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What Is Botox And Who Is Suitable For Botox?

With aging process, wrinkling and sagging of the skin is a problem seen in almost everyone. Actually, this is not a problem, it is a very natural change. But sometimes this problem starts at a very early age and sometimes it can create serious problems. Premature aging of the skin also disturbs everyone psychologically.

Both men and women take this problem seriously, and sometimes the solution to the problem is quite simple. With a simple procedure, the skin can regain a young and fresh appearance. The name of the procedure is Botox and you can find the answers of your question in this article.

What Does Botox Mean?

Botox is a treatment method that has been used and developed for a very long time. Its usage area is not limited to skin sagging and wrinkles. It also has a medical treatment feature in the problem of excessive sweating. However, its most common use is to remove wrinkles on the face, Botox is a simple and short-term application by injecting a liquid into the face and neck area. The main reason why it is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications is that it takes a short time and the patient can return to his normal life within the same day.

Why is Botox done?

The loss of elasticity of the skin over time is the most common reason for injecting Botox. Thanks to Botox, sagging and wrinkles on the skin can get removed and the skin will have a healthy and youthful appearance as before. It is an application that gives very practical and effective results, and the number of people who have Botox is increasing day by day.

Who Is Suitable for Botox?

Botox is one of the quickest aesthetic procedures that both women and men can have. Botox has become widespread and is now getting applied in many health centers, that is why prices have now reached at a level that everyone can afford it, although in some cases, Botox should be avoided.

It would be good for pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers to postpone Botox for a while. People who have problems related to their muscles should also have it done after consulting a doctor. And at last, it is not recommended for non-adult induvial under the age of 18, except such cases, almost everyone can do Botox.

In Which Areas Botox getting applied?

The places where Botox is getting injected are mostly the face and neck region and the areas around the eyes and lips that are most affected by wrinkles and sagging, and around the forehead are the areas where Botox is getting injected the most. As result, wrinkles in such areas are reduced and the skin begins to look younger.

Botox has become a popular method in nose and chin aesthetics in recent years because no incision and surgical operation is needed. For example, Botox can be used on the tip of the nose to make the tip of the nose clear and look more lifted or use the Botox on chin to make the jaw line more prominent.

What are the Botox Types?

In the past, Botox was only used for wrinkles and medical needs, but today it is also used for different things. Botox types also differ depending on their usage. Botox application for wrinkles is called minimal Botox. Masseter Botox is getting injected to make the chin thinner and more prominent. There is also an application called Nefertiti Botox for the chin and neck area.

Which Diseases Does Botox Treat?

Apart from wrinkle treatment, Botox is also a method for the armpits of people who sweat excessively. It also has therapeutic benefit for muscle spasm and migraine attacks. Sometimes it can also be used for external squeaking problem. Botox can also be applied in the treatment of strabismus. Another disease that Botox treats is Anal Fissure disease. Finally, Botox is now applied to the stomach as well to reduce the appetite of patients with eating disorders.

What Should Be Done Before Botox?

Botox is an application that has very few side effects and gives effective results in a short time. It is common for the patient to feel no discomfort or pain during the application. However, some precautions must be taken before the procedure.

For example, before having this done, the patient should stay away from aspirin or blood thinners for a while. It may be necessary to take a break from drugs and cosmetic products containing vitamin E for a while. Apart from these, it is a procedure that the person who wants to have it done should pay attention to the doctor’s recommendations.

How Botox works?

Botox is actually the process of preventing from some nerve signals that cause the muscles to be more stimulated. Thus, excessive movement and sagging due to signals and stimulation coming to the muscles are prevented. Before injection, which has no side effects, the patient is given regional anesthesia. The intended area must also be clean and sterilized.

Botox is called Botulinum Toxin. This substance is injected into the skin with special needles. Injecting the right dosage of Botox is the tricky part of this procedure, if an overdose gets injected, the result will look unnatural and uncomfortable. Generally, the duration of the procedure is fifteen or twenty minutes. Botox starts to show its result in one or three days.

What to do after Botox

What to do after Botox is also important as well as what to do before it. The patient should avoid any mimic movements for four hours after the application. Therefore, although it is possible to return to normal life immediately, it may be necessary to rest for a while. It is good to gently massage the applied area for three days.

It is also very important to clean the area regularly. The patient should avoid lying face down for a week. The patient should stay away from heavy sports for at least one day. Pressing ice for a week also provides a therapeutic effect and helps reduce swelling.

How Effective Is Botox?

Botox is highly preferred because it is a non-surgical quick procedure. But on the other hand, the effects won’t last very long. Depending on the age and skin structure of the person, duration of effectiveness may vary. But we can say that it is effective for at least four months and at most six or eight months. Re-doing it at regular intervals ensures that the effect is longer.

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