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Q Switch Laser

The Q Switch laser, which is used to improve the appearance of the skin, is especially effective in removing blemishes. This laser method, which is preferred by people who want to have a smooth and much cleaner skin, is painless and does not cause any harm. For this reason, we can say that the method is frequently preferred and used with love. If you are also complaining about the spots on your skin and other problems, you can choose and use this laser method with peace of mind.

What is Q Switch Laser?

We would like to provide information for those who are wondering what is the Q Switch laser, which has become popular in recent years among laser methods. Like other laser methods, this is a procedure done by sending a beam onto the skin. With this method, the process of eliminating the defects on the skin is done rather than removing the hairs. Healing is achieved by sending laser beams with special caps to the defective areas on the skin. This method is used to eliminate many skin imperfections. Therefore, we can say that it is actually a versatile system. We would like to explain how the system works and what benefits it provides.

Q Switch Effects

There are many reasons why this method is so preferred. First of all, thanks to the method, many negative conditions that cause the skin to look bad, including spots on the skin surface and even under the skin, are eliminated. The most important factor in the formation of spots on the skin surface is the damage of skin pigments. With this laser system, these pigments are repaired and defects are naturally eliminated. This method destroys all skin defects that affect the social and business life of the person and make him/her unhappy. Therefore, this method is preferred with peace of mind.

There are many factors that spoil the appearance of the skin. Stains, fine hairs, discolorations, etc. Removing all these and achieving a smooth skin are the situations desired by many people. For this reason, the Q Switch laser method is a preferred and frequently used method. In short, this method is used for smoothing the skin surface and removing many skin defects.

This process is not a method that can be done and completed in one go. Treatment of skin imperfections is a repair process, and this process takes time. This situation is already reported to the patient at the beginning of the procedure. Apart from this, we would like to give detailed information about how the Q Switch laser process is performed and what kind of process awaits the people in each session:

Persons are prepared according to the area to be treated before the procedure.
Since the pain level is low during the procedure, there is no need for any anesthetic products and beams are started to be given to the defective area with a special laser head.
In each session, a very careful study is done and a certain progress is made.
The process is generally performed like simple laser applications and the procedures are continued until a perfect result is obtained on the skin surface.

As we mentioned before, Q Switch laser is a method used in the treatment of skin imperfections. For this reason, it can meet many different needs. For what purposes the method is used:

Removal of all kinds of skin spots and tattoos
Removal of color pigment defects
yellowing of feathers

One of the most important skin defects where the method is used is tattoos. As is known, permanent tattoos are very powerful applications that are processed under the skin. While it was not possible to remove them in the past, today even the most intense tattoos can be removed with methods such as Q Switch laser. Since tattooing is a kind of subcutaneous pigment degradation process, with this laser method, those damaged pigments are corrected and tattoos are removed. The most important detail that people should know before tattoo removal with this method is that this process is not one-time. The number of sessions varies according to the size and color intensity of the tattoo. It is a process that requires patience. In large tattoos, the number of sessions may exceed 10.

As we have emphasized before, the duration of the sessions in this procedure varies according to the skin imperfections. In addition to the flaws, it can also vary depending on what you use this method for. Especially in processes such as feather bleaching, a much longer process awaits you. In addition, the problem can be eliminated with very short session numbers in simple skin spots. Likewise, for tattoo removal, the number of sessions varies according to the size of the tattoo. For the duration and number of Q Switch laser sessions, it would be much more accurate to consult a specialist physician.

Although Q Switch laser is a harmless and does not affect daily life, there are some points to be considered before and after applying this method. We want to talk about what they are. Namely;

Any product containing alcohol should not be used during treatment.
Avoid direct contact with the sun during the treatment.
On the day of the procedure, you should not take a shower with extremely hot water.
Products and wipes containing alcohol should not be used on the application area.
During the treatment, the product should not be used other than the drugs and creams recommended by the doctor.
On the day of the procedure, activities that will require a lot of effort should be avoided.
As long as you pay attention to these issues in general after the Q Switch laser process, we can say that you will not have any problems. You can make this application with peace of mind.

Some laser methods are not suitable for application, especially in summer. However, Q Switch laser is a reliable method that can be easily applied in all seasons. Therefore, you can apply for this procedure in any season you want. Since this method does not cause any harmful conditions on the skin, people can easily have this application done in all seasons. You can easily get rid of your skin problems with this method in any season.

The price of this method, which is effective in eliminating many skin imperfections, differs according to the purpose for which it will be used. For a stain treatment that will end in a few sessions, the price will be determined accordingly, and if it will be a long treatment, it will be determined accordingly. In fact, for this reason, a fee is charged per session in such treatment methods. How many sessions people will receive, the total fee will be determined accordingly. Even though Q Switch laser prices are high, it will definitely be worth it considering the effect it creates. It is desired to save people from many skin defects. Therefore, the fee to be paid for the transaction should not matter at all. It would be much better to contact an expert in this field for detailed information about the process and price information.

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