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Ozone Therapy

Ozone is one of the most important gases found in the stratosphere layer of the atmosphere. It develops a protective filter mechanism against the high-energy-charged ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun. In this way, it helps to maintain the biological balance in the biosphere. As a result of the developing technology, it was started to be used in the cleaning of water primarily due to its cleaning and disinfecting effect, and then it was used in different areas of the industry. Ozone used in medicine is different from ozone in other fields. It is produced from pure oxygen in special generators for health processs such as ozone therapy.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

This process has numerous benefits. If we talk about what these are;
It accelerates blood circulation to cells and tissues.
It strengthens the immune system.
It makes the body resistant to infectious diseases.
It refreshes the veins, namely arteries and veins.

It helps to keep the blood pressure at a certain level.
Purifies the blood and lymph system.
It provides a cleaner, softer, brighter and healthier skin.
It ensures the excretion of the toxin in the muscles.
Relieves joint pain, quickly heals muscle ailments.
It brings the production of hormones and enzymes to normal levels.
It strengthens brain functions and strengthens memory, preventing problems from occurring.
It also helps in the treatment of depression.

There are many methods of ozone therapy. There are also differences in ozone therapy processs.
Major method: With this method, which is the most used, 50-200 milliliters of blood is taken from the person. It is injected into the person again after it is mixed with the pre-determined ozone.
Minor method: 2-5 cc of blood is taken from the person. This blood is mixed with the appropriate dose of ozone and injected into the muscle.
Giving ozone to body cavities: It is used in patients where it is difficult to open a vein. In this method, ozone is given to the person through the rectal-breech method.
Local processs: The gas produced with the appropriate ozone and oxygen mixture is injected into the muscle, joint, disc, tendon, skin. Another process of this method is injecting it into body cavities.
Bagging; It is especially applied in arm-leg infections, non-healing wounds, diabetic wounds, ulcers and local skin lesions. The skin is wet. After heating, the damaged area is surrounded by a special bag.

Ozone is denoted by O3. As it can be understood from here, it is a molecule with 3 atoms. Oxygen (O2) carries very high energy in ozone. Ozone gas is gaseous at normal room temperature. It is a colorless substance. It is also a gas with a distinctive odor that can be felt after stormy weather, in high places or on the seashore. However, this substance is not used in pure form during therapy. It is used after making it suitable for therapy.

It is good for many diseases, also known as ozone therapy. Because ozone is a natural treatment method that protects people’s health and restores lost health. In addition to modern medicine methods, ozone therapy is used as a complementary treatment. In addition to being an additional treatment, it can also be applied alone depending on the problem. In addition to chronic fatigue syndrome, ozone therapy is also used in fibromyalgia depression, joint diseases, lumbar and neck hernia, muscle-joint and rheumatic diseases, circulatory disorders. However, it is used in addition to other treatments in the treatment of varicose veins, venous insufficiency, peripheral arterial disease, hypertension. Ozone can also be used to reduce circulatory disorders and tissue damage (nerve, kidney, eye) that occur as a result of damage to vessels in diabetic patients, and to treat gastrointestinal diseases and neurological diseases.

Ozone therapy is a very effective method in the treatment of cellulite. Ozone interacts with fatty acids that accumulate under the skin layer. As a result of this combination, it allows the oil chains to be broken. Broken pieces of fat are removed from the body with ozone therapy. Another important problem in cellulite is the lack of oxygen. Thanks to ozone therapy, this deficiency is eliminated. Thus, blood flow increases and fat metabolism returns to normal. According to studies, ozone therapy, which is applied to people with cellulite problems 1-2 times a week, in total 10 sessions gives results. A significant tightening of the skin was observed after the treatment.

One of the most curious issues regarding the ozone therapy process is the side effects of the process. We would like to inform you about these as well.

It has no known side effects. However, ozone has an unstable structure. Due to this structure, there may be times when the effects are unpredictable. Some of the common side effects are:
Ozone therapy may cause allergic reactions in sensitive bodies. There is also the possibility of emboli and infections.
Direct gas injections can be dangerous because of the potential for pulmonary embolism and death.
There is not enough information about its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Lungs and eyes are among the most sensitive organs to the toxic effect of ozone.
It is thought to cause damage to the lungs, which are particularly susceptible to infections.
In case of low concentration, ozone inhalation, irritation in the throat and coughing occur as a result.

Studies show that it is possible to lose weight through therapy. Intravenous ozone therapy accelerates metabolism by forty percent. It also has the effect of accelerating fat burning. After half an hour of ozone – sauna process, it is possible to burn about six hundred kilos of calories.

Ozone therapy, which increases the average airway resistance, also increases the respiratory rate. However, it provides more oxygen to the blood. It also helps in reducing the stress in the lungs. It is used quite frequently during local processs in otitis and sinusitis. Clinical studies are continuing on the effects of ozone therapy processs for asthma, COPD, SARS (acute respiratory failure syndrome). Despite the studies, there is evidence about how effective it can be against inflammatory diseases, but it is not enough.

Medical ozone is a safe treatment if applied at doses recommended by experts. It is also practical, effective and inexpensive in terms of cost. There are variables that affect the success of treatment. The first of these variables is the patient’s condition. In addition, the positive effects of the treatment vary depending on the method, concentration and frequency. Ozone, the raw material of which is oxygen, is a non-storable gas and is dangerous to breathe. Because it becomes toxic when inhaled. 5cc blood taken from the patient to be applied is mixed with 5cc ozone again and this time it is not injected intravenously. It is injected into the person’s muscle. There are 12 processs in total, 2 or at most three times a week. The number of processs made has an impact on the cost. Which method will be used and how many sessions are required are determined by the treating physician or trained person. Therapy is a very sensitive subject and should not be done in the wrong places to be cheap.

There are some issues that people should pay attention to before the process of ozone therapy, which is used in the treatment of various patients. Before the process, the person should not tire himself too much. Likewise, after ozone therapy, the person should not tire himself too much. After the process, hospitalization is not required. However, very intense sports activities are also not suitable. You can get information about the guaranteed breast lift operation.

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