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Facial Mesolifting

Our skin cannot resist gravity over time and begins to sag. These saggings sometimes show themselves as wrinkles. It is possible to get rid of this wrinkled appearance without surgery. Wrinkles are one of the skin problems that make people unhappy the most. Many people spend a lot of money on cosmetic products every year to get rid of this situation, but they still do not get an effective result. Instead, the problem can be solved much more easily with methods such as facial mesolifting.

What is Facial Mesolifting?

There are important skin repair methods applied to make the skin always look fresh and young. Facial mesolifting is just one of them, and also one of the most effective. Thanks to this method, it provides significant changes and benefits in the skin of people. With this method, various vitamins and beneficial tissues are injected under the skin. Thanks to this injection process, more repair and vitality are provided under the skin. The skin appears tighter and brighter by recovering. This allows you to have a younger looking skin.

Which Age Group Is It Applied To?

In the injection process applied to the skin during the facial mesolifting process, the substances contained in the skin’s own tissue are actually applied. This shows that it is a process that will not harm people. In short, the procedure can be easily applied to people of all age groups. Of course, although this process is perceived as mostly for removing wrinkles and it seems that only older people can benefit from this process, this is not the case. At the same time, this procedure can be benefited by those who are young and want to have a tighter and smoother skin. Doing this process frequently keeps the skin young.

Facial mesolifting, which can be applied to many areas on the skin and can get the best results in every area, is a very advantageous procedure. First of all, we would like to talk about in which regions the process is applicable. The procedure can be applied on the cheeks, around the eyes, upper lips, chin and neck. It is a very preferred procedure by people who have problems in these regions.

This process, which is extremely beneficial and effective for the skin, has steps. Namely;

First of all, the skin is prepared for the procedure and skin disinfection is performed.
Afterwards, a suitable product is used to numb the area to be treated.
Then, the process is completed by injecting with special needles.
As you can see, facial mesolifting is an extremely simple and fast process. You can have smooth and vibrant skin in a short time. However, you will need to find a specialist and clinic where you can get effective support in this regard.

One of the most curious subjects about the procedure is naturally whether any pain will be felt during the procedure. Since an anesthetic product is used before the procedure and a very fine needle is preferred in the application, there is no feeling of pain. The process takes about 20 minutes in total. In addition, people can easily go to their homes and continue their lives. In short, facial mesolifting is not a procedure that you need to worry about.

Another issue that is most curious about the facial mesolifting process is how many sessions are required for the procedure. First of all, it varies according to the skin structure of these people and the problems in their skin. As a standard, first of all, 2 sessions are applied to the people, one session every 15 days. Afterwards, 2 sessions are applied once a month and as a result, 90% of people who have 4 sessions in total have positive results.

Another issue that we would like to inform is the subject of other methods that can be applied together with the procedure. Along with the procedure, other skin rejuvenation methods can also be applied together with ease. In fact, this allows the effect of the facial mesolifting process to increase even more. Your doctor will give you detailed information on this subject and will suggest other methods that you can do together with the facial mesolifting process, according to your needs. You can increase the effect of the process with other methods that can be applied together and you can achieve an effective skin in a much shorter time.

Although facial mesolifting is a risk-free procedure, there are still some important points that people should pay attention to before having the procedure. We would like to inform you about what these are;

First of all, you should definitely talk to a doctor or dermatologist who is an expert in this field. Such transactions are not transactions that can be performed in ordinary places. Your skin may be damaged.
Before the procedure, you should definitely get detailed information and ask whether your skin is suitable.
Before and after the procedure, you should learn the points you need to pay attention to from your doctor and follow them exactly.
You should never go to places that are expressed as under the stairs for this process, believing that it is affordable.
Facial mesolifting is an easy procedure without any risk when done in the right place. Therefore, the most important point you need to pay attention to is to find a good clinic.

After the procedure, people can generally continue their normal lives. After the facial mesolifting process, there is no important situation that you need to pay extra attention to. Only as a standard you should protect your skin from the sun and follow your doctor’s advice. Apart from this, in general, the facial mesolifting process is an easy process that will not cause you any problems. After the procedure, there may be slight redness and swelling in the application areas, these are quite normal. These go away on their own in a few days. If these do not go away for a long time, you can talk to your doctor.

Facial mesolifting is a procedure that has a serious reparative effect on the skin. That’s why many people want to benefit from this process. If you want a smooth and vibrant skin by taking advantage of this process, you can get support from experts in this field. One of the most curious issues regarding the transaction is naturally the fee to be paid for the transaction. Although we would like to give clear information about the fee to be paid for the transaction, this is not very possible. Because the process is not a one-time process. In addition, the appropriate number of sessions is determined according to the needs of the person’s skin. Hair transplantation adds beauty to your beauty. For this reason, what you need to do to get clear price information for the facial mesolifting process is to find and talk to a specialist clinic in this field.

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