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When Does Swelling Disappear After Botox?

Contrary to the wrong idea, Botox is not a filler and does not cause any harm to facial expressions. It is one of the aesthetic interventions which there are many prejudges about it and reason is most people do not know much about the details of this process.

Botox is not the process of filling wrinkles on the face with any substance. It is a procedure applied to the muscles and if it is successfully done, it interrupts the stimulation of the muscles and prevents the muscles from constantly being engaged and it helps them to preserve their form and structure.

How to Protect Muscles?

Muscle ratio in our body is a kind of health sign. As our muscles, which deform over time shrink, we also have more wrinkles, saggy skin and lines. One of the most important secrets of looking young is the protection of the muscles in our face. In order to protect the facial muscles, they should not be over stimulated. But this is a hard task to do for a living creature.

As our lives go on, our muscles are stimulated by many things. These impulses are transmitted to the muscles through the nerves and the basic functions of our body are getting done. But there are some things to do to keep the muscles intact. In order to protect the muscles in our body such as the abdomen, arms and legs, it is necessary to exercise regularly and eat healthy. Botox is one of the ways chosen to protect the facial muscles. Botox prevents the facial muscles from being overstimulated and constantly engaging. Thus, it helps the face look much younger.

How Is Botox getting done?

Before the procedure, a professional and experienced doctor will meet with you and examine the structure of your face and skin. After this examination, he will learn your medical background and the drugs you are currently using in detail. If you do not have any infection, if you are not a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, it is okay to do Botox. also if you are using a blood thinner or nutritional supplement, you should stop them for a while.

It would also be good to take a break from smoking and alcohol before applying. On the day of the procedure, you will come to the clinic or health center, well rested. An anesthetic cream can be applied to your face. however, Botox is an application that can be done without anesthesia. Doctor injects Botox into your face with very fine needles and the process is completed within fifteen or twenty minutes.

What Happens to Your Face After Botox?

Immediately after the procedure, many women may feel slight redness and swelling on their face. This is quite normal and is temporary. In particular, the redness goes away in a very short time. But you need a little more time for the swelling to go away. This period may take approximately one or two weeks. A slight swelling for two weeks is also not something to be afraid of. In fact, it is a procedure whose effects can be seen in a day but you have to wait two weeks for your face to take its full shape and to see the real effects.

Does Botox Stop Aging?

Botox is excreted from your body as time passes and you sweat. If administered at a normal dosage, the elimination time from your body is approximately eight months. Therefore, its effect is felt for eight or six months. The effects of aging are a phenomenon that can be delayed and slowed down, but cannot be prevented. You can repeat the application once or twice a year to maintain this delay by having Botox.

Is Botox Harmful?

Botox has no known side effects. Most people who have it done are also very satisfied with the results. However, if it is done by an inexperienced doctor, problems such as leaking to some unwanted muscles and drooping of the eyelids may occur. The substance injected into your body during Botox has almost no known side effects. It should be done by a specialist doctor in order to avoid any negative consequences. In such a case, there is no harm.

Does Botox Cause a Dull Expression?

A doctor who is not a specialist and does not have much experience may have difficulty adjusting the dosage during the procedure. Botox is a substance applied by diluting with a solvent. If there is a problem during this procedure or if the doctor does not know how much he should inject, the facial expressions, which we call dull expression, may be caused. But the more experienced the doctor, the more successful the result will be. A doctor who is professional in this field and knows the details of the job would not make a mistake that would lead to such a result.

How do we always keep our faces young?

The signs of aging on our face bother both men and women. When sagging and wrinkles lead to blurring of facial features then nothing can be done about it, and of course, it is not possible to completely prevent aging but you can slow down this process. First of all, health and a stress-free life as much as possible is at the top of everything. Regular sleep and exercise and healthy eating are also slow down the aging but all these are not enough.

Taking advantage of aesthetic interventions and procedures from time to time is an extremely normal and effective method and Botox is one of them. If you want this intervention to be more effective and long-lasting, you should pay attention to the other treatments mentioned here and simple tips such as face massage or face yoga. Even very simple cares lead to the rejuvenation of your face when done regularly.

Are Aesthetic Interventions Effective?

Most of the aesthetic interventions on the face, especially botox, are effective if they are done properly. It is also possible to make the duration of these effects longer. However, there is another point that should be noted and that’s not being too late for getting benefits of botox. For example, do not wait for your face to wrinkle too much to get botox. You can have botox whenever you feel ready and if you complain about mildly wrinkles Botox and other aesthetic interventions can be much more effective if you do not delay much to take action.

Take Care of Yourself

You need to invest time and budget to take care of yourself to look fresh and youthful. Since Botox has become very common now, its prices have decreased to a more reasonable level. For most people, getting Botox once or twice a year is not too challenging. Apart from this, if you take care of your health and pay attention to points such as cleaning, moisturizing and continuing simple exercises to protect your skin, you will be much more successful in this regard. The more you take care of yourself, the more you can delay the effects of aging.

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