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Prominent ear (protruding ears) problem is a common problem all over the world. You can get rid of this problem with the help of a very short and simple operation. The number of people who have ear aesthetics is increasing every year. Deformities in the ear do not usually affect its function. For this reason, ear aesthetic surgery is applied due to aesthetic concerns. This problem, which is a common problem of women and men, affects the external appearance significantly. People do not collect their hair because of the shape of their ears and cannot radically change their look, and in some cases may even hesitate to swim. It has a huge impact on social life.

With the advancement of technology, surgery can be performed with the help of easy and practical techniques. Prominent ear problem bothers people and it creates a lack of self-confidence and negatively affects their social life. This problem, which has turned into a psychological problem and affects daily life, should be eliminated. The anatomical structure of the ear is completed until the child reaches the age of six. Therefore, the existence of this problem in childhood can be understood. People of all ages who are uncomfortable with the shape of the ear can have this surgery. After being examined by the doctor, the operation can be decided.

Causes Of Ear Aesthetic Surgery

Ear aesthetic causes may be congenital or may develop later. There is too much distance between the bone and cartilage behind the ear, the cartilage is looser than its normal structure, the fold in the upper part is not sufficiently formed and the auricle appears flat, there is no part of the ear due to birth or subsequent trauma, its appearance looks like a crumpled paper the presence of prominent ear deformations and a pointed ear shape. For the mentioned reasons, ear aesthetics are being performed. The shape of the ear does not affect the hearing function at all. The most common deformity is the increase in the angle between the ear and the head. The larger this angle, the more it disturbs the people. Ear deformities are generally genetic. People with a family history of these problems are at higher risk of it.

Ear Aesthetic Surgery

The operation can be performed under regional and general anesthesia. With taking into consideration the age and general health of the patient, the specialist doctor decides on the anesthesia method. During the operation, the doctor decides from which angle to intervene in the ear and after the location is determined, the piece of skin will be removed. The areas where the ear will be attached are getting determined and marked. The operation time may increase depends on the area of problem. It is usually can be finished in 90 minutes. Deformities in the ear cartilage will be removed and the cartilage will be given its new shape. Ear aesthetics is a surgical application. Therefore, it should be applied under sterile conditions. In our country, the age of having prominent ear surgery is between 18 and 30 years. However, this operation can be performed in childhood with the approval of the families. Families have to follow their child’s development closely. This problem experienced in childhood shapes life psychologically and physiologically.

After ear aesthetic surgery, there will be scars in the part between the ear and the head. Those scars won’t be visible and in sight since they are behind the ears, also they are not visible when it’s viewed from the back of the head. However, if the ear gets bended towards the cheek, scars can be seen. One year after the operation, the scars gradually fade and become invisible.

The scars formed after the surgery also vary according to the method of the surgery. In the operation performed by pulling the earlobe backwards and suturing it in this way, the surgical scars do not disturb the person at all. For surgical scars, you can have wound care after the operation.

Care after ear aesthetics is important for the healing process. Stitches are removed while the operation is completed. These stitches need to be cleaned regularly with bandages. The stitches will be healed on their own. Therefore, there is no need for suture removal. In the first 15 days after the surgery, you should go to the control on the days to be determined by your doctor. In general, an appointment is made for control in 5-15 days.

After three days, the patient can take a shower with warm water. He should definitely use a hair band while continuing his daily life. He should wear the headband for at least 3 weeks. There is such a thing as cartilage memory. After the surgery, the cartilage wants to return to its original place. With the help of a hair band, the force transferred to the sutures is reduced and the movement of the cartilage is prevented. It also prevents the formation of edema due to the operation. It is recommended to rest for the first three days.

Depending on the operation, numbness can be experienced in the ear area. This is perfectly normal. The hair dryer should not be used for the first two weeks. The ear should be protected from external effects. It should be protected from friction with the pillow, from any impact and other effects. The new shape of the ear appears after about three weeks.

All surgeries have risks. After the operation, bleeding occurs in the ear and this blood accumulates in the inner part of the ear. It is an easily recognizable condition and is discharged with the help of an injector. Due to its cartilage structure, the probability of infection is very low. However, this problem was encountered as a result of some operations. In such cases, cartilage transplantation is performed with a second surgery. Infections disrupt the structure of cartilage so early intervention is vital.

Problems may occur when correcting asymmetries of the ears shape. The operation is not performing at the same time for both ears, Therefore, while correcting the asymmetry, a difference may occur with the other ear. Some patients may demand that the ear get closer to the head too much, such cases do not give the natural ear appearance. The stitches remaining in the ear may turn into acne after three or four months and come out of the ear. In such cases, sutures should be removed by surgical intervention. Suture removal does not harm the shape of the ear. Ear aesthetics is an operation with minimal risk.

Deformations in the ear region during infancy can be detected by the doctor and the family. In this period, the degree of prominent ear can be reduced with the help of elastic bands without the need for an operation. With early intervention, ear aesthetics is not needed. ear aesthetic surgery is performed painlessly. If this stage is skipped, the surgeon decides on the prominent ear operation after performing the necessary examinations. Especially in the primary school period, this situation becomes a nightmare for children. The child feels insecure and may not want to go to school. It is the first reason for not going to school.

The most important age criterion for the symptoms of the operation is between the ages of 4-6. In this period, the operation can be performed without any problems. You should protect your child’s psychology by eliminating this problem in the earliest period. Traumas experienced in childhood affect a whole life. For this reason, we recommend that you do your due diligence.

Ear aesthetics prices are variable. The hospital where the operation is performed determines its own price. Since it is a simple process that takes a very short time, it does not have high costs. Choosing the right hospital and surgeon is always very important. In hospitals where the operating room conditions are not suitable and the instruments used are old, your risk of getting an infection is very high.

When you decide to have an operation for your health, we recommend you to research the hospital in detail. You can get help from our hospital whenever you want, we always prioritize human health. To get detailed information about the operation, you can contact us anytime.

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