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The demand for plastic surgery operations is increasing these days, because aesthetics and looking beautiful are becoming increasingly important. One of the most performed procedures in recent years is face lift surgery. The purpose of the operation is to obtain a natural and aesthetic appearance. It is also known as facial resurfacing. The operation is preferred by both men and women as it causes extremely successful results. This procedure should be performed by doctors who have experience in plastic surgery and especially facial surgery. In aesthetic operations, the experience and perspective of the doctor is so important. The physician factor is very important to obtain natural and satisfying results. procedure in a full equipped hospital increases the success of the operation. The success of the surgery varies according to the surgeon, patient and hospital equipment. Thanks to facelift surgery, you can achieve the physical appearance you dream of. It helps you get rid of the signs of aging and increase your self-confidence. It also contributes greatly to your social life.

Face Lift Surgery

Facelift surgery is getting performed in an operating room environment in a full equipped hospital. The operation is performed under general or regional anesthesia, depending on the patient’s condition. The duration of the operation varies according to the degree of sagging skin and the combined operation. Hospitalization for at least one night is recommended after the operation. If the number of combined operations is high, 2-3 days of hospitalization may be required. Some scars may remain after the surgery. Since these scars are usually hidden under the scalp and behind the ear, they do not bother the person and go unnoticed. The more experience the surgeon has, the more successful the operation will be. Generally, Recovery is faster in short-term surgeries.

Who can have a face lift?

Face lift surgery can be applied to individuals who have deep wrinkles in the neck and face area. In general, people over the age of 40 and complaining of signs of aging can do this surgery. In some cases, it may be preferred at an earlier age. As a result of traffic accidents and other traumas, tissue deterioration may occur in the face area. In such cases, the operation can be applied to young people without waiting. Face lift is not getting applied to people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, so that their health would not adversely get affected. In order to avoid any complications during the operation, some tests should be performed on the patient before the operation because the patient may have an unknown disease factor. For this reason, it is very important to be very careful during the preparation stage of the surgery. The preparations applied before the facelift operation are extremely important as they affect the course of the operation.

The reasons for facelift surgery vary from person to person. However, we list the most common causes:

Increased sagging of the eyelids and bags under the eyes
Deepening of mimic lines and formation of parallel lines in the forehead area
Lack of regular skin care and loss of skin elasticity due to hormone changes
Sagging of neck and chin skin
Facial sagging makes the person look older and uncomfortable
For these reasons, people can have mid-face lift surgery. Although it is an operation performed with aesthetic perspective, it supports the person’s well-being psychologically. Thanks to the operation, the fat tissues that have decreased in some parts of the face can be supported.

Some preparations must be done before the facelift operation. First, a physical examination is performed by the doctor. The amount of skin to be removed during the examination will be determined. This operation can be applied in combination with eyelid aesthetic surgeries, lip aesthetic surgeries and eyebrow lifting operations. For this reason, the doctor also decides on other necessary operations during the examination. Complete blood and urine analysis of the patient are performed. Blood thinners should be stopped at least one week before the operation. The use of harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes should be stopped. Before coming to the operation, the patient is asked to be well rested. In people with hypertension, the blood pressure their health will be controlled. Otherwise, performing the operation may be dangerous.

After facelift surgery, swelling, bruising and numbness may develop in this area. Anesthesia is given to the face area for the operation. The nerves in the facial tissue are affected by anesthesia and become numb for a certain period of time. As a result, some asymmetrical disorders occur. Asymmetry disappears spontaneously in 4-5 days. After the operation, a bandage is wrapped around patients face and only the nose, mouth and eyes are out. The bandages will be removed after three days. If the skin removed during the operation is excessive, a drain will be placed. These drains stay for two days and prevent fluid accumulation around the face. At the end of two days, the drains are also will be removed. If the sutures do not dissolve on their own, they should be removed at the end of a week. The patient can stand up one day after the operation. However, rest is recommended. Heavy exercises are not recommended for the first month. Regular sleep and a balanced diet accelerate the recovery period. Products such as alcohol and cigarettes are not recommended after the operation. In particular, it can cause a life-threatening risk such as clotting. For this reason, these products should not be used unless there is full recovery. One week after the operation, the patient can return to work.

Complications of facelift surgery are directly related to patient care after the operation. Complications that can be seen are infection, bleeding and loss of naturalness of the face. The risk of infection is a risk exist in any surgical procedure. After the bandages are opened, dressing should be applied regularly. In the first days, water should not touch the face, only the body should be washed. To prevent infection, you should regularly use the antibiotic prescribed by the doctor.

Facelift surgery is a combined operation. If the number of combined operations is increased, a natural facial appearance cannot be obtained quickly after the operation. An unnatural look can be given to the patient. Therefore, the facial features of the patient should be well examined before the operation. As time progresses and the bone structure of the person settles, the facial features become sharper. Therefore, it is very important to preserve the natural contours of the face. After the operation, patient care and wound care should be done regularly. It will always be beneficial for you to comply with the information and recommendations given by your doctor about the recovery process after the operation.

The facelift fees are getting affected by the price policy of the hospital, the location of the hospital, the surgery fees of the surgeon, the operations to be performed in addition to the facelift surgery, the number of personnel required for the surgery and the tools and equipment used in the surgery. Plastic surgery operation is applied for aesthetic purposes unless they have vital purpose, not covered by the insurance company. You may come across different price offers depending on the hospital. When you decide to have a facelift surgery, you should first research the surgeon and the equipment of the hospital. You can compare the price offers given by hospitals and previous operations. Chose our hospital if you want to receive privileged and reliable service.

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