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Why Botox Is Beneficial?

Botox generally getting applied to the areas around the eyes, between the eyebrows and forehead, since in those areas the mimic muscles are the most in order to creating muscle spasm in a controlled way. The main ingredient of Botox is the toxin of the clostridium bacteria. This toxin is called botulinum. It is applied to areas that show wrinkles over time due to the use of too many mimics. Botox is applied to these areas by injection method. the answer to the question of what Botox is good for can be extremely comprehensive because Botox has vast benefits and positive effects in different areas.

First of all, it recovers the deformed skin over time. It does this by inhibiting the muscles that contract excessively and uncontrollably. In addition, it is very effective in the treatment of migraine. It acts with muscle spasm in people who have chronic headaches. If Botox is applied to the sweating areas such as the armpits or palms, it will solve the sweating problem.

One of the Botox benefits is that it helps people with obesity problems to lose weight by giving a feeling of satiety. The procedure is injecting the Botox to the fundus and antrum parts of the stomach with the endoscopy method. After this procedure, the person constantly experiences a feeling of satiety and starts to lose weight in about 8 months. Another benefit of Botox is that it is used as a method in the treatment of dystonia, that is, tic disorder. Tic disorders occur as a result of involuntary contraction of muscles. It is possible to treat this disease with the Botox method.

During And After Botox Procedure

Botox is a simple procedure. After answering the question of what Botox is good for, we can talk about its procedure and effect. There may be a very small pain in the area where Botox is applied. Since there is no cutting in the area, there are no serious problems and the person can return to her normal life very quickly. However, of course the recommendation of doctor also should be followed.

After the Botox procedure, the skin will react normally. Although it varies from person to person, redness can be seen in the applied area. Sometimes swelling may occur. However, this situation will disappear within a few days after the procedure is done. In some people, droopy eyelids can be observed, but it should not make you concern at all because it is temporary.

Botox can be effective in one time injection, but it should be repeated depending on the condition of the person and the intended area. Botox is effective for an average of 6 months depends on the person. Botox is a popular procedure in recent years because this application is defined as an extremely comprehensive application in terms of patient comfort. This factor increases the interest in injecting the Botox.

To Who Can Botox Be Injected?

Botox can be applied to all adults except pregnant and breast-feeding mothers because It can cause problems for feeding the baby. If the person has a muscle-related condition, Botox is definitely not recommended because there may be different reactions for them. At last Botox is definitely not applicable to people with drug allergies. Before Botox injection, good research should be done because for a successful procedure it is essential to get support from a professional clinic.

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