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DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant stands for direct hair transplant. It is one of the new generation hair transplantation techniques. Hair follicles are transplanted into the opened channels in a very short time and the treatment is completed in a shorter time than the others. Although DHI hair transplantation seems to be different from other hair transplantation techniques, the logic of hair transplantation does not change in general. For example, the donor area is the same in all techniques. The operation is completed by transplanting the hair grafts taken from the donor area to the thinned or completely spilled area. Hair transplantation technique is one of the most preferred methods together with FUE hair transplantation technique today. DHI hair transplantation constitutes the basic structure of hair transplantation operations in general.

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI hair transplantation is one of the new generation hair transplantation methods. It stands for direct hair transplantation. In hair transplantation performed with the DHI method, hair grafts are placed in the opened channels in a short time. Although it may seem different from other hair transplantation techniques, transplantation is performed with the same principle. However, since the margin of error is less by using more technological devices, the rate of hair regrowth, that is, the success of the hair transplant operation, is much higher than the others.

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire fue hair transplantation is not much different from other transplantations. However, the channels are opened with a sapphire-tipped medical pen and the hair grafts are transplanted to the sparse area with the help of a medical pen. The nib of this medical pen consists of sapphire. The most important feature and advantage of the sapphire tipped medical pen is that it opens the channels very small. Small channels are always preferred in hair transplant operations. Because the crusting will be very little, so the healing process takes place quickly.

In DHI hair transplantation and other hair transplantation techniques, the process of growing the transplanted roots is approximately the same. However, the methods and technique used in DHI hair transplantation are performed with much more technological devices, that is, using the new generation hair transplantation technique. The hair transplanted in a period of approximately 8 months and a maximum of 1 year will grow out permanently.

One of the most important questions that confuse patients who are considering a hair transplant operation is which technique would be the right decision. However, it should be noted that both techniques have advanced features in themselves. While making a choice here, the patient chooses the technique that is appropriate for his/her existing condition.
For example, if the patient has intense openings in the forehead and temples, he or she will need approximately 4000 hair grafts. Thus, it is more appropriate to have the Fue technique done. Because the area without hair is a very large area. Large-area hair grafts require more frequent and more roots. However, if the non-hair part of the patient can be covered with 2000 or 3000 roots, then DHI hair transplantation is much healthier. Because in the DHI hair transplantation method, it is possible to plant more frequent hair grafts in the narrow parts.
In the DHI hair transplantation technique, the procedure used in the Fue technique is followed, but it is only applied differently from the transplantation technique of the roots. Local anesthesia is applied in operations performed with the Fue technique. The removal process is carried out in three stages, such as the opening of the canal and the placement of the roots in the canal, but in hair transplantation performed with the DHI technique, the process of opening the canal and placing it in the canal is done at the same time.

There is not much difference between FUE and DHI method. However, people who have to decide which technique to have for patients are definitely guided more accurately by the physician. There is no risk of bleeding in the DHI hair transplant technique. Sowing is performed in a single session. In the FUE technique, it uses a medical sapphire-tipped pen. The success rate of the Fue technique is higher in patients with baldness or multiple openings. Because more grafts are reached in Fue technique sessions.

Both DHI transplantation and all other hair transplantation processs fall into the field of aesthetic operation. Therefore, the new technological hair transplantation process may be more costly than the previous one. However, instead of having a cheap hair transplant, the doctor should be experienced and equipped. It is very important that the center where hair transplantation will be performed is suitable for health conditions. Therefore, considering all these, the price of hair transplantation is not very low.
However, when compared on average, they are not very different from each other. Of course, it is important for the patient how much money he will pay. However, in treatments performed with aesthetic concerns, what is more important than the cost is to perform the hair transplantation in healthy conditions and to perform the procedure in the best and successful way.
For this reason, when performing DHI hair transplantation, the physician decides how many hair grafts to collect and how many follicles to be transplanted after the hair analysis is done in the first examination. Therefore, the cost is determined by the doctor who will perform the procedure. Accurate knowledge is best learned this way.

There are 4 different hair transplantation techniques that are still being applied today. The logic is the same in these 4 different hair transplants. However, there are some technical differences from each other. 4 different techniques used in hair transplantation are as follows.

Robotic hair transplant
DHI hair transplant
Sapphire fue hair transplant
Normal hair transplant

In the normal hair transplant method, fue hair transplant technique is used. Hair grafts are collected using a micro motor, but the grafts collected with a micro motor are transplanted into manually opened channels. Therefore, the fact that the physician is experienced and experienced in normal hair transplantation is the situation that determines the success of the hair transplantation process.

Robotic hair transplantation is a hair transplantation process using technologically advanced robots. The biggest advantage in robotic hair transplantation is that the operation is performed by the robot, so the margin of error is minimal. Hair follicles from the donor area are collected by the robot, and the opened channels are sutured at the same time. The robot also performs the process of placing the hair grafts in the channels. In this way, more hair grafts are collected in a shorter time, and the transplantation process is carried out by planting faster and more roots. Therefore, it is a hair transplant process with a higher cost. However, it is one of the most successful processs.

DHI hair transplantation means direct hair transplantation. The channels are opened and the hair grafts are collected with a medical instrument called the implanter pen technique, which is in the form of a thin-tipped cylinder and has a sapphire tip. In this way, the grafts taken can open the canal at the same time while planting in the hairless area.
Therefore, more grafts are transplanted in a much shorter time than other hair transplant techniques. Here is the difference from the Fue hair transplant technique. In the Fue technique, the channel is opened first and the grafts are planted in the opened channels. However, in the process made with a sapphire-tipped pen, the sapphire-tipped medical pen has two functions. It takes hair grafts from the donor area and transplants the grafts taken into the balding skin. Therefore, many hair follicles are transplanted in a short time and the margin of error is very low.

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