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The Most Preferred Methods In Aesthetic Surgeries

All women who want to be beautiful can easily achieve what they want with small operations. Changes in the field of medicine now ensure that aesthetic operations are painless and in a much shorter time. Aesthetic surgery methods are generally performed to eliminate the defects that women and men are dissatisfied with.

Undoubtedly, the most preferred process in aesthetic surgeries are the methods that will eliminate skin defects and make you look much younger. Then, the operations performed to remove body defects complete this list. It is observed that aesthetic processes that can be applied to patients of all age groups are actually much more preferred by those over the age of 40. The reason is that they want to look beautiful as before.

The most common processes for aesthetic surgery methods preferred to be perfect;

Nose aesthetics,
face and neck lift,
breast operations,
butt enlargement,
tummy tuck,
Stem cell processes are included.
Nose Aesthetics
It is one of the most preferred plastic surgery methods for men and women to change their appearance. With the process, a nose that will fully adapt to the face is made and both health problems and aesthetic problems of the patients are eliminated at once.

Face and Neck Lift

By reaching the age of forties, sagging and deformations on the face, and many defects caused by accidents make people very uncomfortable. Eyebrow, chin, face, eye (almond eye aesthetics) contours, cheeks, forehead, around the lips and neck are naturally regenerated and a perfect beauty is achieved.

Breast Operations

When breast operations are first thought of, it is perceived that they are for women. On the contrary, these operations are often performed in male patients, especially in multiple weight gains. In women, silicone process is made for small breasts and reduction process are made for large breasts.

Buttock Augmentation

It is one of the methods that has been used quite a lot lately. With this operation, the waist gets a slimmer appearance, while the butt is formed into an upright and fuller shape. In butt aesthetics, operations are performed with fat or silicone taken from the waist circumference.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominal stretching operations are also applied in both genders. A flat and tight abdomen is formed by removing the skin that has lost its elasticity. It is stated as the most appropriate period for women if no child is considered again after giving birth.


It is one of the most applied methods of recent times. Lips, cheeks, chin, forehead etc. You can achieve a much younger and tighter skin by applying fillers to many areas.


It is one of the processes that are done permanently or temporarily by those who want to stop aging in every period. It has the feature of eliminating all unwanted roughness by being applied to almost every part of the face. After this process, patients look 3 to 7 years younger.

Stem cell Operation

It is a method in which stem cells are obtained from people’s own fat cells. It is aimed to achieve a much younger skin by providing collagen synthesis by giving the obtained stem cell back to the patient.

You Should Have All Processes Made by a Specialist

Although all these aesthetic operations are performed in a short time, they must be performed by expert estheticians. Wrong practices can change your life permanently.

Your doctor should determine the most accurate Operation

Patients who want change take the path of estheticians with the intention of being like a person in their minds. However, plastic surgery methods should definitely be determined by your doctor. In addition to beauty, operations should be made by considering your health.

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