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What is Dermapen and How Much?

The aging phase is known as a phase in which a serious wrinkle around the face comes into question when everyone reaches a certain age. It is used as an effective way, suitable for all skin types, providing a more vigorous appearance and minimizing aging lines, skin rejuvenation, acne scars, chicken pox scars, etc. This process is carried out in a short time with a session varying between 30 and 40 minutes. One of the first procedures done in this session is the peptide mask application. With this application, syntheses called collagen and elastin are provided to the skin. This has a very important place for the regeneration of the skin.

In this respect, the expected result can be obtained at the end of the 4th Session, together with the provision of the necessary procedures to the people. However, the number of sessions may vary according to the person’s skin and response to the treatment; It can take up to 8 sessions. This is a situation that develops completely depending on the patient’s condition and the doctor’s predictions.

Dermapen Reviews

At the end of the session, which is carried out with the Dermapen method, the expected results are visibly achieved in about 2 months, and it becomes applicable again with the doctor’s recommendation. In this respect, it was stated by the people who had it done that an effective result could be achieved by determining the most appropriate session duration for them. At the same time, among the comments of the people who had it done;

It can also be done in summer,
There are no issues such as burns or scars,
It can be used easily in areas such as neck and armpits,
specified. For these reasons, people state that they use this method as a result of the right analyzes in order to get full results. In addition to these comments, the absence of any pain and pain factor is also a situation that is approved by the people who have it done. The fact that there is an improvement up to the acne pits is also known as a comment that shows the satisfaction of the patients.

Dermapen Prices

Dermapen application is a treatment method that is generally performed with 0.2 mm thin tips. The medical devices used in this method and the experience of the specialist doctor are among the most important factors affecting the course of success. Afterwards, the hospital environment is also very important. When all these situations are evaluated, a serious price range will be possible for the patient. Although the prices generally vary depending on these situations, the city factor where the treatment will be performed is also considered as a situation that will allow the price to change. The number of sessions is also a matter determined by the doctor according to the needs of the person. In this case, in order to achieve a more successful result, it comes to an important place in the sessions, but it also makes a price change for the places that receive payment per session.

Those who have had Dermapen treatment generally state that they are more than satisfied. Those who had it done before and after, with the comments in a way that the difference can be observed, became a light for those who thought to have this treatment applied but had a question mark in their minds.

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