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Sedated Hair Transplantation

Psychological issues happening for men due to general hair loss problems for certain reasons, has been going on for years. Regardless of male or female, the most important part of the appearance is the face and hair. Individuals who have deficiencies or problems in their face and hair feel incomplete towards other people. For this reason, going over the problems that can be corrected helps people regain their self-confidence.

Although hair transplantation is a method that has been used for years, many people who want to have hair transplantation do not want to have hair transplantation due to fear and pain. However, today, with the developing technology, it is possible to perform painless hair transplantation. In order to relieve pain and fear, hair transplantation is performed in a 100% comfortable way and this operation is getting done without any problems with the necessary technological tools. With sedated hair transplantation, fears, aches and pains disappear. Hair transplantation with sedation, in other words, means hair transplantation with narcosis.

What is Sedated Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation with sedation, in other words, means hair transplantation with narcosis. Sedation is an application that gives a drowsiness for about 10 minutes, which is applied with anesthetic drugs made from the arm like normal anesthesia. The reason why hair transplantation is performed under anesthesia for 10 minutes is to not remember the pain and to relieve the fear that will give the person.
Thanks to sedated hair transplantation, people will leave the operation with a very satisfied and comfortable hair transplantation. Before the anesthetizing injections were made to the head so that there would be no pain in hair transplantation, and as a result, it caused incredible pain on the scalp, which has the nervous system.
Patients who had problems even in a short time during this local anesthesia may had to leave the hair transplant halfway due to the pain experienced during anesthesia, gladly with current methods patients are not feeling any pain or discomfort.

Are There any Advantages of Sedated Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation in sedation, which is an application without side effects, is very popular today. Sedation hair transplantation is a hair transplantation method that does not have any disadvantages. There is no pain and discomfort in the sedated hair transplant method. Since the patients are comfortable, it allows the doctors who perform hair transplant operations to work very comfortably and properly.
Previously, in painful and hair transplantation methods, patients had to leave the operations halfway. However, with the sedation hair transplant method, patients now come to the second session willingly and comfortably.
The sedated hair transplantation method, which also provides excellent comfort in beard transplantation, has no effect since it is performed with anesthetic drugs for a short time without drowsiness throughout the entire procedure. It offers a great advantage especially in hair transplantation for women. Because it is known that women have a lower tolerance in pain.

First of all, you need to know what to do. The priority in hair transplantation is to collect hair follicles from a suitable area. Hair is collected from a determined local area with cylindrical needle tips together with a micro motor tip and transferred to the place where hair transplantation will be performed. Anesthesia must be applied during the collection of hair follicles from the determined area. At the same time, the micro motor to be used must be used at low speed and its tip must be made of very sharp steel. It may not be understood how good the tools used during the operation are. However, after the operation, the difference of the operation will be understood while the recovery continues. Sedated hair transplantation provides a very comfortable operation. Another process after hair collection is hair transplantation.

It is necessary to open the channels for the roots in the area reserved for hair transplantation. Canals can be opened with a system expressed as slit and incision, or it is a method of planting hair follicles directly with an implanter pen using a needle method. In the implanter pen method, the steel needles must be of high quality so that the pain caused by the procedure is not felt and the healing process is much quicker. The damage to be caused by high quality steel needles is also minimized.

How comfortable the operation in hair transplantation is visible from the feedbacks of the recovered patients. Anesthesia is an inevitable practice. The anesthetic injected under the skin causes a numbness and reduces the patient’s feeling of the effect of the intervention. Expressions such as painless hair transplantation, and needle-free hair transplantation are used to describe how this anesthesia is done and to describe the operation. It is important to know the anesthetic methods used.

General anesthesia is not used in hair transplantation, since this anesthesia method is a complete sleep, it has many side effects and includes various risks. Regional anesthesia, on the other hand, is the procedure by numbing a part of the body.

Regional anesthesia is one of the most used numbness methods today. Hair transplantation is said to be the most comfortable method currently. It can be administered by inhalation as well as by injecting the drug into the opened vascular tract.

The use of the micro motor during hair collection at low speed minimizes the damage to the hair and scalp. The fact that the cylindrical needles are made of steel chromium and nickel-rich ingredients also increases the quality of hair transplantation. In the hair transplantation method, the renewal of the cylindrical needles that separate the hair from the skin, without allowing them to become blind, is one of the factors that ensure the quality of the hair transplantation.

The use of sapphire tips instead of steel tips to be used for the hair transplant area will also have a significant effect on hair transplantation. While the materials used in the operation are so important, the experience of the person performing the operation is also very important.

Hair transplantation with Sedated hair transplantation should be performed by specialists who have high-tech equipment and have an immediate intervention method. For this reason, the selected health center is so important for doing this procedure.

Hair transplantation by experts who are experts, successful and aesthetically satisfying their customers, minimizes the problems that the customer will experience later. The checks to be made after the operation and the maintenance of the examinations should be done carefully by doctors.

You can contact our institution to get information about sedated hair transplantation and about the pricing of the operation and the using methods, by the friendly staff and specialist doctors. Our quality can be determined with the given references of previous patients in our institution, where the highest quality service is provided.

With the support given to the patients before and after the operation, the quality of the operation is ensured in the best way. Sedated hair transplant prices vary according to the material to be used and the area to be transplanted. You can contact our institution to get the price information.

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