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Focused sound waves are used in the method known as ulthera or ultherapy. Sound waves are delivered 3 mm below the skin. With this method, 4.5-5 mm deep tissues can be reached, which other non-surgical methods such as monopolar radiofrequency, bipolar radiofrequency and laser cannot reach. It is a treatment method based on triggering collagen production in the applied area. In short, it is a non-surgical facelift procedure.

How Is Ultherapy Made?

In the process of Ultherapy cheek aesthetics, an ultrasound head called a transducer is used. This cap is touched to the skin and the skin and subcutaneous tissue are displayed on the monitor of the device. Thanks to this imaging, a completely safe environment is prepared. Then, by using the same process head, it is aimed to benefit the skin positively with thermal heat foci focused 4.5 mm and 3 mm below the skin. During this process, no adverse conditions occur on the skin surface. During the Ultherapy procedure, the subcutaneous tissues are projected onto the screen so that they can only be seen during surgery. Thanks to the energy reaching the skin, the stimulation increases and the subcutaneous tissues begin to renew themselves. In this way, new collagen formation is obtained in the skin. A strong tightening effect occurs. Thus, as time passes, a face lift effect occurs.

In Which Areas Is Ultherapy Can be Made?

The most effective method, especially in the neck and décolleté area, is the ultherapy process. It is among the non-surgical treatment methods. With the recent clinical and experimental researches, it has been proven that the effectiveness of Ultherapy process is not limited to face treatment only. It has been approved by the FDA that Ultherapy is also effective in removing fine wrinkles in the neck and décolleté and tightening the area. The neck and décolleté area are among the most difficult areas to treat today. The reasons for the frequent process of the ultherapy method in these regions are;
facial sagging,
low eyebrow,
slight sagging in the jowl area.

Feelings during Ultherapy process may differ from person to person. However, before the procedure, it is recommended that the person to whom the process will take painkillers is taken. People who have applied this procedure before describe the pain they feel during the process as a momentary needle prick. During this process, ultrasound energy reaches deep into the tissue. In this way, ultherapy creates a lifting and tightening effect on the skin. For this reason, it is quite normal to feel the needle pricking during the procedure. It means that the operation is applied correctly. However, this stinging sensation is mild. It does not cause any more severe pain. During the process, the feeling of pain can be relieved by using various drugs.

People who has saggy skin and want to eliminate this situation can have this process. However, some people do not want a surgical operation. All patients in this situation are suitable for Ultherapy.

The following people are particularly suitable for this method:

First of all, it is suitable for people whose connective tissue is loose and sagging has started due to biological age.
There are also studies that can be considered positive in patients aged seventy-five years.
Apart from these people, ultherapy can also be applied to people who are younger and whose eyelids have fallen prematurely.
It is known that after the age of 40, skin sagging increases with age. For this reason, it is a very suitable aesthetic method for age groups over 35. The fact that it does not include the negativities of the surgery and the absence of anesthesia effects makes the ultherapy process even more attractive.

Ultrasound energy has been used in medicine for over 50 years. It has been proven in clinical studies that it has no known side effects. Despite this, as in every medical procedure, it would be correct for the doctor to make the necessary explanations about this process. It will not be right to have an ultherapy procedure done to a person other than the doctor. It is necessary to stay away from places that carry out such operations, especially in adverse conditions called under the stairs.

In skin shaping processes, that last several sessions are performed at different intervals. In particular, techniques that do not involve surgical intervention may take some time. However, the ultraphy process is performed only as a single session. It does not need a long time. Face lift is provided with a single process. One of the biggest advantages of this procedure is that it is a single session.

The Ultherapy method is the only skin tightening method in which focused sound wave technology is used. In short, it is a non-surgical face lift method. It is possible to achieve effective and very positive results with just one time process on the skin.
Ultherapy is not just a superficial form of treatment. It is the only device that can correct and repair the deep tissues of the skin. It is very important to see the subcutaneous tissues clearly during the process. Because it is necessary to shoot by seeing the carrier layer where the heat effect is desired to be applied and the treatment is planned. This possibility cannot be obtained in any other laser or process. The purpose of the Ultrapy process is to identify and remove the layer and tissues removed by surgical methods at an early stage. Thanks to this method, it is reduced externally without surgery, without complete deterioration. The problematic tissue is contracted and new collagen production is provided with the effect of the damage. Thus, the skin is tightened and regenerated.

Ultherapy process is a treatment that can be performed without the need for any anesthesia. Anesthesia may be considered if the patient deems it necessary or if the pain threshold is low. Substances applied externally as creams do not show any benefit in deep ulthera process. Taking advantage of the anesthetic effect by using cream is mostly applied during wrinkle treatment. Different anesthesia processs can be used for other regions. Local anesthesia can be applied to people who are very sensitive and are afraid of pain. Some patients may desire processs such as light sleep sedation. The doctor will decide on the suitability of all these anesthesia processs.

The duration of the Ultherapy process varies according to the area where the ulthera is applied. This takes between half an hour and an hour, depending on the area where the procedure is performed. If the process will be made on the whole face, the time will not take less than 1 hour. As the width of the area to be treated increases, the duration of the session also gets longer. Immediately after the process of this procedure, the person can return to his daily life. He can continue his business life. There are no special issues that need attention. Some people may experience redness after process. This redness disappears after a few hours. It doesn’t leave an outward effect. No bleeding occurs. It does not create a trace effect.

The methods applied in facial rejuvenation are divided into two as surgical and non-surgical processs. In most of the non-surgical processs, the effect of the procedure remains on the outer layer of the skin. However, the most important events of the aging process are the loosening of the skin and the increase in the depth of wrinkles. The reason for this effect is the SMAS layer, which is a fibrous membrane structure located directly under the skin, surrounding our facial mimic muscles and connecting to the skin, which coordinates the movement of our face with the movement of mimic muscles. In face and neck lift procedures, the tension of the SMAS membrane is targeted with processs for the SMAS layer. In short, the results cannot reach the desired level because none of the non-surgical methods can affect the SMAS layer. In the Ultherapy method, ultrasound energy is focused directly on the SMAS layer and tightens the SMAS layer.

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