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Liposuction is the technique of removing fat from certain parts of the body by vacuum method. This procedure should be performed by a specialist surgeon. Although liposuction is a surgical operation, it is not a weight loss technique. For this reason, it is necessary for the individual to undergo a general health check before the procedure. If there are health problems before this procedure, surgeon approval is required.

Where Can Fat Removal Be Done?

The most common areas of liposuction in the body are the abdomen, lower belly, jowl, back of the neck, under the upper arms, outside of the thigh, legs and back. The most suitable people for liposuction are those who do not have obesity but have regional fat accumulation. With this method, it is possible to get rid of stubborn fat. Liposuction is more successful in a patient with good skin elasticity. This process should definitely not be considered as a weight loss process. The aim here is to eliminate regional fat accumulations.

How Much Fat Can Be Removed in Liposuction?

First of all, this depends on the tests to be done before the surgery. The patient’s age and general health are the most important criteria. The amount of fat to be taken for a healthy shaping is determined by the specialist doctor before the procedure. Especially the removal of these fat intakes from the problematic areas provides a positive feedback for the patient. In general, up to 3 liters of fat can be taken from the abdomen or up to 4 liters from the hips.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia, but there is no such thing as a hospital stay. Depending on the technique of the procedure and the skin structure of the patient, bruises or swelling may occur. In order to keep these conditions under control, it may be requested to be under the control of a doctor for 1 night. Corset dressing may be required. Permanent removal of fat cells during liposuction does not mean that fat cells do not form again. So weight regain may occur. For this reason, almost everything from eating to a healthy life after surgery needs to be rearranged. It should not be forgotten that this process should not aim to lose weight, it is a method of getting rid of the fat in certain parts of the body in order to be a healthy individual.

There will be instructions given by the doctor for liposuction surgery. Their one-to-one application provides positive results for the patient before and after the procedure. Eating and drinking should be avoided 12 hours before the day of the procedure. The procedure involves making small incisions in the skin and connecting an instrument called a cannula to a syringe to pull out fat. The patient is under anesthesia. During the recovery period, it may take 2 weeks for the patient to return to his daily and social life. Recovery depends on the care after the surgery and the amount of fat removed. In case of following the doctor’s recommendations the process is painless and fast. It is normal to experience swelling, bruising and tenderness during this time. There is no such thing as scarring after the procedure. This situation is completely related to the skin structure of the patient.

Swelling and bruising in the relevant area after liposuction is considered natural. Because fat cells are removed from here. Due to this removal, the skin feels loose; After the surgery, a healthy diet, a regular lifestyle and exercise are requested from the patient in order to fat formation is prevented again. Liposuction is a surgical method that a patient should know every detail from the beginning to the end. Details such as the swelling to be experienced, the loosened state of the skin, and the fact that this recovery takes a few weeks should be explained in detail. It should be known that the removal of fat cells in the process is permanent, but if care is not taken, new fat cells may form.

Obesity is a troublesome situation in today’s life, unfortunately. This situation, which is caused by a sedentary lifestyle and an unhealthy diet, causes the fat balance in the body to deteriorate and the solution is surgical methods. These methods become essential against stubborn fat. If a patient has a situation such as frequent weight gain and loss, liposuction is not an appropriate method. A patient undergoing liposuction has to open a new page in his life. This starts with a lifestyle, a healthy diet, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. There is a recovery process after liposuction. At the beginning of surgery using a corset is essential, this helps the skin to get tightened. The prolongation of this period depends on the adipose tissue taken. Edema and bruises to be experienced after the procedure are expected conditions and this will disappear over time.

Liposuction cerrahi bir işlemdir. Bu nedenle uzman bir doktor tarafından karar verilip uygulanmalıdır. Bölgesel incelme sağlayan yardımcı bir tekniktir. Bu teknik, hamileler ve yeni doğum yapmış lohusalar dışında herkese uygulanabilir. Kalp, diyabet gibi sağlık sorunlarına sahip olanlar ise öncelikli olarak doktor kontrolünden geçmelidir. İleri yaştaki insanlara da uygulanmaz bunun da sebebi artık cildin yaştan dolayı elastikiyetini kaybetmiş olmasıdır. Liposuction uygulaması kronik hastalığı ve kalp damar hastalığı olanlarda tercih edilen bir yöntem değildir. İşlem sonrasında hastadan hareketli bir yaşam tarzı beklendiğinden ve bu hastalıkları olanlar için bu hareketlilik söz konusu olamayacağından bu işlem kapsamında tutulmaz. Kilosu çok fazla olanlar için de liposuction önerilen bir teknik değildir. Karın germe ameliyat süresi ile benzerdir.

Liposuction is not a very painful procedure. If necessary, this pain can get reduced with painkillers. Long lasting of the liposuction procedure is the most common question. A much more permanent result can be obtained, especially in the waist, thighs, hips and knees. However, when it comes to the abdominal region, the permanence varies depending on how much attention the patient pays to himself. The procedure is performed using local or general anesthesia. In general, the preference is for general anesthesia and the patient is required to be under observation for 1 night after the operation. If there are no complications, the patient is discharged the next day to rest at home.

If the patient has only regional excess fat, after the surgical procedure can lose weight. Although this situation is not clear in the first days, losing weight will begin to happen as they pay attention to their lifestyle. In case of swelling and stiffness after liposuction, it needs a period of at least 2 months for this to pass. Also, a period of at least 6 months is required for the effects of the surgery to appear. Liposuction is a shaping operation against regional body fat. It should not be aimed at weight loss. It is a solution for stubborn oily areas. It is a surgical intervention against stubborn fat in areas such as abdomen, hips, hips and legs; It is a technique with positive feedback after the operation. In the technique, shaping is provided with the excess fat taken professionally and it is possible for the patient to return to his normal life as soon as possible.

In order to accelerate the recovery after the operation, the doctor requests to get up early and movie a lot. This state of mobility contributes positively to the acceleration of recovery. The state of experiencing pain may last for 3 days, which is pain relieved by painkillers. It is recommended to wait up to 6 weeks for active sports, light walks are recommended during this period. It is always recommended to decide on this surgical procedure in the hospital conditions and with the specialist of the subject. At this point, you can get detailed information from us and service from our hospital.

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