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Cheek Filling

Having beautiful and plump cheeks is one of the most important beauty elements from past to present. Many people want to have fuller cheeks. Some also want to get rid of wrinkles. Cheek filling is a procedure that prevents the cheek appearance that people want and the collapses that occur due to aging. Congenital or over time collapsed images can be easily corrected with this application. If you are also complaining about the sunken cheek appearance, you can easily do this procedure. For those who are curious, we would like to give more detailed information about this process.

What is Cheek Filling?

Cheek filling procedures are the methods used to remove the congenital sunken cheeks of the people or the collapsed image that occurs as a result of the melting of the tissues over time. During these procedures, filling materials that are not harmful to health are injected into the cheek area of the person and fullness is provided here. Cheek filling is an extremely important procedure that makes a big difference in the appearance of people. Plump cheeks provide a more lively and youthful appearance.

Why is Cheek Filling Done?

This filling process, which is applied as a supplement to the cheeks, is applied to remove the depressions in the cheek area that are congenital or formed later. Because, although sometimes you have full cheeks, the tissues under the skin become thinner and a sunken appearance occurs due to aging over time. In order to remove this bad image and have full cheeks, it is necessary to get support from processes such as filling. In short, cheek filling will make you look younger, healthier and more beautiful.

Cheek augmentation is generally not an operation with side effects and risks. Therefore, it can be easily applied to everyone. Only the following persons are not eligible for such transactions:

Such filling procedures are not applied to pregnant and lactating mothers.
People with any allergies to the filler are not treated.
It is not applied to people who are not suitable for an operation due to their health condition.
Except for the people mentioned above, anyone who wants can easily have a filling process. Whether the person is suitable for this procedure is determined after the examination. You can also get effective results by contacting a good specialist for cheek filling.

Although the filling process applied to the cheeks is thought to only affect the cheek area, it actually affects many areas of the face. For this reason, it is extremely important. When the person has cheek filling;

The cheeks become fuller and a kind of contour is provided.
The procedure pulls the face up and a firmer and younger look is obtained.
Holes around the eyes are reduced.
The protrusion of the forehead and chin is balanced.
The shape of the nose is revealed much more clearly.
In summary, cheek filling is a procedure that determines the overall ratio of the face and hides multiple imperfections.

Two different techniques are used to achieve a fuller appearance on the cheeks. While one of them is surgical, the other is non-surgical filling procedure. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the application forms of these techniques are quite different from each other. We would like to tell you about these differences and which method is more advantageous. Accordingly, you can choose the most suitable method and application for yourself.

We would like to give detailed information about how to apply the cheek filling process. Before the procedure, the patients are examined in detail and it is decided how much filling is required. For this, a specialist doctor’s examination is required. Although cheek filling is a simple procedure, it requires expertise and attention. For this reason, it is necessary for people to do this with the right people. During the operation, local effective cream or various products are applied to the people. Afterwards, filler material is injected into the cheek area of the person with special needles. The person returns to his normal life after the procedure and does not experience any problems.

Cheek augmentation is generally a risk-free and easy procedure. For this reason, too many complications and dangerous situations are not expected. However, the person should pay attention to some issues after the cheek filling procedure. If we give information about what these issues are. Namely;

After the procedure, there may be slight redness and swelling in the cheek area of the person. Don’t panic.
As we mentioned before, the procedure must be performed by trained and experienced doctors in this field, and there must be a clinical environment.
Before and after the procedure, the recommendations and recommendations of the specialist should be followed.
The person should protect their cheeks after the procedure and be careful not to get hit.
Before and after the procedure, alcohol and cigarettes should not be consumed, blood thinners should not be used.

As it is known, cheek filling is also performed with surgery. In these operations, an artificial cheek is placed with an implant in the cheek section of the person and fullness is provided in the same way. Although this procedure is a permanent procedure, it is not suitable for those who are afraid of surgery. In addition, it is very difficult for people who are not satisfied with the result after this process to return. The filling process is both easier and the return is simple when people do not like this look. Of course, the disadvantage of this process is that it needs to be repeated over time.

The cheek filler procedure has no known risks or side effects. It is a very simple and convenient process. Patients can return to their homes immediately after the procedure and continue their lives. In addition, there is an edema and redness that lasts only a few days. This is also often temporary. People get a more beautiful appearance by having much fuller cheeks after the cheek filling process. This process also camouflages many defects on the face. Therefore, it is preferred by many people with peace of mind. If you want to have fuller cheeks, you can also choose this application with peace of mind.

Cheek filling, which is one of the non-surgical aesthetic operations, is a procedure that many people want to have and wonder about its price. We would like to give information about the price for people who want to have a cheek filling procedure. First of all, the amount of filler to be applied to the person for the procedure should be decided. For this, the person should be examined and the amount needed should be determined. To get more detailed information about cheek filler prices and the procedure, you can contact the experts and get the clearest information. Of course, for this process, it is extremely important that you consult the experts in this field first.

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