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Things To Consider Before Nose Filler

The nose is one of the most visible parts on the face of people and it visually affecting the appearance and look of people. In addition to health problems, nose deformities can also negatively affect people’s lives. That’s why, many people these days prefer nose fillers to get rid of nose deformities painlessly. While fixing both aesthetic and health issues, you should never forget that there are things to consider when getting nose filler.

  • You should consult with a specialist esthetician for nose filler.
  • With this procedure, low nasal tip, nasal ridge curvatures, asymmetry, lip-to-nose distance, nose and forehead angles are getting optimized.
  • The operation is usually performed under regional anesthesia.
  • Natural fillers are getting used for this procedure.
  • The procedure takes 5 to 15 minutes.
  • After the procedure, people can easily return to their social life and work immediately.
  • The nose filling procedure is a temporary procedure.
  • People need to redo the procedure after 6 to 18 months.

What Should You Pay Attention to After Nose filler?

Patients should know very well all the details after the procedure, as well as the research on what to consider when getting a nose filler.

  • After the procedure, the nose and its surroundings should not be touched for a day.
  • You should definitely avoid taking a shower with hot water for three days after nose filler procedure, also sauna should be avoided for three days and not be exposed to intense sunlight.
  • In the first three days heavy sports should be avoided.
  • For a few days, you should be very careful about your diet and the medications you use.
  • In case of swelling and bruising you should contact your doctor immediately.

If you do all the instructions after the nose filler, You can definitely be very content about the nose filler procedure. Getting the nose filler done by a professional team is an important factor that can make the procedure more successful and of course, the clinic also should be reputable and professional to give you the best results possible.

Which Patients Cannot Have Nose filler?

With nose filler, the dream of a flawless nose without surgery comes true. However, you should also know whether you are suitable for this operation no, this procedure is not getting applied in some cases. There are currently no known side effects for the filler, However, it is still considered not suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding mothers, Children under the age of 12, patients with blood coagulation problems, those with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, lupus patients and patients with extremely sensitive skin tissue.

Also, another point that people need to pay attention when getting nose fillers definitely the price. Because factors such as the doctor, clinic and the quality of filler is affecting the price. Although the nose filler is temporary, it should be done by a specialist dermatologist or esthetician. Generally, nose filling process is much more economical than aesthetic operations. However, no matter what, never do this procedure by doctors you are not sure of. After doing the necessary research and choosing your doctor then comes the consideration of the price as the health and result of procedure is much more important than the cost.

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