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What Is A French Hanger?

One of the latest face lift methods, the French hanger is one of the applications that everyone is curious about these days. First of all, this application draws attention because it does not require any surgery. Apart from that, it largely removes the saggy and aged appearance of the face. The basis of this application is based on the process of lifting the face with specially produced threads. These silicone-filled threads, which do not harm human health, can stay on your face for a long time. The application, which has been made by many celebrities recently, is currently one of the most popular facelift methods.

Who Can Have a French Hanger?

French sling is one of the applications that can be done by anyone who wants to give a younger look to their face and skin without having a surgical operation. Both women and men can resort to this very risk-free and effective method. In general, this method is used for problems such as the passage of years and sagging of our face with aging. Anyone who has tried the French hanger can delay the signs of aging on their face with this method. But sometimes people whose face is deformed due to facial paralysis or various ailments also resort to this method. This method can also improve the face of people who have had facial paralysis.

Surgical Methods and Others

Surgical methods, that is, aesthetic surgeries performed with incisions are considered to be the longest-lasting and most effective aesthetic methods. Other methods are more ineffective and short-lived. But recently, there have been significant developments in other methods. One of the developments in this regard is the developments in the French hanger method. Anyone who does not want to resort to surgical methods due to reasons such as cost, risks and long recovery time can choose this application. It is a method that can compete with surgical methods in terms of its results and effectiveness.

How to Rejuvenate with Threads?

Aging is a natural process and eventually we all accept it and try to be happy with the results. But we also try to delay the effects of aging as much as we can. Because a face that hangs down can look not only old, but also tired and unhappy. It is also essential for us to intervene in a skin that has lost its collagen balance and elasticity. When we leave it alone, it can deteriorate and sag much faster than it should. The ropes used in the French hanger method are coated with polyester inside and silicone on the outside. They are not harmful to health and contribute to the youthful appearance by secreting collagen to the skin where they are located. These hangers, which perform functions such as hanging, pulling and straightening, prevent sagging on the skin. It helps to collect the sagging and maintain the shape of the face oval. A face whose oval shape is largely preserved makes us look much younger and livelier.

Effects of the French Strap

Thanks to the French strap method, the facial oval is largely restored. Some features of the face and parts of it such as cheekbones become more pronounced. One of the most important advantages of this method is that the results look mostly natural as it does not affect the muscles. It does not change the mimics or facial expression and does not affect the muscle structure at all. Therefore, it stands out as a more advantageous method compared to other applications. Another important advantage is that the threads used in the French sling support the collagen production of the skin in the area where they are located. This, in turn, contributes to the delay of signs of aging and a healthier appearance of the skin. It is possible to achieve a brand new and much healthier looking skin with this method. As soon as the process is finished, the change in the face is noticed. However, it takes one week for the face to recover and an oval appearance, and two months for it to fully recover.

How Long Is the French Hanger Effective?

Depending on the features of the face and age, how effective the French hanger will be may vary. However, its effect is permanent for at least five years. It can even take up to ten years for some people. During this period, it is possible to apply this method again without the need for any surgical operation and without the need to renew the threads used in the first place. Thus, by preserving the natural expression of the face and mimics, and without making any incisions, your face maintains its lively and youthful appearance for a long time.

In Which Regions Can the French Strap Be Applied?

The most sagging areas on our face are our cheeks, and the French hanger is most often applied to the cheeks. All other oval parts of the face, under the chin and cheekbones are other places where this method is applied. In addition, the French hanger can be applied to the eyebrows and neck area. A face that has recovered from the cheeks and chin will no longer look old. Our neck is one of the parts that are most exposed to sagging and it can be renewed in this region with this method. Other places on our body where the French strap is applied are the arms, hips and legs. Since it will be applied in a wider area in these parts of our body, the application time and price may vary.

When Should a French Hanger Be Preferred?

A French hanger will not be effective on a face that has too many wrinkles and sagging. That’s why it’s best not to wait too long when sagging begins. In other words, this process is especially effective on faces that have just begun to show signs of aging and sagging, or those that have just advanced. Faces with very extreme signs of aging will not be very effective either. It is an even more effective method for thin and slightly loose skin. But it does not have much effect on extremely thin and very wrinkled skin. On the contrary, it is not an effective method for very heavy and thick skin.

Advantages of French Strap

The most important advantage of the French hanger is that this process is very suitable for mimic movements and the results look very natural. An outsider may not notice that this process has been done. At least, there are no traces beyond naturalness, such as botox or surgical operations on the face. It allows the sagging to be collected to a large extent and the deepening lines to disappear. A person who rejuvenates to a great extent without deteriorating the naturalness of the appearance of his face also feels much younger and livelier. No scars or stitches are left. Its application does not involve any risk and is quite comfortable. There is almost no risk of infection. After this procedure, which is applied with local anesthesia, the person does not need to stay in the hospital. Therefore, there is no such thing as a recovery period. Despite such a positive effect, it is one of the aesthetic applications whose results are quite beautiful and impressive.

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