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What To Consider After Tummy Tuck?

Our abdomen is one of the most important places for our body to look proportional and fit. Everyone wants to have a proportional and fit body. Because this is very important to look healthy and vigorous. To feel good psychologically, we need to trust our body and ourselves. But a saggy belly with a high fat content also affects our appreciation of our body and our self-confidence. To get rid of this problem, tummy tuck surgery may be recommended.

What is Abdominoplasty?

Another name for tummy tuck is abdominoplasty. It means removing the excess fat and skin in the middle and lower regions of the abdomen by surgical methods. During this surgery, the muscles in the abdominal wall are made to be tighter and more tense. In order to make the abdomen look flat, the muscles that are separated from each other here are collected and excess fat and skin are removed. The deformation in the abdominal skin is resolved with this surgery and the abdomen appears tight and tight.

Why Does Our Abdomen Sagging?

The main problems in the abdominal region are divided into three. These are the loosening and loss of elasticity of the skin in this area, the separation of the muscles here and the sagging of the skin. Such an image disturbs almost everyone, male or female. The most important reason for this appearance is the accumulation of excess fat here and the separation of the muscles in the thick wall of the skin by stretching it. Such an image can also occur as a result of pregnancy. The way our belly looks like this affects our lives. Such problems in our bodies cause many problems, from dressing to feeling good. Therefore, it causes us to lose our self-confidence.

Types of Abdominoplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty operations can be separated as full or semi-abdominoplasty. It is decided which one should be done according to the needs of the patient. When performing a full tummy tuck surgery, first of all, all the excess skin should be removed. The skin is stretched more, giving it a tighter appearance. By reuniting the separated muscles, the abdomen appears more fit and flat. Sometimes a separate operation and relocation of the belly button is required.

Who Gets Full Abdominoplasty?

Full tummy tuck is generally applied to patients who are overweight and then get rid of these weights. Patients with regional lubrication problems can also apply for half tummy tuck surgery. Due to multiple pregnancies, various diseases and surgical operations, there may be a problem of lubrication in this area. After gaining excessive weight and getting rid of these weights, it is very difficult for your abdominal region to recover immediately. In fact, it is almost impossible. Because in the abdominal region, which loses its elasticity and flexibility, the muscles in the skin are separated from each other and sagging is experienced. Excess skin does not decrease with exercise or regular nutrition. Therefore, the only and most effective solution for people who encounter such a problem is tummy tuck surgery.

Does Pregnancy Cause Problems After Tummy Tuck?

In general, tummy tuck surgery is preferred after pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. However, let’s say that a woman could not solve the problem of lubrication and sagging in this area after she gained and lost excessive weight. In such a situation, it is difficult for a person to continue his normal life and social relations. Therefore, it may be a solution to lose a certain amount of weight first and then undergo tummy tuck surgery. After a certain period of time after this surgery, if you become pregnant, there will be no problems during pregnancy or delivery. In very special cases, it may be preferable to become pregnant after surgery. But in general, this surgery is recommended after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

What Is Recommended Before Surgery?

The person who decides on tummy tuck surgery is already in a difficult journey. First of all, she may have gotten rid of excess weight. In order to get rid of the remaining fat and sagging skin in the abdomen, the surgery is decided together with the doctor. Surgical operations, with the developing technology, are now much more harmless and side-effect-free operations that give successful results. But the expertise and experience of the doctor who will do this plays a big role in the success of the surgery. Therefore, it is important for the patient to communicate with the doctor and to gain awareness by being sufficiently informed before the operation. In other words, counseling is as necessary as physical operation at every stage of the process. All patients are recommended to quit smoking first. Before undergoing tummy tuck surgery, blood thinners, if used, should be discontinued and the patient should stay away from smoking and alcohol in order for the blood to flow easily in the veins and to avoid any problems in this regard.

Abdominal Separation

After pregnancy, many women may experience the problem of separating the muscles in the abdomen, which looks like a lozenge. This situation is no longer a problem to be feared as a result of the development of tummy tuck operations. In the last period of pregnancy, the separation of the abdominal muscles from each other leads to this problem. Another problem that is a big problem for women is diastasis recti, that is, urinary incontinence. This problem also occurs due to the separation of the muscles in this area. With full tummy tuck surgeries, it is possible to suture the separated muscles and restore the abdominal region.

How Long Does Abdominoplasty Take?

How the tummy tuck will be performed, that is, the decision process for a full or mini tummy tuck operation, is determined entirely by interviews with the doctor. Full tummy tuck surgery can take up to four or six hours. Since general anesthesia will be performed, the patient does not feel pain during the operation. Doctors make an incision about eight to ten centimeters below the abdomen. This is because the scars left after the surgery are hidden in the bikini area. Most of the sagging skin may need to be cut. In addition, excess fat is thrown out of the body through cannulas and incisions. Then, the cut area is sutured and a special corset is put on the patient to wear for a while.

Recovery Process After Surgery

Drains can be left for two days immediately after the operation. These drains allow the removal of excess fluid from the body. The patient continues his life with a corset that tightly wraps this area for a while so that there is no swelling in the abdomen. When lying on the bed, one or two cushions are placed under the legs to keep the abdominal area tense. The first few days he moves very little and walks slightly bent. He can then continue walking slowly. Patients can continue their normal life and activities after one week. He can return to his work and social life within fifteen days, and after two months he can start doing sports. This surgery saves you from the excess in the abdomen, but it is very important to eat regularly and exercise in order to always look fit and beautiful.


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