When Lip Filling Swelling Goes Down?

In order to have voluminous and prominent lips, we call lip augmentation to the aesthetic applications made by adding a filling material around the lips and inside the lips. Thin lips are sometimes a congenital feature and sometimes a problem caused by various problems.
The filler material injected to make the lips clear is hyaluronic acid. This substance, which is naturally present in the structure of our skin, makes the skin look smooth. It is easily absorbed by adapting to the body. Apart from that, it helps cells retain water. It is one of the most used and most natural fillers in aesthetic applications.

Who Can Have Lip Filler Processes?

The rejuvenation of the skin depends on the amount of collagen and hyaluronic acid in it. Collagen, an important protein for skin renewal and keeping it alive, and hyaluronic acid, which makes it look moist and beautiful, are two essential substances for the skin. Thanks to these two substances, the skin gains an elastic and lively appearance.
Except for those who have herpes and inflammatory problems and pregnant women, everyone can have lip augmentation with these substances. As the years progress, those who have problems with sagging on the lip edge, those who find their lips thin and uncertain, or those who feel asymmetry problems may want to have lip augmentation. Even if there is no problem in their skin that can remove it, they can always have it done.

How is Lip Filling Made?

Although it seems like a simple procedure, lip augmentation should be done by a certified and reliable institution and an experienced specialist. Otherwise, undesirable results and some situations that put health at risk may occur. A specialist doctor first decides how the lip can be shaped by looking at the lip structure and the proportion of the face and lips of the person who wants to have this done.
A cream is applied to prevent the lips from causing pain during the procedure. This cream numbs the lips by making an anesthetic effect. Then, with the help of a very needle, hyaluronic acid is injected into the lips. Lip augmentation application usually does not exceed half an hour and then the effects are felt immediately.

What Happens After Lip Filling?

Some swelling and bruises can be seen around the lips of the person who has lip fillers. This is definitely not something to be afraid of. There is no need to be afraid of swelling of the lip area for several days. In some people, swelling may even last up to a week.

If the patient is very uncomfortable, he can show it to the doctor again. If the application is not as desired, a small intervention can be made again. If the lips are very thin, the filling process will take longer or this process may be repeated several sessions.

How Long Do Lips Stay Swollen?

Most people who want to have lip fillers are confused by swelling. Lip filling is an aesthetic application that takes a short time to be done after work and has no side effects. However, some problems may occur if a foreign filler is injected into the body in an unreliable clinic. If the doctor and clinic are chosen carefully, the result is generally satisfactory. It is an aesthetic application that does not have much pain and pain and takes a very short time. Most people who want to have it done are afraid of the swelling after it.
Even if it is done during the lunch break, he may not want to return to work and normal life with swollen lips. But swelling is a normal condition that should not be feared. How long it will last depends on the skin structure of the person. Only a very long swelling and an abnormal bruising on the lips, for example more than fifteen days, may be a sign of a different problem, and in such a case, it may be necessary to see a doctor again.

Is Lip Filling Effective?

After lip augmentation, most people notice that they have healthier and voluminous lips. It may take a week for the filler to adapt to the skin immediately and for the lips to look normal. How much volume the lips will gain and how long the lip filler will be effective depends on the skin characteristics of the person.
The effect of this application may last for four or six months, or for some people for up to a year. The hyaluronic acid injected into the lips is then completely mixed with the body and disappears. In such a case, it is also possible to have lip augmentation done again. Depending on the price and the shape of your lips, you can get lip fillers as often as you want.

What Should Be Considered After Filling?

People who have the application should stay away from eating and drinking for a while, just as if they had a tooth pulled. This time is approximately two hours. During this two-hour period, it may be necessary to avoid facial expressions that will force the lips.
Cold compresses can be applied to the lips for faster relief of swelling and mild pain. A gel and cream recommended by your doctor can be applied to the lips. Vitamin K helps to reduce such swelling. Consuming foods containing this vitamin or taking vitamin k supplements may work in such a period.

What to Eat and Drink After Lip Filling?

After having lip augmentation, it may be necessary not to eat anything that is too hard or that will force the lips for a while. But if alcohol is among the things you drink, the swelling on your lips may last longer. It is necessary to stay away from things that are chewed hard, and extremely cold or hot foods and drinks for a while.
It is best to stay away from places such as sauna and hammam for a while after this application, as it is after all aesthetic interventions with filling. Although it is a simple application, it is also important not to do any heavy sports for a week or two after the application.

Price of Lip Fillers

Even if the general techniques and filler material used in the application are the same, it is difficult to give a clear price on this issue as the method of application will vary from person to person. People who want to have it done should take care to choose the most reliable place instead of choosing more affordable prices. In addition, it is essential to listen to the specialist who will do the amount of the filler material and the final shape of the lips in order for the result to look more natural and not harm the health.

How Often Is Lip Filling Repeated?

As an application that is not harmful to health, lip augmentation can be repeated as often as the person wants. But, as with all aesthetic applications and interventions, overdoing it can tire both the lips and the person and have negative consequences. It is best to heed the advice of the specialist about when lip fillers should be repeated. It is best to repeat the procedure in line with the recommendations of experienced and specialist physicians in a reliable clinic.


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