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Sexual Life After Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty, which is one of the most used methods among aesthetic and surgical operations, is one of the most serious operations. The recovery process after the surgery and the patient’s compliance with the instructions given are also absolutely important.

Among the instructions and recommendations given, sexual intercourse also takes an important place. Suggestions on this subject are also important. Because sexual intercourse is an activity that requires physical effort and can damage the stitches after the surgery. So it’s best to pay attention to how long your doctor tells you to avoid it.

Aesthetic Operations and Sexual Life

Sexual life is an issue that has an important place in our lives. Anyone who is disturbed by their body can have problems with this. Aesthetic and surgical operations have a very important role in increasing the quality of life of the patient. One of the issues that will increase the quality of life may be sexual life.

It is a serious problem in terms of social life and self-confidence that people do not like their own body and feel uncomfortable about it all the time, not being able to fit what they wear. It is also a very important problem for his sexual life. Therefore, those who think that they need this type of surgery should not delay it for a healthier life. The abdominal region can become a very important problem for those who have regional adiposity and are genetically disturbed by this issue.

Abdominoplasty Operations

One of the most important problems in our country is that the abdomen is saggy and wide due to reasons such as unhealthy diet, genetic predisposition and being overweight for a long time and losing weight rapidly. The fat accumulated in the abdomen affects many points, from your daily energy to the health of many internal organs. Therefore, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck operations are one of the most common operations in our country.

During this operation, the fat taken from the middle and lower parts of the abdomen makes the abdomen more tight and looks more fit. These are the aesthetic operations that women who have nutritional problems or who are uncomfortable with their stomach after pregnancy most often apply.

Obesity and Tummy Tuck

Obesity, which is one of the biggest dangers in the world, is now a common disease in our country. Therefore, tummy tuck is one of the most performed operations in our country today. It is an application that is becoming more and more popular. It is very important for the health of the patient that this application is made by specialist surgeons in a certified health center that meets the necessary conditions.

When patients decide on this surgery, they should first research for clinical selection. In surgeries performed for obesity, the patient is also asked to reach a certain weight first. The surgery is done later. Abdominal lubrication and sagging, which cause great discomfort to the patients, can be resolved definitively with this operation.

How is Abdominoplasty Performed?

The general condition of the patient to be taken for tummy tuck determines the duration of the surgery. Because if the patient has a general regional lubrication or a sagging condition, abdominal fat is removed with the whole body aesthetic operation. This process can also be done alone when necessary. Generally, the liposuction method is applied. But sometimes it should be done together with changing the location of the belly button and different incisions and stitches.

Stitch marks will remain a little later. But care is taken to keep it in the bikini area. The details of the operation and its success depend on the expertise and experience of the surgeon. The choice of clinic and doctor is the most important issue so that the patient does not endanger his own health.

Recovery Time After Surgery

Recovery time after tummy tuck surgeries may take longer than other surgeries. Because this process is sometimes done in the entire region of the abdomen and we may need to be more careful as it will affect an important area of our movement. In order for the abdomen to take its new shape more quickly, the patient may need to be careful and wear a corset for at least two or three months.

It is essential to stay away from activities such as pool and sauna for a while. One of the most important issues to stay away from is sexual intercourse. The doctor decides how long to stay away from this. After the operation, it may be necessary to visit and consult a doctor regularly.

Tummy Tuck and Sexual Intercourse

One of the most affected places during sexual intercourse is our abdomen. Therefore, the sutures in the abdomen should not be opened. Your doctor may advise you not to have sexual intercourse for two or three months after tummy tuck surgery. It is important to follow these instructions so that the stitches do not open and leave more scars.

No matter how much attention is paid to sexual intercourse, it is a physical activity and it forces the seams. Therefore, the most important issue in this regard is to listen to the doctor. This surgery is performed to correct the deteriorated and enlarged abdominal muscles and to restore them to their former form. Sexual intercourse affects all abdominal muscles. Removal of fluid from the body after surgery is also an important process. Because the change in the balance of the body after the removal of fat leads to different fluid releases.

Removal of Fluids from the Body after Abdominoplasty Surgery

The duration of the patient’s stay in the hospital after tummy tuck surgery varies, but generally it is required to stay for at least a week. During this period, fluids accumulated in the body after surgery is taken through drains. Removing fluids from the body is very important for the recovery period.

Seromanin, or fluid accumulation, may occur in those who do physical activity or have sexual intercourse before their abdominal muscles are fully healed. This delays the body’s recovery and healing. It can even lead to various infections and problems. That’s why you need to strictly follow your doctor’s warnings about physical activities and sexual life after the surgery.

Returning to Normal Life after Abdominoplasty

It is unnecessary to be afraid of tummy tuck operations as it is a long-term recovery process. Because after a while, your body will regain the shape and health you want. Your self-confidence will be restored as you gain a much different and better appearance than before. Your social and sexual life will be more colorful and of higher quality. The shortening of the healing process also depends on how sensitive you are in this regard.

You can continue with your life by following your doctor’s instructions so that the wounds heal quickly and there are no deeper scars. Moreover, surgery can motivate you for a healthier life. If you establish a healthy lifestyle, pay attention to your diet and include exercise in your life, you can maintain fit for a long time.


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