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Who Is Suitable For Breast Lifting Surgery?

Breast lift is a problem that women generally face at a late age. But sometimes it can be seen at an earlier age due to genetic reasons. It is also very common after pregnancy and excessive weight gain. Aging causes sagging in the breasts as well as in other parts of our body.

Whatever the reason, this problem cannot be solved with sports or cosmetic products in general. Breasts are not organs that can be recovered after sagging due to their structure. Breast lift surgery is the only solution for this problem. Every woman who has this problem and is uncomfortable with the appearance of her breasts is a candidate for surgery.

Who Can Have Breast Lift?

Any adult, that is, over the age of eighteen, can undergo breast lift surgery. There is no obstacle for a woman who is healthy enough to remove the anesthesia not to have this surgery. However, sometimes for women who are over 40 years old and have any health problems, the doctor decides after mammography and ultrasonography.

It is important to apply to a health institution that provides the appropriate conditions in order to perform the necessary examinations, get detailed information about the surgery and minimize the risks. Because, as in every aesthetic and surgical operation, the experience and professionalism of the doctor affect the success of the surgery in breast lift surgery. Since taking risks in this regard means risking your health, it is essential to be careful in choosing a health institution and doctor.

Do People Who Do Sports Have Sagging Breasts?

Every woman who wants to have breast surgery has heard and wondered about it. For example, one of the curious subjects is the question of whether the breasts of women who move a lot will sag more. It is a completely wrong opinion that the breasts will sag more when you move a lot. Breasts are organs that change quite a lot with age and weight changes. It changes whether you move or not. This situation also depends on genetic characteristics.

Some women may have naturally fuller breasts. But every woman encounters this problem sooner or later. It is not possible to recover sagging breasts by doing a lot of sports and doing push-ups. You can protect your body with sports, but it is not possible to restore your sagging breasts. Sometimes and usually the only solution is breast lift surgery.

Supplements and Cosmetics Don’t Change Breasts That Much

There may be cosmetic creams or supplements recommended for you to make your breasts look more upright and shaped. But it should be noted that it is not possible for breasts that have lost their form to regain their shape in this way. If sagging has started and has reached a certain level, unfortunately, there is no solution other than breast lift surgery.

No cream will allow you to have erect and shaped breasts all the time. You should avoid spending money unnecessarily and risking your health. The best and only solution is breast lift surgery, which will be performed by a professional surgeon in a certified institution that meets the necessary conditions. You can make a plan about this and go to a budget arrangement after talking to your doctor. You should not listen to other solutions and unrealistic evaluations.

Why Do Breasts Sagging?

Sometimes, you may hear that the breasts do not change much, and even if you gain or lose weight, they will not change their form. However, this is a complete mistake. Breasts are mostly made up of fat and are very low in muscle. Therefore, as they gain or lose weight, their shape changes and they tend to sag.

As we age, our breasts change and cause them to sag, as does all our other organs. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are also conditions that can cause sagging breasts. If you are experiencing sagging breasts due to all these, you should see a specialist doctor.

What should be done for firmer breasts?

If a woman thinks that her breasts are not alive and is looking for a solution, the best solution is breast lift surgery. This is the most used method for this problem. In general, breast lift operations are performed either in the area of the aerola, which is around the nipple, or under and between the breasts.

The sagging of the breasts is divided into three. For mild to moderate sagging, an incision is made in the area of the aerola, and in general, the patient does not have any scars after these. However, if the sagging problem is advanced, a sweat T-shaped incision is made between the breasts and the lower line, and after the operation, a scar remains even though it becomes more and more obscure. Which type of surgery is suitable for you can be decided together with a professional surgeon.

How Long Does Breast Surgery Take?

The best solution for sagging breasts, which is an important problem for almost every woman, is a surgical operation. These operations take between two and four hours while the patient is under general anesthesia. The duration of the operation also varies according to the sagging of the chest.

If the sagging is very slight, a prosthesis can be placed under the breast. But if this is not the case, an operation is performed with incisions either around the aerola or a line between the chest and under it. After breast surgeries, which give very successful results, patients can have upward-looking and fresh breasts again.

Recovery After Surgery

The most common condition after breast lift surgery is mild pain and swelling. You may need to use painkillers recommended by your doctor for a while. You can also apply ice compresses to your breasts after surgery to reduce swelling and edema. Your breasts will take their true shape only after the swelling has subsided.

These swellings can sometimes last up to ten weeks. You can also make your breasts easier to shape by wearing sports bras recommended by the doctor for a while. You should not take risks such as sauna or being in the water for a long time. It will also be good not to do any heavy exercise for a while after the surgery.

You Can Get Application For Surgery Without Thinking More

Surgical operations such as breast lift are generally considered for a long time and delayed. But it should not be forgotten that these problems increase as they delay. If the sagging of your breasts bothers you a lot, you should remember that it is a problem that can be solved in a very short time. You can talk to your doctor and get a date for surgery without being indecisive for too long. You should also remember that you are not alone in this matter and that almost every woman is considering having this surgery. Breast lift is one of the operations that women most frequently apply and benefit from.

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