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What is Rhinoplasty?

It is the operation performed with plastic specialists in which the nose is reshaped. The nose can be reduced and enlarged, its angle and structure can be changed according to our lips, the shape of the tip of the nose can be changed, indentations and protrusions can be corrected. During the operation, the surgeon can reach the bone and cartilage supporting the nose with a small incision and some bone and cartilage can be removed or added depending on the desired result.

Most of the time, the deformed cartilage disrupts the symmetry of the nose and closes the nostrils, preventing you from breathing properly. The nose operation, which is applied together with the operation of intranasal deformities that prevent breathing during the operation, creates a healthy respiratory and aesthetic appearance and can increase your quality of life. A good research needs to be done for a professional nose, otherwise you will be exposed to health damage by getting an infection from your nose done in a bad place.

Nose Curvature Surgery

The curvature of the nasal cavity occurs both due to retraction due to the different development of the facial bones around the nose, and as a result of blows that may occur during birth and early childhood. If the curvature, also known as the septum deviation, causes a few problems, it is beneficial for the patient to be corrected by surgery. If you can’t breathe, you feel that there is trouble in breathing and whatever you do, you should go to the doctor’s control.

The reason why you can’t breathe may be bone curvature. The surgery, which will be performed by specialist doctors, allows you to have a healthy nose where you can breathe more easily. The surgery is done through the nose. The cover on the nasal chamber is cut and separated over the curved part of the nasal chamber. The nose section is corrected by removing the curved and excess parts of the cartilage and bone or by reshaping. In other words, the aim is to make the wall in the middle of the curved nose a straight wall. It is then sutured to reattach and adhere to this wall and, if necessary, a silicone mold is placed.

What is Nose Curvature (Septum Deviation)?

It is the inclination of the partition that divides the nasal cavity into two, consisting of bone and cartilage, in two different directions, to one side or sometimes to both sides. The reasons may be septum deviation, blows to the nose, damage after an accident, or as a result of the disproportionate growth of the bones during the development of the facial bones, or as a result of blows received in infancy or even traumas from the mother’s womb at the time of birth.

Septum deviation is one of the commonly known causes of nasal congestion and shortness of breath. Nasal congestion may be felt more during sleep at night. At the same time, you can apply to your doctor with complaints such as open mouth, snoring, dryness in your throat when you get up in the morning, headache, post-nasal drip, cough.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Nasal filling, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, refers to changes in the shape of the nose without surgical intervention. This application usually includes skin filling materials and is injected. Skin fillers are products that are injected into different facial areas to add volume, such as fillers.

The most commonly injected facial areas include the lips, wrinkles between the sides of the nose and the corners of the mouth, and the cheeks. In recent years, a technique called non-surgical rhinoplasty has been developed. In this operation, filler injection in the nose and cavities, indentations and incomplete aesthetic treatment on our face have begun to be applied. This application, which has become famous in recent years, must be under control, otherwise you may encounter problems that you do not want.

How is Nose Filling Made?

The operation is performed by injecting and filling the nasal tissue, with an anesthetic cream applied for 20-30 minutes, and then by injecting it into the areas and areas determined by the specialist doctor and the patient, and thus aesthetic improvement is achieved. The injection usually takes 5-10 minutes and is performed in a clean clinical setting.

Nose filling aesthetics provides many benefits and advantages to patients. First, it is a good option for many patients who do not want to have surgery or are considering surgery but have not yet decided. Secondly, applying the touch-ups is very easy, as it only takes a simple operation to add a small amount of filler to certain areas. With these features, the nose can be shaped with injections until the desired and desired result is obtained. And thirdly, nasal filling is much more economical compared to surgical techniques.

Nose Effect and Disadvantages

Since the filling materials used in nasal filling are not permanent, the technique allows the patient to have an idea about the result without making a permanent commitment. In cases where the patient is not completely satisfied with the result, the procedure is reassuring as it is reversible. The filling disappears in a few months and the nose takes its original shape.

It has two main disadvantages. First, the result is not permanent. Depending on the type of filling materials, the effect times are different. The result can take up to one to two years depending on the material and injection technique. Second, the main limitation of the technique is that only volume can be added. If there is nose reduction, an advanced bump and excessive curvature, filler injection alone will not be sufficient. For this reason, nasal filling may not be suitable for every situation, because some defects of the nose cannot be corrected with this method. However, nasal filling can correct many problems that can be done with surgery.

It is a versatile technique and can be applied to different types of nasal anatomies and skin types. It is a good alternative for patients who do not want to have surgery, where the surgery may be too risky for medical or other reasons, or who do not have enough time for the recovery period required by the surgery.

Nose Tip Aesthetics

It is a procedure performed to correct the deformity of the nasal tip only in which the anatomical structure of the nasal bone is normal, asymmetry, width, drooping, deformity of the nasal tip that is tightened with a mandala. In the interview, first of all, your complaints about your current nose and your post-operative expectation are evaluated. Your nose is photographed from 8 different angles and the possible image of your nose after surgery is shown to you on the computer. Pre- and post-operative photographs of the operated noses are shown. When you decide on the operation, my assistant plans the appropriate operation day for you. Since the operation is done inside the nose, there is no scar outside the nose.

Since the nasal bone anatomy is normal, no operation is performed on the bone. The cartilage and soft tissue forming the nose tip structure are reshaped. It is the point where art and science meet. Low nasal tip, excessive height or asymmetry, curvature of the nose, nose tip, nostrils are corrected and an aesthetic appearance is provided. After giving the nose its new aesthetic shape, special tapes are attached to the outside of the nose. Tampons and similar materials are not used.

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