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What Are The Stages Of Abdominoplasty?

Unfortunately, our abdomen is one of the areas most prone to sagging. It is natural for women to experience this problem after pregnancy and childbirth. For men, the area that gets lubricated the fastest and tends to sag downwards is the abdomen. In order to have a healthy and fit body, it is necessary to eat regularly, take healthy foods and exercise regularly. But some women and men may be luckier with a fit image.

Others are prone to regional lubrication and belly fat due to genetic and other reasons. Walking around with an oily and saggy abdomen for a long time makes the person feel psychologically uncomfortable. In such cases, tummy tuck aesthetic operations can be applied to recover the abdominal region.

Why Is the Abdomen Gains Fat?

Getting older causes various parts of the body to become fat faster. One of the fastest lubricating areas is the abdomen. There are some factors that accelerate this process. Gaining and losing a lot of weight quickly, getting pregnant and some diseases are among these conditions.

Cracks and sagging in the abdomen also cause difficulties in wearing clothes and in daily life. This can turn into a serious psychological disorder over time. Anyone who wants to solve this problem in a short time and be motivated to feel better and stay healthy in the future can apply for tummy tuck operations.


The general name given to tummy tuck operations is abdominoplasty. One of the most effective effective surgical operations in the field of aesthetic surgery is tummy tuck operation. If the muscles in the abdominal region are weakened and no longer inclined to be flexible, this method is most often used after pregnancy and weight loss. Because in such cases, doing sports are not very effective.

During the operation, the fat and sagging skin are removed, and then the abdominal region is fully recovered and stretched. Liposuction, which is the medical name of the fat removal process, does not help in removing excess skin. But during the tummy tuck operation, both excess skin and excess fat are removed. Liposuction is also a part of these operations.

Dislocation of the belly button

One of the most curious subjects during these surgeries is the belly button. Many methods can be used to recover a deformed abdomen. These methods vary according to the condition of the abdominal region. But if there is an excessive deformation, sometimes the location of the belly button can be changed completely.

Abdominoplasty Surgery Stages

Abdominoplasty is a very comprehensive operation. Patients must first undergo a detailed examination. The decision for surgery is made by using both radiological images and examining the patient’s medical history and body condition. The preferred general method during tummy tuck is general anesthesia. In very exceptional cases, local anesthesia is preferred. The incision area is the lower part of the navel from one hip to the other. The operation is continued by moving the belly button up a little.

If the patient’s abdomen is not deformed too much, mini abdominoplasty is applied and in this case, the location of the belly button does not need to be changed. However, if the patient’s condition is more severe, the skin on the abdomen is lifted up to the ribs. All excess fat and skin are removed here, and it is also possible to get rid of cellulite and stretch marks, if any. Then the incision areas are collected and sutured. The abdominal area is stretched and a fit appearance is regained.

What Can Be Done in Abdominoplasty?

The excess fat and skin layer in the upper, middle and lower abdomen are completely removed with tummy tuck surgery. The entire skin is stretched downwards. The navel area is positioned completely upwards and where it should be. Sometimes this operation can be done in conjunction with a hip lift.

Especially a body with obesity problem and excessively fat may want to have such a procedure after losing weight. Because in this case, it is necessary to remove the excess skin in both the abdomen and hip regions of the body. Abdominoplasty is one of the most important operations for such patients to return to life and feel good again.

Recovery Process after Surgery

Abdominoplasty can be a very wide and comprehensive operation depending on the width of the operated area. Patients are not discharged from the hospital for at least one day. It is also normal to experience edema and pain after surgery. The doctor may give the patient a heavy pain reliever on the first night. Afterwards, it is necessary to continue painkillers for a while so that the patient feels more comfortable.

Drains are placed in place of the removed skin and the patient lives with these drains for a while. These drains also allow the leakage and bleeding that will occur under the skin to flow out. After three days, the drains are removed, but it may be necessary to wait a week or two for the stitches to be removed.

When Can the Abdomen Heal Completely?

One or two months may be needed for the patient to feel better after tummy tuck surgery. Surgical scars may be permanent, but they do not bother because they are invisible. It may take two or three months for the tummy to fully recover. With the advice of the doctor, the patient can sometimes wear a corset during this process. This is usually recommended immediately after surgery.

One of the most curious questions is how long the abdomen will maintain its fit appearance. However, this situation depends entirely on the patient’s own life. Immediately after the operation, the patient should not do heavy sports for a while. But this period is temporary and with regular doctor checks, he can start sports later. With regular sports and a healthy diet, the fit appearance of the abdomen can be maintained for a very long time.

Who Is Abdominoplasty Suitable For?

Abdominoplasty is not a weight loss method. Therefore, it is not recommended for anyone who thinks they are overweight. It should definitely be done by a specialist rubber surgeon in a reliable health center. In general, it is applied to people who have excessively deformed and sagging abdominal region, pregnancy or obesity problems.

If the plastic surgeon deems it appropriate, a mini tummy tuck can be performed for people who have been overweight for a long time and cannot get rid of abdominal fat. However, it is important to follow your doctor’s advice on this matter and not to interrupt the regular check-ups after the surgery.

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