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Dermapen is a skin rejuvenation method that is used to remove various skin blemishes and it has so successful results. Treatment is applied to increase the collagen tissue. Dermapen method is mostly used in the face, hair, hands and neck areas. This method is practical, painless and permanent. It is also a safe method. For this reason, it has recently become frequently preferred by people who have skin problems. In short, it is a skin rejuvenation method. After this renewal, it is possible to have a lively and healthy-looking skin.

To whom can Dermapen Process Can be made?

Dermapen is not a surgical intervention. This technique, which is used to renew the skin, is successfully applied in both genders. Dermapen can be applied to almost everyone. There is no specific age limit. Individuals with skin problems can benefit from this method with peace of mind, regardless of their skin type. However, if there is severe dermatological disorders in the history of the individual to whom the application will be made, it is essential to consult a doctor. The procedure should be performed after the dermatologist’s approval.

When Will You Get The Effecient Results Of The Treatment ?

After the dermapen procedure applied to eliminate the skin problem, the patient does not need to stay in the hospital. After each session, which lasts for an average of one hour, patients return to their homes. The effect of Dermapen treatment varies depending on the skin problem. At the end of an average of six weeks, a visible improvement occurs. Dermapen application gives definite results within three months at the latest. Because after three months, the skin ceases to heal wounds. Thus, the expected and intended image is obtained.

Dermapen treatment; It is very effective in removing large pores as well as useful in acne scars. It is also a successful method used in the treatment of many skin problems, from filling fine lines on the skin to removing sunspots. The intense pace of life can damage the skin due to adverse environmental conditions. Thanks to Dermapen, worn skin is renewed and regains a healthier appearance. It is especially preferred in the following areas:

Skin spots caused by reasons such as sun, acne,
Hair loss,
Fine lines and signs of skin aging,
large pores.
Bags and bruises around the eyes

The skin of the person to be treated with Dermapen is first disinfected. If it is to be applied to the face area, it is cleaned of make-up. For other areas, the process is started after making sure that the skin is cleaned.

After cleaning, which is the first step, anesthetic cream is applied to reduce the feeling of the procedure.

There are many micro needles at the tip of the Dermapen device. These needles open extremely fine channels on the skin surface.

Needles 0.5 to 2.5 mm long are used.
With these needles, an average of 250 to 500 micro holes are drilled in 1 cm² in the determined area.
The body perceives these holes as a kind of wound.
The skin starts the healing process to renew itself.
It increases blood circulation in the area where the channels opened with needles in the body for the healing of wounds. Thanks to this circulation, the problematic area begins to regenerate with hyaluronic acid and collagen. Depending on the preference of the specialist performing the procedure, extra serum may be used during the procedure. The serum to be used will vary from person to person.

After the application, the tissues in the skin are repaired and the skin is renewed.
New collagen production and vascular development are also achieved through dermapen application.
It accelerates cell regeneration.
Fresh tissues are formed after Dermapen application.
Providing the requested material within the scope of the transaction is economical and convenient.
The application can be applied as a single session. This session creates a kind of peeling effect and is extremely effective.
It is a safe application.
It does not leave a permanent mark on the skin.
The application time is not long. Long rests are not required after the procedure.
There is no upper or lower age limit. It can be applied to people of any age that the doctor approve.

A small amount of bleeding may occur during the application. These bleedings are quite natural in the dermapen method, which is used to renew the skin. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.
By the help of the creams used before the procedure, possible pain is prevented. Minimal epidermal damage is done. This damage is a planned situation. Because after the damage, the skin starts the process of regeneration. The dermapen process, which is the same as the body’s function of healing a wound, helps to relieve skin problems. After a sufficient number of sessions, it is possible to get rid of unwanted skin defects completely.

The number of sessions of Dermapen treatment varies according to the skin problem of the person. In addition, the response and healing tendency of each skin to wounds varies. Therefore, it is not possible to give a specific number for a every dermapen treatment process . Apart from all these personal differences, an average of 3 to 6 sessions is usually sufficient for skin spots. However, if there is not enough improvement in the skin, the number of sessions can be increased. Only an expert in the field can make this decision. After the number of sessions that the treating specialist deems sufficient, the treatment should be terminated. It is not right to end the sessions unconsciously after a visible change. It will not be right to continue and leave a few sessions with hearsay information. In order to completely get rid of the skin problem, it is necessary to attend the session as often as the specialist recommends and as many sessions as he sees fit.

Beautiful and glowing skin is everyone’s right. In order to achieve a healthy appearance, it is necessary to show the necessary sensitivity to the skin. Even the smallest problems that may occur can be prevented if timely intervention is made. The method, which is frequently used in skin care, requires a hygienic environment. People who will have this procedure should consider their own health before the price. The important thing is to entrust the skin to a specialist. After an unconscious application that will be preferred because it is affordable, irreversible problems may occur.

After the application, the patient can easily return to his daily life. It does not experience any problems depending on the operation performed while performing its daily activities. It is normal to see slight pinking on the skin after the application. This pinking is short-lived. Depending on the structure of the skin and its tolerance to the process, minor bleeding may occur. These bleeds are normal and not to be worried about. These problems seen on the patient’s skin are greatly reduced after an average of 6 hours. You can see that there are no scars after nose correction surgeries. It disappears completely in a day or two. Although the time that the patient should wait between the two sessions varies from person to person, the average is 1 to 4 weeks. In this regard, the final decision will again be made by your treating doctor.

The skin should be protected from the sun as much as possible. Necessary precautions should be taken for protection, and sun exposure should not be avoided after the procedure unless it is necessary.
It is necessary to stay away from activities such as sports that will cause excessive sweating.
Avoid from hot places such as saunas, Turkish baths and solariums, which will cause changes on the skin.
Hot showers and very cold water should also be avoided.
After the dermapen process, which is the process of renewing the skin, it is necessary to avoid applications such as scrub and peeling.

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