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What Does a French Hanger Do?

One of the most disliked effects of aging is our sagging skin. This appearance, especially on our face, can cause us to look both tired and older than we are. The reason for this is that the fat pads located under the skin begin to melt.

If you want to solve this situation without the need for any surgical operation, you should try the French sling, which is one of the most talked about methods of recent days. Another name for this method is the star hanger. It allows the skin to recover and look more taut without making any incisions. We can give some information about this method, which is quite advantageous compared to other surgical methods.

Non-Surgical Solution for Facial Sagging and Wrinkles

Getting older and gaining experience is one of the most important requirements of life. But the years and experiences we live in do not affect our face very positively. Our face droops over time and begins to look more tired and older. There are also non-surgical methods to prevent this situation. The most heard of these lately is the French hanger.

In fact, the method is quite simple and means pulling the face upwards with some ropes. Apart from being a non-surgical and effective method, the French sling has other advantages. In this article, you can find important information about how the method is applied, its details and advantages.

Why is the French Hanger Preferred?

If you are wondering what problems the French hanger can fix on the face, it first provides a solution to the sagging problem. Another effect is to remove wrinkles on the face. The most important advantage of this method is that it removes many signs of aging on the face without the need for surgery or incisions. This method, which is effective in removing sagging and wrinkles, gives very long-term results without the risk of surgery.

Another problem in which the French sling is used and effective is the problem of facial paralysis. Patients with facial paralysis can also safely apply to this method. In some cases, it can also be used for a purpose such as nose tip lifting. Of course, it does not give long-term results like surgery. But its effects can be considered quite long-lasting compared to a non-surgical method.

Who Can Have a French Hanger?

The French hanger, which is a very natural and risk-free method, is a kind of application that almost everyone can do. But for those considering this method, there are some things to know. All men and women who are uncomfortable with wrinkles and sagging on their skin can apply to this method.

It is also one of the best solutions for anyone who wants to have a more taut face but does not want to undergo surgery. The point to be noted is that a specialist and experienced doctor should be consulted. Also, those who want to apply should know that the only restriction for the French hanger is the age limit. The lower age limit recommended for this method is 35, and the upper age limit is 70.

Advantages of French Strap

The fact that the French sling is non-surgical and effective is not its only advantage. Apart from that, it has important advantages. For example, since the ropes are extremely flexible, they do not affect mimics. It has very natural results which is a huge plus. All men and women who do not have any disability other than age restriction can have this method. After the procedure is completed, there is no scar that needs to be corrected and healed. If the person who made it is not satisfied with the result, it is very easy to return. The process can be repeated as many times as desired.

Local anesthesia is applied during the French sling, so the procedure is very painless. However, the recovery period is also extremely short and the patient can return to his normal life and work life on the same day. In short, this method is one of the simplest, safest and most effective stretching methods developed recently.

How to Apply a French Strap?

Before the French sling, the doctor and the patient who will perform the application have a private meeting and the patient is informed about the details of the procedure. The places for the threads to be placed on the patient’s face are determined and marked. After that, local anesthesia is applied and then a certain period of time must be waited for the face to become numb. Then the threads are placed. The threads are placed on the lower part of the face by opening very small incisions at the micro level.

No scars are left behind these cuts. Together with the ropes, the face is stretched upwards and the application is completed. In total, the duration of the application may take up to 45 minutes or 60 minutes. This application, which takes a very short time compared to other procedures for skin and face lift, is therefore considered very advantageous.

For Which Regions Is the French Hanger Suitable?

The French hanger can be applied to all oval areas of the face. A French hanger can also be made on the chin and jowl area. Apart from this, it can also be applied to the neck, cheeks and eyebrows. Finally, the cheekbones are also suitable for a French hanger, and in this respect, you can apply a French hanger for almost any part of the face. In short, it should be one of the first methods that come to mind when you think of facial aesthetics.

How Effective Is the French Hanger?

When it comes to such applications, one of the questions is how effective it is and whether it will stop aging. It should be known that no aesthetic operation or application will stop aging and will not protect you from wrinkles forever. After a certain period of application, the placed threads begin to melt and disappear completely in about six months.

If you take good care of yourself, eat healthy and do not neglect to exercise, the collagen and moisture balance of your body will not deteriorate and the effects of aging will be delayed even more. Of course, when these are not enough to delay the signs of aging, you can get help from the French hanger, but as we said, aging is a very natural process.

Are There Any Side Effects of the French Strap?

The French sling should be done in a reliable clinic with a specialist and experienced dermatologist or doctor. The threads used during the procedure are not harmful to health. It can even be said that they contribute to staying young as they support the production of collagen in the region they are located in. It is also very rare that the threads used cause an allergic reaction.

Anyone who does not want to have surgery and is looking for a low-risk but impressive stretching method can have this method done without fear in a hospital, clinic and health center where a specialist physician or dermatologist is present. You are sure to be satisfied with the results, it is also reversible and the chances of side effects are very low.

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