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Why Botox Is Preferred?

Botox makes it possible to make aesthetics operation without any incision. And the reason Botox is preferred is that the person does not feel any pain during the application and its an extremely successful application in terms of patient comfort. Also, Botox is effective and preferred for the relief of migraine pain, excessive sweating and teeth grinding.

How is the production of Botox?

The development of technologies used in the field of health has many important gains. In this context currently it is possible to perform Botox applications in a much more beneficial way and of course, the development of new techniques and methods in the aesthetic sector brings many important advantages. In this regard, it should not be forgotten that the application phase of the Botox method includes a very sensitive process. Primarily, botulinum toxin should be diluted before applying this method. After this stage, this dilution is injected directly into the tissue.

Injection process is getting done as short as 15 minutes, why is Botox preferred? Answer to your question is very clear. Because using this method involves a very practical and time-consuming process. Also, general anesthesia is not needed during this procedure only in some cases anesthetic creams can be applied to increase the comfort of patient.
Botox application is a very delicate process that’s why it needed to be done by team of experts and professionals in the field. In general, regional anesthesia is getting applied to the intended area 20 minutes before start of the Botox procedure. After that, the injection process starts within 15 minutes. At this stage, botulinum toxin is injected into the inner parts of the muscles in the tissue in small doses with the help of very thin tipped needles.

Recommendations for Those Who Want to do Botox

If you want to do Botox, you should definitely do a detailed research. Because only in this way you will have the opportunity to have a procedure that is fully effective. On this subject, getting support from a fully professional clinic will be an indispensable element. And of course, we also have some duties before and after Botox. Here are a few important tips for those who want to have Botox:

Never use drugs containing vitamin E before this application.
Do not consume foods containing calcium after Botox application.
Stop using aspirin and aspirin-derived drugs before the application
Avoid mimic movements for at least four hours after the application.
Massage the area where Botox is applied for 3 days after the application
Do not forget that hygiene conditions are extremely important in Botox application.
Ty not to lie on your stomach for 3 or 4 days.
Do not do sports on the first day after Botox application
Do not enter the pool for 3 days after the application.
Applying cold compresses after Botox can be supportive
Paying attention to these listed issues will of course make it possible for you to successfully pass the Botox process. Thus, we will answer the question of why Botox is preferred in detail.

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