally perceived as an aesthetic procedure, it has actually entered our lives as a treatment method. With this process, many important aesthetic and medical defects, especially facial wrinkles, are eliminated. It is an extremely simple process performed by injecting various liquids in appropriate doses on the face and some suitable areas. It is done in a very short time and people continue their lives in the same way in a short time. Therefore, this process is among the most preferred aesthetic processs.

Why Is Botox Done?

It is used to remove wrinkles in various parts of the face, which are generally made for aesthetic purposes. The elasticity lost on the face is restored thanks to the process and the skin looks young and smooth as before. This ensures that you are always young and smooth, as many people dream of. In addition to aesthetic concerns, botox is an important method used in the treatment of some medical disorders. The procedure is an aesthetic process that provides benefits in many ways, as well as very practical.

Many people want to take advantage of this process because the process is so effective and also practical. Of course, when this is the case, the question arises who can do it. In fact, this process is an process that does not have many side effects. So many people can easily make this process. That’s why we want to inform you about who can’t get it done. Namely;

Pregnant women
Breastfeeding mothers
People with disorders related to muscle groups
Those under the age of 18
Except for the people mentioned above, anyone who wants can easily have botox.

There are some areas where Botox is applied. This process is applied when it is needed mostly on the face and neck. This method is often used for wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, around the lips, on the forehead and neck. With Botox process, some nose deformities and procedures have been performed in the chin area in recent years. Botox process to the chin area is named differently.

Although Botox used to be a method used only for medical needs and facial wrinkles, it has also met different aesthetic needs in recent years. In general, the types vary according to different needs. We want to inform you about what they are.

Baby, minimal and preventive botox applied for wrinkles
“Masseter botox” applied to thin the chin
“Nefertiti botox” applied for a firm and non-sagging neck and jawline

Botox is not just a method applied for aesthetic purposes. In addition, this practice has important effects on some important health problems. We would like to inform you about which medical treatments are used. Namely;
In people with excessive sweating complaints, this problem is eliminated with the botox process to be applied to the armpit.
Botox is also used in the treatment of migraine and some muscle spasms.
Botox is also used in the treatment of teeth grinding.
Botox is also an effective method in the treatment of strabismus.
It is successfully applied in the treatment of Anal Fissure.
Although botox processs into the stomach have been brought to the fore in the treatment of obesity recently, the long-term results are not satisfactory.

Botox process is extremely easy and is completed in a short time. Although there is no known danger, attention should be paid before the procedure. Things to consider before getting Botox are listed as follows;

Before the procedure, drugs with blood thinning effects such as aspirin should not be used.
Medicines containing vitamin E should not be consumed.
Your doctor will already give you the necessary information about the above-mentioned issues. It is extremely important that you heed your doctor’s warnings on this matter.

If we come to the subject of how the Botox procedure is done; First of all, we can easily say that there is no risk of the procedure. Therefore, there is nothing to be worried about. The process steps are as follows:
Before the Botox procedure, a local anesthetic is applied to the area to be treated. This is done approximately 20 minutes before the process process.
Then the area to be treated is sterilized and special fine-tipped needles are used for the procedure.
The substance called botulinum toxin is diluted with various processes and applied to the area. The dose administered here is extremely important. It is a situation that can only be done by experts in this field at the right dose.
The total process time takes about 15 minutes. The effect of the applied liquid varies between 24 and 72 hours.

After the procedure, people should be equally careful. Particular attention should be paid to avoid the occurrence of some side effects. Things to consider after the Botox procedure are as follows;

People should avoid mimic movements for 4 hours after the procedure.
It is necessary to massage the treated area at certain intervals for up to 3 days. During this process, it is necessary not to press too much and to do it gently.
The area where the procedure is performed must be hygienic. For this reason, it should be cleaned constantly, but pressure should not be applied.
Sports should not be done on the same day.
It is necessary to apply ice to the area for a few days.
You should not lie face down for a while and should lie on your back.

One of the most important issues that those who want to have Botox wonder about is how long this process will show its effect naturally. Its process is very popular because it is a non-surgical method, but it is a non-permanent process. Therefore, you should not forget that this process must be renewed continuously. The dose administered and the effect of process from person to person will vary. Therefore, it is quite difficult to give a clear date on its permanence. However, the effect of a single process generally varies between 4 and 6 months. In order to see the effect of this effect for a longer time, the same area should be treated for at least 5 to 6 sessions.

As is known, aesthetic processs are somewhat high-cost procedures. However, their prices are more affordable than other methods. Of course, the focus here is on the quality of the material to be used during the process, rather than the price. The use of poor quality substances with the aim of being affordable causes your health to be endangered. Therefore, precision should not be preferred. With the effect of rhinoplasty operations, your beauty concerns are reduced. Apart from this, botox prices vary according to the region and dose to be applied. Make sure that the discussed dose is administered to you, and you should consult a specialist doctor to get a clear price.

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